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Biography NO DOUBT
The beginning of this history can be considered one of the days of 1986, when a young man named Eric Stephanie (Eric Stefani) first discovered the world of ska-music. The impression of this was so strong that he together with his friend John Spence (John Spence) decides to create his own team: Eric, as a keyboardist, John, as a vocalist. Also, Eric invites his sister, Gwen Stephanie (Gwen Stefani) to join them as lead singer of the second plan. A few months go in search of musicians and rehearsals. The newly band begins to play on all kinds of parties, performing hits of your favorite teams and some of his songs.

. The first musician to join the group and remain in it until now, was bass player Ken, Tony (Tony Kanal)
. This happened in March 1987. after one of the concerts. Before that, he played jazz and was well educated musically. In addition, Tony had some admin powers and assumed duties of a manager.

Suddenly, 21 December 1987. vocalist John Spence settling accounts with life, shooting himself in city park. By the way, "NO DOUBT" - which can be translated as "definitely" or "no doubt" was his favorite expression. The Group is in deep psychological shock, and the entire responsibility for the vocals blamed on Gwen. The final composition is stabilized by the summer of 1989: guitarist Tom Dumont (Tom Dumont) adds weight to the sound of the group in spring 1988, . and drummer Adrian Young (Adrian Young) takes his place on drums in the summer of 1989, . nasvistev group about his big game experience,
. In fact, he played only one year. In this part of NO DOUBT begins its arduous path to the top of musical Olympus.

In August 1991. Group signed the "big" contract to record their debut album with INTERSCOPE RECORDS. Despite this, all the musicians continue to study in colleges and work: Gwen and Tony sellers; Adrian waiter in a diner; Tom specializes in working with the musical equipment. Chapter INTERSCOPE RECORDS predicts that Gwen for 5 years will be a star. Since October 1991, vykraivaya time between study and work, the group travels to Los-Angeles to record her debut album, for whom the experience of 4 years of material was chosen 13 songs. The budget account is about $ 13000.

In March 1992, Mr.. album, titled simply "NO DOUBT", appears on store shelves. Sale proceeds quite slowly, but local radio station KROQ refuses to turn the song in his live. KROQ program director, said: "Only if God came down from heaven, this team will be on the radio". Strong language. In support of his album team leaves for a two-week tour of the western United States. All road team (five members of the group, horn section from 3-persons, technician, road manager / sound engineer) and equipment are placed in two small vans. In the summer of 1992. NO DOUBT shoot their first video for the song "TRAPPED IN A BOX", tells the tale of human relationships and the TV box. Clip can be seen on channel M2, a MTV it was not found. But, nevertheless, the group continues to tour and write new material. Soon the two are taking place is not very pleasant for NO DOUBT events. Due to poor sales results of the first album INTERSCOPE RECORDS refuses to sign a new contract. Despite this, and feeling the need to further promote their creativity, NO DOUBT decides to release the next album independently. Recording takes place in three different places, one of which is a garage homes Stefani on Beacon Street, which is equipped with a small studio and Tom as a sound engineer recorded the last three songs. Album gets the name "THE BEACON STREET COLLECTION", in honor of the street. The disc comes in the middle of 1995, but due to lack of a contract and is consistent with this support does not appear in major record stores and radio charts. Basically it extends directly to the concerts and through local shops in the cities, where's tour. After a while the disc falls into the hands of leadership INTERSCOPE RECORDS, which makes NO DOUBT proposal to write a few demo recordings, hinting at the possibility of producing another album, but under their "wing". With a very responsible way to have this opportunity, working hard to demo and as a result of receiving this contract. Starts with the third studio session. Musicians themselves do not know about, . whichever is the turning point in their sudbe.Ne knew this, and Eric Stefani, . that shortly before the completion of the work left the group and continued his artistic career as an animator in the series "THE SIMPSONS".,

. In October 1995, Mr.
. comes the third album titled "TRAGIC KINGDOM" (TRAGEDIC KINGDOM). This title is like an alternative to "MAGIC KINGDOM" (Magic Kingdom), also known as DISNEYLAND, not far from where she lived group. Recording took place in 11 different parts of studios. The new creation was a mixture of such styles as ska, new wave, punk and pop. Despite all its freshness and energy, the new album as originally not generated much interest. Even begins to seem that it may suffer the fate of the two previous. And only a few months later, in January 1996, the album debuted in the BILLBOARD TOP 200 under? 175, and the song "JUST A GIRL" occupies 10 positions. Due to this NO DOUBT invited to the popular evening television show, where are the song "live" in live. Needless to say, that after this the band's popularity skyrocketed. Moreover, the work "live" people can very well (see. video "LIVE IN THE TRAGIC KINGDOM"). Another track "SPIDERWEBS" by June 1996. becomes? 5 in the same BILLBOARD, consolidating the success achieved. At the same time begins the first big European tour, followed by Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Japan. After nearly seven years of performing in small clubs NO DOUBT comes to the big stage as headliners. Meanwhile, in July, the album "TRAGIC KINGDOM" went platinum in Finland, and in August, double platinum in Finland. Hairdressing salons cracking under the pressure of young girls who wish that they dyed her hair, "... like that of NO DOUBT". "Gvenomaniya" began.

