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Biography AVERIN Maxim
photo AVERIN Maxim
Maxim Averin was born in Moscow on November 26, 1975. His mother - dressmaker - no relation to the film had. But my father worked all his life on the 'Mosfilm' - first montirovschikom, then the artist-designer. But he always dreamed of acting work. To realize his dream of Viktor Averin could in his son Maxim.

The fact that he will become an actor, Maxim was sure since the early years. Even in the age of six he made his debut on the silver screen. Father took his film crew in an expedition to Makhachkala, where the movie was 'The Adventures of Count Nevzorov'. There, the boy and entrusted a cameo. In the episode, close-up shot, as Maxim danced:

In nine years, Max has played in the theater of miniatures, in the play 'Brandenburg Gate', and in parallel studied acting at drama school at the Cinema House. The boy grew up generally pronounced in the humanities: early learned to read fluently, and schools are only interested in literature and history. Once in second grade, he said the teacher in mathematics, he would not write a check, as in drama school this subject he would not need.


'Prod' theatrical universities Maxim Averin began with grade 9. First was VGIK, where the boy was asked to show their teeth. He was offended: "I - not a horse '. Schepkinskoe school seemed to him uncomfortable, but in Schukinskaya, according to him, breathed something native. Return he did, though the second time.

Maxim is well studied, was the favorite of teachers, which he predicted a bright future. In 1997, immediately after school, he was invited by Konstantin Raikin the troupe 'Satyricon'. He started his Maxim, like many, with extras. Three years of a crowd, then roles in: 'Kodzhinskie skirmish' (Tony Padron), 'Hamlet' (Marcellus), 'The Lion in Winter' (John Lackland), 'Hedda Gabler' (Jorgen Tesman), etc.

. In 2002, 'Satyricon' was invited to St. Petersburg film director Yury Butusov
. He made the play 'Macbeth', which went to Maxim serious role Branco. In this work, and began a new stage in the creation Averina, who all became more confident one of the leading actors of the theater. Two years later Butusov reappeared in 'Satyricon' with his new work 'Richard III'. Here Averin played three roles - all richardova 'family line': brothers, Clarence and Edward, and mother, the Duchess of York. And with that responsibility actor coped brilliantly. Here is an excerpt from the review, published in the 'Moscow Times':' Maxim Averin, convincingly playing three roles, particularly noticeable in the role of the Duchess of York, mother of Richard III. A bit like the Elton John, Averin deftly poised between parody and sincerity, playing the unhappy woman, whose family had ruined her unruly son and the lost '.

. Vivid, unforgettable on stage Satyricon 'have also Averina roles in productions of:' Masquerade '(Arbenin),' Funny Money '(Victor Johnson),' King Lear '(Edmond).

. Movies

. Cinematic Maxim Averina career began with the role of 'colorful scoundrel' Korabelnikova in comedy Vladimir Zaykin 'Shallow Hal' (1999)
. It was after that of the actor dubbed 'Russian Jim Carrey'.

For several years, filmmakers looked Averina exactly as comedian. To break this Role helped him director Vadim Abdrashitov. Candidates for the role of the working Valerka in the film 'magnetic storms' were a few, but Abdrashitov some reason chose Averina, unkempt appearance at a trial, with an earring in one ear and a flare. Apparently prompted his directorial flair. And Averin proved that the dramatic role he just on the shoulder, like comedy. For this role, the actor was awarded 'Triumph' and the RF Government Prize in the field of culture.

. In the same 2003 Maxim Averin starred in the movie Isaac Friedberg 'Ognebortsy' in the role of the trawl fleet sailor Dennis Ragozin, who has decided to change lives and become a fireman
. A year later, the actor appears as a surgeon Oleg Korneev in the series Vyacheslav Nikiforov 'Carousel'. Twelve nights Averin kept with screens visitors, playing an incredibly shrill, 'right in the soul'. Due to this, he was finally received recognition.

. Then came the role of Gleb Kalashnikov in the movie Ali Khamrayeva 'A Place in the Sun', Yegor in the drama Sergei Potemkin 'City without the sun', Sizova in the film 'Substitute instinct':

. In 2006, Oleg compasses suggested actor role cat-sphinx Shidlu in pediatric fantastic tape 'Aziris Noon'
. 'Cat's issue' in life Averina - is a separate conversation. After Maxim on a horoscope - male. 've Played him a cat in the play 'Chauntecleer'. And in general the actor loves these animals. And now - Shidla - cheerful, energetic, capable of all sorts of accomplishments, adventures, cat-sphinx, poluchelovek-semi-animal, which exists in different dimensions of space and comes to the aid of the children.

. Maxim Averin admits: 'The first thing that attracted me to participate in the film - this makeup
. Nothing like I have not had to play. I sat a long time, filled with latex and makeup people trying to make up in line with my personality, my face. Before each shooting me two o'clock spells whole team. <:> On the site met a wonderful company. Oleg compass - a very good director, he gives the freedom to exist, to bring to the role of something of their own. Much in the way we Shidly with Oleg invented in the course of filming. But when you get pleasure from work, forget about the complexities. "

It is quite another context, the role went to Maxim Averin in the series 'Doctor Zhivago'. In fact, the actor originally auditioned for the very Zhivago, but then the director Alexander Proshkin invited him to play partisan Pamphilus, a man who killed his children and wife. The role of small, but very Averin on this subject says: "The fact that this character is only one series, I was not bothered. I know the price of a bright episode. And then, Proshkin of those great 'uncles', as I call them, what little remains. He was with the actors really works'.

Today, Maxim Averin - extremely demanded actor. Among his last works - role in the film 'To be continued', 'Varvara's Wedding', etc.

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AVERIN Maxim, photo, biography
AVERIN Maxim, photo, biography AVERIN Maxim  Actor, photo, biography
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