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Berezhko Yury

( Russia's volleyball)

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Biography Berezhko Yury
photo Berezhko Yury
Yury Berezhko (born January 27, 1984 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur) - Russia's volleyball player, master of sports. Doigrovschik Moscow 'Dynamo' and team Russia. Height - 198 cm. Weight - 90 kg. First coach - Viktor Berezhko
Yury Berezhko born and raised in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and began to play under the guidance of his father, volleyball education continued in Yaroslavl, where he moved in 16 years of age. In summer 2004, Berezhko signed a contract with the capital 'Dynamo' [2].

. Not always getting to the start of the Moscow team, Yury Berezhko nevertheless managed to attract the attention of national team coach Zoran Gayicha Russia, including young doigrovschika in the application for EuroLeague-2005
. The next challenge for the national team suffered through a year, and was in many ways-forced: the World Cup had to somehow replace the injured Sergei Tetyukhin, but express themselves in Japan Berezhko failed.

. But a new opportunity to gain a foothold in the starting lineup of the national team Yuri ordered brilliantly
. By the team's World League 2007 team Vladimir Alekno, lost from trauma experienced Pavel Abramov, got only two doigrovschika - Berezhko and Alexander Korneev. Young volleyball players, never before in such critical matches not played courageously withstood the reception, and Yuri was recognized as the best attacker of the tournament with 180 points and became the most efficient in Russia's team. In autumn 2007, Berezhko clearly plays on the European Championship, where he again was awarded the prize to the best attacking (60% efficiency in the attack), and at the World Cup, which is a full-fledged player in starting lineup. Before the start of the championship of Russia Yury Berezhko was chosen captain of the capital's 'Dynamo' [3].

. In the team of Russia in 2008 Berezhko, usually comes into play with the replacement and significantly contributed to its successful performance at the World League and Olympic Games, especially in the two victories over the Brazilian national team [4].

. In addition to gambling, variability and effective game in attack and reliable reception trump Yury Berezhko is a powerful presentation of what once could see in the current championship of Russia Kazan players 'Zenith'
. In the third set the match 'Zenith' - 'Dynamo' Kazan fought with the advantage of three points, until the filing did not come out Yuriy Berezhko, transformed from 13:16 to 24:16. Eleven innings in a row, including 4 Asa - achievement at such a high level of incredible.

. Achievements
. Bronze medalist of the Olympic Games 2008
. Silver medalist of European Championship - 2007
. Silver medalist of the World Cup - 2007
. Silver medalist of the World League - 2007
. Bronze medalist of the World League - 2006, 2008
. Euroleague Champion - 2005
. Best offensive player of the World League and European Championship - 2007
. Champion of Russia - 2006, 2008
. Silver medalist championship of Russia - 2005, 2007
. Bronze winner of the Champions League - 2007
. The winner of the Cup of Russia - 2006, 2008
. Runners-up Cup of Russia - 2004, 2007
. Super Cup of Russia - 2008

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  • Anonymous for Berezhko Yury
  • Class player and just Handsome !
  • Anonymous for Berezhko Yury
  • Yuri is the best! Prove it! Super-duper doigrovschik and just beautiful boy!
  • Hope for Berezhko Yury
  • An excellent example to follow in achieving the intended target, an interesting player and just я│п╦п╪п©п╬я┌п╦я┤п╫я▀п╧ young man! 1
  • Sabine for Berezhko Yury
  • I adore him simpotyana for all 100
  • Anonymous for Berezhko Yury
  • I love love Berezhko
  • tommaso for Berezhko Yury
  • Have you ever thought of coming to play in Italy ?
  • Anonymous for Berezhko Yury
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    Berezhko Yury, photo, biography
    Berezhko Yury, photo, biography Berezhko Yury  Russia's volleyball, photo, biography
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