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Kirill Pletnev

( Actor)

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Biography Kirill Pletnev
photo Kirill Pletnev
Kirill Pletnev was born December 30, 1979, in Kharkov. Surname - creative, but! Neither the poet Pushkin pores Peter Pletnev, nor to the pianist Mikhail Pletnev.: To anyone of these fine people Kirill Pletnev has no bearing. Yes, and directly with the theater or movies, none of his relatives, too, was not linked.

Grievances at the father does not:
Mother of Cyril, a teacher of ballroom dancing since childhood instilled two sons love of art. Father left the family when Cyril was only 13 years old. Despite a difficult childhood and adolescence, the son tried to understand the act of his father.

'I never felt resentment toward her father, - admits the actor - Before you leave us, he was an inventor by profession, has changed. Most of the time gave the business, we have rarely communicate, drawn away from each other '. Since then passed 15 years, for all these years, my father saw his sons. The greatest desire Cyril - to meet with his father.

Mom was always there:
Of course, all childhood actor's future is inextricably linked with his mother, who was always there. Every summer my mother went to summer camp to teach children, friends and strangers, dancing. In the camps Kirill Pletnev spent every summer: first with his mother, then no, he went to - also taught dance, led the theater studio, even worked as an assistant chef in the kitchen. Women's education has not made out of a guy Mama's little boy, the boy was a very combative: early began to look into the video hall movies with Bruce Lee, enrolled in a section of taekwondo, why the number of fights, of course, has not decreased.

One time, Kirill Pletnev wanted to become an athlete. He was engaged in rock climbing, swimming, and then realized that would not be able to devote his life to jump higher than the other.

Kirill Pletnev has always had many friends and hobbies. None of the friends of the future actor had no idea that Kirill from childhood wrote poetry and dreamed of becoming a poet. Of course, very fond of reading, I read all the time. He liked taking with him a lot of sandwiches and books, to be alone with him and went to 'trip' somewhere in an abandoned construction site. But Cyril understood that the profession is therefore unlikely to be able to feed themselves, and decided to implement a more creative, for example, in directing.

Mummery engrossed:
Kirill Pletnev never went into any studio theater, while the last two years in high school with a theatrical bent - Preparation of theater critics. I wanted to be a director, acted on the direction, even in the book wrote that to be an actor he was not interested. Sixteen-year guy, but at the director's course will not be accepted. Could, however, still go to the operator, or a photographer. Get the feeling that you can remember, photographed - and then return to it.

Then Kirill Pletnev entered the teaching acting skills. Insure. Incidentally, there was a tremendous thing - in his third year he realized that Mummery fascinated. But even now, though, sometimes attend thoughts: to learn from the director to do to Peter Fomenko.

The complex is an A student:
The Institute Kirill Pletnev completely immersed in the work. From it useful set of A student. That's -'A never been as complex manifested. Was he largely thanks to the teacher Vladimir Petrov. A second teacher, Leo Stukalov - BDT student, classmate Kama Ginkas. Stukalov remember that promoted the love of the process, always making these. He taught rigidly, almost every day for four years. When someone hinted that it would be good to wash clothes, got in response: "Tomorrow we all work, and Lesch rest, erases cowards'. More about the weekend no one remembered. Home Kirill came only to sleep.

Thirst difficulties

Dzhigarkhanjan dismissed:
After graduation, Kirill Pletnev was thinking to get either in the company of Lev Dodin, or in the Theater on the Fontanka Semyon Spivak. Alas, not happened: Next to the classic version: with fellow students went to Moscow to help them to appear in theaters. Although - why dissemble? - Somewhere in my subconscious was thinking myself to enter the Moscow theater. As Kirill Pletnev was considered still a child home, it seemed that the really adults can be just living separately from their parents:

. The young actor was ready to take in the theater Dzhigarkhanyan and Kalyagina theater and modern theater plays, had to choose
. But the sense of risk when moving to Moscow - was not quite. Perhaps, like some difficulties. And they were obtained. In the end, the choice fell on the theater Dzhigarkhanyan - and Cyril did not regret, although it was complicated and, to my horror, it turned out that the actor was not able to rehearse their own, independently create something.

. The first three months Pletnev sat on the 'bench', and then began actively imposed on the leading role
. Played Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky in 'Inspector', Figaro in 'Mad Day or The Marriage of Figaro', the Cat in the children's tale.: But soon closely Pletnev seemed format stationary theater. He felt that he should be somewhere to move forward: can not rehearse a play that do not like, do not want, it becomes somehow strained. So an actor partly because Dzhigarhanyanu - he simply took for him is a decision that he delayed for various reasons. After the rejection of a totally unnecessary, though, in the opinion of most Pletnev, work, Armen fired him.

