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Karambi Christian

( football player)

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Biography Karambi Christian
Born: 3/12/1970 d. in Lifou, New Caledonia, Oceania
. Country: France
. Position: Midfielder
. He played: 'Nantes', France, 1990 - 95 years., 'Napoli', Italy, 1995 - 97 years., 'Real', Madrid, Spain, 1998 - 2000., 'Middlesbrough', England, 2000-01 ., 'Olympiacos', Greece.
. Total in D-1 held: 322 matches, 19 goals.
. In the Champions League: 36 games, 3 goals
. In the UEFA Cup: 3 matches
. Team: 53 matches, 1 goal.
. First leg: 14.11.1992 r
. with Finland (2:1), Paris
Last match: 27.03.2002 r. with Scotland (5:0), San Denis
. Achievements:
. Team:
. World Champion 1998
. European Champion 2000
. Winner of the Confederations Cup 2001
. European Championship semi-finalist in 1996
. Winner of the Champions League 1998, 2000.
. European Super Cup 1998
. Champion of France in 1995
. Cup France 1992
. Champion of Greece 2002, 2003.
. Personal:
. Best football Oceania 1995, 1998.

. In the history of French and world football Karembeu will go down as one of the most demanding high-class players like the legendary Monty or as one of the best defensive midfielders team
. But time will tell - in fact 33-year football player from exotic New Caledonia, still continues to play great soccer.


From far away in Oceania

Christian Karembeu was born on the islands of New Caledonia, located in the Pacific
. His family had several brothers and sisters. For his father was the elder brother Marceline.

Here we must make description: The real name of Christian, as well as his brother did not know anybody, except his mother. According convictions Kanak tribal name is the most important value of human. And, knowing him, witches can bring upon thee trouble. Therefore, in New Caledonia, the Kanak tribe, the children gladly give French names, which are recorded in the passport, but the family did not even mention. Karembeu - also not his name but the name of the genus. Since 15 years he played football in the different island teams.

The future world champion sooner left his family and moved to France. First two years he tried to find a good job while I was practicing different clubs. After chur stormy temper a few times let him in my life, but, fortunately without criminal consequences.

. On the strong, not afraid of power contacts, the young man drew attention to the 'Nantes' and after two years of no football, Christian fell immediately to the elite of great football
. And next year he made his debut in the national team once in a qualifying match for the World Cup 1994. With its main task - the beginning of their attacks and the destruction of others in the center, he coped brilliantly, with the latter one is often "bend the stick ', receiving a portion of criticism in the press. In 1995, 'Nantes' becomes a champion of the country, and Christian is one of the best players this season. Even more, he is the best footballer in the ocean!


The beginning of wandering around Europe

'Nantes' gets as far as proposals to sell the player and Karembeu goes to the Italian 'Sampdoria', which carries two years
. After the European Championship in 1996, when the French team reached the semi-finals, the player drew the attention of 'white club' - Madrid 'Real'. Karembeu just experienced serious problems after numerous conflicts with management 'Sampdoria'. It was sold before the end of the contract for only 2.5 million. EURO.

Next three seasons were successful in terms of titles won: World Cup, European Championships as part of a brilliant French team, Champions League, European Super Cup with the 'Royal Club'. Sam Karembeu was at the peak of his playing form, but:

: But for a game practice in the regular season a lot of problems arose. In the club, he rarely appeared on the field - he pronounced defensive style of play did not fit in the coaching scheme. Karembeu several times openly resented the fact that does not fall in the 'base', conducting a field about one match of the three. Through the press announced the leadership that is looking for a new club, called to talk (again through the press) leadership of the club.

. At the World Championships, where he had to hammer a purely defensive player seated on the bench, firing only one match in the group
. His services were useful in chetverfinale and semi-finals, where he was, however, did not finish the game matches until the end, giving way to the field Thierry Henry.

Do not give him a full and chief game of life - World Cup final with Brazil. After the first half he was replaced by Bogossyana.

. Following the championship for the second time he was named Player of the Year in Oceania.


From foggy Albion in Teppo gardens Greece

In 2000, the last 'Real' got rid of the obstinate kanaka
. Toward the close of adding him the title of a two-fold winner of the Champions League.

World and European Champion has acquired Bryan Robson for 'Middlesbrough' for 2.1 million. In the Premier League, he again showed great class of games, even after scoring four goals in a season. As characteristic of midfield this sounds very strange, but Karembeu is rarely involved in the attacks, and most recently in senior championships scored 3 (!) Years ago in his first season, Spanish. In England, he did not stay and yet had the opportunity to 'Middlesbrough' decided to earn extra money by selling 'dreadlocked midfielder', as it was called in the British press after the first season in the Greek 'Olympiakos' already over 3,5 million

. Under the warm sun Hellenic he decided to end his career, saying that now will play only one team.

. The most important thing for him as a player, that he was able to find a common language with the new head coach 'Olympiacos' - Oleg Protassovs
. He is now one of the major players base. This season has already earned Karembeu 4 yellow cards in last 1 red and 3 yellow. He remains one of the most uncompromising players of the club.


From the team left unexpectedly even for myself

Only, . that marred the perfect mood, Christian - Trauma, . obtained in the Greek Cup final, . because of which he missed the Asian mundial 2002,
. But, watching the world champions were made, we can say that it is as well, but at the end of mundialya in several editions, of course, there were comments that led to the absence of Zidane, Pires, Deschamps and Karembeu.

. At least his last game with the Scots ended with the score 5:0.

. Because of the injury career collection has finished prematurely, for 10 years Karembeu held for the national team 53 match, which is the 25 result in history, scoring extremely low - only 1 goal
. Affected by a team of Romania, losing in the qualifying match of the European Cup 1996, October 11, 1995 in his field with a score of 1:3. Karembeu then scored the first goal, and then consolidated the success Djorkaeff and Zidin.


Do not spare even his wife's feet

Karembeu's wife - always tries to accompany him to matches.

. She's the winner of one of the world records: a Czech supermodel Adriana Karembeu is the owner of the longest legs
. On its popularity can say this: when you type on the Internet in search box 'Karembeu', then the pieces of the first 10 most popular sites are about Adriana Karembeu, and then about her husband. Not long ago, almost all football edition published an article about how she and her husband together were playing football in the garden of his house and Christian (probably just automatically) with all the forces entered her in the leg. I had to go to the hospital.

When in an interview with Adrian asked: 'How it relates to the fact that her husband is considered one of the toughest players in football? " - She replied that such an assessment to her husband even like it.

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Karambi Christian, photo, biography
Karambi Christian, photo, biography Karambi Christian  football player, photo, biography
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