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Bezrukovo Irina

( Actress)

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Biography Bezrukovo Irina
Born 11.04.1965, Volgodonsk
Childhood and adolescence

As a child, Irina (while Bakhturov) read a lot, well studied, but grew very shy girl. Their peers, she practically did not communicate. "Once he passed the House of Pioneers, read about the set in the theater, - says Irina. - Inside something trembled: I felt ugly duckling, the first time, coming nearer to the flock of white swans. That's so unexpected, I decided, reluctantly shy, take a step:.

However, Irina did not have. And here she was advised to go to the Rostov school of arts. So she got the better Rostov drama school (at the rate A. Malysheva) - out in due time went Anatoly Vasiliev.

While studying in college, Irina dabbled in film. Her first experience was the role in the thesis work of the young operator "Girl and the wind". She graduated from the College of Arts Rostov Irina in 1986.

Aspiring actress

Already in 1984, became an actress Irina Bakhturov Drama Theater. Gorky (Rostov-na-Donu). Then she fell in love with his teacher - actor theater Igor Livanova. And when he suddenly widowed, she married him and took his surname. In the couple had a son Andrew.

In 1988-1989, Irina Livanova worked in the Tula Drama Theater, and since 1989 she and her husband moved to Moscow. Igor Livanova invited his famous namesake Basil Lebanon in the Moscow Theater "Detective". Irina went to work in the Moscow theater under the direction of O. Tabakov.

Working in film

Since 1991, Irina Livanova started acting in movies. "The first eight films in which I took, caused me a fever - she recalls. - Seeing yourself on screen, thought it looked worse than all. But as time passed - a year or two - and I have looked at their work without unnecessary emotions and saw that a lot of really good. "

. The best-known works by Irina Livanova in the 90 years have become role in the historical kinodilogii "Richard the Lionheart" and "Knight, Kenneth," melodrama "Obsession", a historical television series "The Countess de Monsoreau.

. The meeting with Sergei Bezrukov

. In 1998, the filming of "Crusader-2" Irina Livanova met Sergei Bezrukov
. After filming "Crusader-2" Bezrukov Irina left a note with his phone number and one word - "Waiting". Irina long hesitated to call Sergei:

I. Bezrukov: "In the end I decided. Found some excuse and called. I was excited to see his reaction. But I even could not imagine that he would respond. This was very rapidly! If, before the bell, I had doubts about his feelings (after all, to shoot some people in life - other), after his joyful "Yes, yes, yes!" timidity diminished.

. It seemed that all the media watched the progress of their romance, fueling interest

Sergey Bezrukov:: find a single woman who would love you just as a man, very hard. With Ira happened exactly. She did not know me as an actor, did not see my role in the theater, briefly heard voice-over in the television show "Dolls". And my popularity to her about anything not say. For me is very valuable is that she saw me at work after our acquaintance.

Irina Bezrukova: "He is a very sunny person. It can not be calm when someone is broken: trying to balance the situation. Often saves me from different troubles. I was with him very easily. He likes harmony, and the audience, and colleagues feel this is very. Much energy is spent on bringing people together with each other. I will not rest until all shall gather in a circle. "

In 2000, Irina and Igor Livanov divorced and married Sergei. She took her husband's name and is now known to viewers as Irina Bezrukov.

Bezrukova three of us live with her son of Irina Andrei. Andrew worked in the musical "Nord-Ost". Shortly before the tragic events of hostage taking, he left the company.

Actress Irina Bezrukova

As already mentioned, Irina and Sergei played together in the adventure comedy "unfamiliar weapon or Crusader-2". This was followed by joint work in the adventure comedy "Chinese tableware". In these films starred Irina still under the name Livanova.

After the wedding, the couple continue their joint activities in the cinema. Together they weighed in the series "The Office" (2000) and "Lyubov.Ru" directed by Vladimir Basov, Jr., a friend of Sergei.

In 2003, Irina and Sergey were invited to the TV series "Land". In the series Sergey Bezrukov played rural district Kravtsov, and Irina - his wife. Interestingly, the scenario wife quarrel. Sergei long doubted that a woman be removed in the series. And only when he was persuaded that the couple eventually reconciled, he gave his consent to the shooting.

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Bezrukovo Irina, photo, biography
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