Rehearse what you want:
All Moscow theater, after the show, Pletnev not take. And in case! Artist of the student work was in course of Kama Ginkas, a student Ginkas Irina Keruchenko. 'Theater, which makes Irina Keruchenko - is almost an ideal situation when I can not rehearse what I impose, but what I want. With Ira we have a very similar schools, with her I wonder, do not actually have to find a common language. It deals with psychological theater - what I like best '- with love commented Kirill Pletnev.

The general thrust of the contemporary theater is hidden on the last page. The present-day text of the uniqueness of sin, 'Evil - bad, good - good', - says the main character. In this sense, the performances of Irina Keruchenko not fall out of this theory: in the finals is clear paragraph, where the hero finally said the main. But it is precisely this paragraph is likely to affect and Kirill Pletnev.

. And today in the theater actor rehearses 'Caligula' by Albert Camus, . plays in the center of Meyerhold's play 'Hedda Gabler' by Ibsen, . Center of Drama and Directing Kazantsev and Roschina 'Theater Doc' - a performance of contemporary documentary plays Basil Sigareva 'phantom pain',
. In addition, Kirill Pletnev plays a central and unique role in the play actor performance Togliatti playwright Yuri Klavdiev 'I, a machine gunner'.

There is also an actor and a lot of roles that he would try to play: Treplev, Othello, Khlestakov: Plans - hulk!

'Army' career:

To serve in this army was not able to Kirill Pletnev. But he always plays military. 'Army' Pletnev's career began back in the third year institution, with the play 'Case cornet Elagina'. And away! In cinema Kirill Pletnev constantly invited to the role of brave warriors.

When the series was filmed 'Soldiers', sensible thoughts about the military profession an actor in my head was not quite. Sergeant Nelipa, which spread from the other part, entered into a stranger monastery with its charter, but perceptive psychologists from the second company to quickly and lucidly explained the erring to someone who is in the house, that is in the barracks, the owner.

Filming in the 'soldiers' were, just, the case when the actor went to work for the money. Earned, though not much, but: all the main acquisition was the fact that Kirill Pletnev met with wonderful kids, and now that is friendly - Misha and Anton Tarabukin Eldarov. Neither, of course, the popularity. The general public learned Kirill Pletnev just after 'Soldier'. This is, after all, popular TV series, although his success to the actor himself is incomprehensible.

. In general, participation in a 'soldier' Cyril believes his mistake, but what to do! In this he quickly discovered, when a role in the 'soldier' followed by several of the same no notable roles
. It was then that Pletnev and thought: 'Something you Kiryusha, not in the direction he went! "

Then there was the popular series 'Saboteur'. Why 'Saboteur', because the main characters scouts saboteurs in the series a few? Who is the emphasis? Everything just. Saboteur - is a collective image. In the novel, Anatoly Azol'skij is the main character, it goes through all the stages of growing up in war. And in the film 'Saboteur' is rather a way of life, the way, the fate. It is not a real person, and the collective image of the guy from 20 to 30 years. This guy could fight and in 1812, and during World War II, and in the Chechen campaign - anytime. He, like the song by Vladimir Vysotsky, the required books in my childhood reading. It is what prevents escape or pretend to be dead, and did not get to come to the showdown, when the name. You can call it morality, conscience, the principles that you laid the mother. He tries to understand what happened to him, he has matured dramatically. 'I try to live. This is my war ', - he said.

By the way, 'Saboteur' and released later 'Saboteur. End of War '- two different film. They even have different directors removed. In the first - yes, trying to adhere to the realities. And the second part of the historical truth deliberately retreated. This is a version of 'The Elusive Avengers'. A genre film. There is no need to seek truth. If anyone is credibility needed to watch TV series is not worth to the nerves themselves are not squander.

Kirill Pletnev with castor much in common. 'He - is the spitting image of me, - says the actor - although, you know, behind enemy lines, I would work could not. Still, I - an actor, not a saboteur. But with regard to political apathy of my hero, it brings us very. We see the real situation, not what we want to impose. In general, I with his hero has lived for four years - have grown together, we can say '.