In November 1996, Mr.. soulful ballad "DON'T SPEAK" is 2 nd and 1 st position in different categories BILLBOARD. By the way, this thing had a phenomenal success and we. Its 10 times a day airplay on all radio, shoved her into all sorts of compilations, so they differed on cheers. But, unfortunately, NO DOUBT in the minds of the overwhelming mass of the people and the rest of the group, performing this maudlin song. 7 December of that year NO DOUBT play "DON'T SPEAK" and "EXCUSE ME MR." in the evening hit TV show "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE", and next week, "TRAGIC KINGDOM" rises to first place in BILLBOARD. And this after 14 months after. This week sold about 230,000 copies of the album, and the next, Christmas, more than 500000. The volume of total sales by the end of 1996. 6 million. copies. Album # 1 will have 9 weeks and 36 weeks in the Top Ten. In the wake of this success, NO DOUBT sent to the next big tour of the biggest cities, playing in the biggest halls. "TRAGIC KINGDOM" meanwhile, is becoming? 1 in international BILLBOARD charts and into the top five albums in England, Canada, Germany, Australia, Norway, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Denmark and Finland.

In January 1997, Mr.. Group comes to the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS in the category "Favourite New Artist pop / rock". Despite the fact that the premium they lack, musicians consider a great achievement the fact of his nomination to nominate for the prestigious award. A month should be representation at the GRAMMY AWARDS in the categories of "Best Rock Album" and "Best New Album". But luck again passes near that, though not very distressed group, which eventually still gets what they deserve: September 4, 1997. video for the song "DON'T SPEAK" wins in the category "Best Group Video" award at the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS. By the time their album is the seventh time "platinum" in the U.S., around the same world sold about 11 million. copies. Also, increased sales of their first album "NO DOUBT", and on 21 October 1997. INTERSCOPE RECORDS reissued "THE BEACON STREET COLLECTION" sample in 1995. In November, there is light at the first concert video "LIVE IN THE TRAGIC KINGDOM" - hour and a half "live" presentation, held in the hall in the city THE ARROWHEAD ANAHEIM. With this program, the group toured the world.

In early 1998, Mr.. after a year and a half almost uninterrupted series of concerts the group took a break and then begin to work on their next studio album. The process extends over a considerable period of time during which the group manages to participate in the ceremony of awarding different prizes, to write the song "New" for the soundtrack to the movie "Go", Gwen echoes different artists and doing cover versions.
. In September 1999, Mr.
. No Doubt interrupted studio session and make a small tour of the western United States, and then appends a few things in the studio.

New Year's Eve on January 1, 2000, Mr.. immediately after the battle, "the Kremlin Bells" the band live on MTV played their new song "Ex-Girlfriend" and the carpet of REM. "It's the End of the World as We Know It".
Meanwhile, starting first in the life of the group planned promotion of the new album. In mid-January at rock radio song goes "Ex-Girlfriend", and later on MTV declares clip on this composition, which premieres on February 7 passes. Following this, the group appeared in several TV shows on MTV, NBC and VH1.

April 11, 2000, Mr.. a new album, whose title - "RETURN OF SATURN" (Return of Saturn). After a week on MTV appears next video for the song "Simple Kind Of Life".
No Doubt go to a two-month tour across the United States in support of the album, which in June became "platinum". After the American tour in August shoot the video for the song "Bathwater", and in September the group went to Europe, Japan and Australia.
Is followed by the nomination of No Doubt on VH1/VOGUE FASHION AWARDS:
1. Video "Ex-Girlfriend", as the Most Stylish Video (most stylish video).
2. Video "Simple Kind Of Life", as the Most Visionary Video (most "wrapped" video).
3. Most Stylish Band (the most stylish group).

With wins in the first nomination. At the same time (October 2000) there is information that at the end of No Doubt might start work on their next album, but shortly after the "Return Of Saturn" the group stated that it plans to release another album. This was seen almost as a statement about the near collapse of the collective.

. In November of No Doubt are nominated for My VH1 Music Awards in two categories: "Best Live Act" and "Givin 'It Back". I do not get, but are "alive" act.

. Shortly before the start of 2001, guitarist Tom Dumont confirmed, . that the group intends to record a new album: "I would describe the direction, . which we move, . as a mixture of reggae dance, . European synthesized pop, . and "pathos" a'lya rock "Final Countdown" of Europe. "- he said.,

. Album "Return Of Saturn" is nominated for Grammy Awards in the category "Best Rock Album" along with "Crush''- Bon Jovi, . "There Is Nothing Left To Lose" - Foo Fighters, . "Mad Season" - Matchbox Twenty and "The Battle Of Los Angeles" - Rage Against The Machine,
. But the fate of ...

Group comes to the California Music Awards in the categories "Outstanding Rock / Pop Album" (an outstanding pop / rock album), "Outstanding Punk Rock / Ska Album" (Outstanding punk rock / ska album) and "Outstanding Group" (Vydayushayasya Group).

Output of the new album is planned for the end of 2001

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NO DOUBT, photo, biography
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