And for Kirill Pletnev's personal life remains a mystery of his character in 'Saboteurs'. 'We all have some love scenes - recognized the actor. - Hero of Vladislav Galkin, for example, someone is flirting, and my hero woman - this is war, and love her as you! In continuation of the series: once again: all around fall in love, get married, and my character goes to prison and talks to some crooks. But I already decided if the war in the film is not only the background story, I do not wear a longer tunic on the set. "

Films about war
In the film, TV and theater actor cross-cutting theme of fate Kirill Pletnev develops in the intersections. Often it is - the second, but which is more important than the first. So it was in 'Saboteurs' - although three of the scouts. And so, in '9 lives of Nestor Makhno '- ten episodes the viewer sees on the screen Paul Derevianko - Makhno, and waits Pletnev, officer Danilevsky, the avenger of dead family and ruined possessions.

. Many assistant director on casting formed about the artist Pletnev some canned and completely subjective opinion, the actor they have not been associated with a different way than in the tunic.

. Lieutenant in the movie film 'The explosion at dawn', the group commander, who sent in part before the exercises
. He initially did not accept the same age, but then it turns out that the guy had recently returned from Chechnya.

Lieutenant Besfamilnov, the guy from the street, desperate, fearless, Cyril created in the film 'Under the hail of bullets'. Kirill Pletnev on the set to get used to assist the military consultant Eugene Sakura. 'I did not serve in the army, and to me, purely a civilian, it was necessary not just the eyes of the military man look at the world, but also to get into the skin of intelligence', - says the actor. All the stunts in the film served Pletnev himself. 'I am in good physical shape - continues actor. - And also very pleased to play a complex scene. The team we have selected a great. And we, as the boys showed their enthusiasm to each other '.

Military theme was an actor, but he is not searching for her. But, according to the actor, best in films about the war than in the series 'Not Born Beautiful'. Although there already know exactly how everything always ends with a replica: 'Well, we shall understand, forward'.

I would like to withdraw:

Kirill Pletnev acknowledged that he would withdraw from Nikita Mikhalkov. Another - Alexei Sidorov, who 'Brigade' shot. Zmitser Meshieva, Alexei Balabanov, Vladimir Mashkov. The actor is well liked young directors - Oksana Bychkova, Andrey Zvyagintsev, Andrei Proshkin Jr. ... 'Although, it certainly is not in the name of the director, but in the material and the seriousness of the approach - reflects Kirill Pletnev. - It could be any Peter Ivanov, but he will be a very serious approach to what does, and then will be Peter Ivanov '.

. Kirill Pletnev is also pleased to be tried in a 'clean comedy', although still not quite understand how it played, but happy to have played the fool, or, for example, gay
. Very interesting for the actor 'history of relations', as, for example, 'Match Point'.

. Now the actor has something to do, and well - it was withdrawn in the new film of Nicholas Dostal 'Lenin's Testament', played midshipman Frolov Andrei Kravchuk in 'Admiral Kolchak'

And the same time:

No free time:
In the life of Kirill Pletnev - open and charming guy, great dancer. The ability to move beautifully it is inherited - Mama master of international class in ballroom dancing. And an aunt - a teacher in the studio of modern dance, so he was on the floor since childhood, has mastered modern pas dancer worked in nightclubs, champion of Russia in modern dance.

. Free time until pah-pah-pah, so composed, that the actor is almost no
. And well, he is happy! Because, honestly, few know what to do in this free time. Gulyaev, meets with someone, watching movies in cinemas - yes, yes, that movie! Reads a lot, reads: periods. Amazing stuff, first period of a mad binge of reading books: and then, suddenly, only magazines. I like to read in the metro Escquire, 'Seven Days', 'Hello', 'TV-Park'.

And what's new music Kirill Pletnev was not followed. When you hear that you liked - just goes and buys a CD.

Now one:
Officially Kirill Pletnev not married, and no girlfriend, now one. Of course, it all was: the lies, and betrayal, and betrayal. Only someone that plays in the movie, but Pletnev - in life. Most likely, the reason is that women have an artist usually always over. For three years, five years, seven: Younger, of course, too, but it is more the exception than the rule. Apparently, such as those who are older, it is much more interesting.: After all, they change each other in the process of communication: who is - then it 'does', someone - he said.

However, in recent times to get involved in it harder and harder. Perhaps the case of age, having some experience behind him, already see the final relations. Maybe omnivorous leaves, and the requirements for a woman no longer.

Keeper of Finance:
Kirill Pletnev does not like me refuse to march in the restaurant or in some more 'big or small' pleasures of life, does not know how to save money. This spender. So, probably, and happy! Artist Masha started a wonderful agent, which gives him only a certain amount of the fee, and the rest takes a. Such an agreement - it is - the keeper of Finance. No other way of collecting funds for any property could not think.

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