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Yatsko Igor

( Actor)

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Biography Yatsko Igor
photo Yatsko Igor
Igor Yatsko was born on 30. August 1964 in Saratov. While in school he worked in a circle on the aesthetics under the guidance of Nina Petrovna Arkadak. It is for her recommendations and Igor decided to do theater.

The beginning of creative activity

In 1981 he enrolled in the Saratov Theater School. IA. Slonov the course of Yuri Petrovich Kiselyov, who was head of the Saratov Youth Theater.

After graduating in 1985, drama school, he began playing in the Saratov TYuZe. The first serious role was in the play 'Housewarming in the old house' (Directed. YU. Kiselev) on the play by A. Kravtsov. Played Igor ... Igor. The author of the play after watching the performance confessed that he had always believed that he ordered the image of this hero, but after this performance became convinced that this character is no less bright than all the other.

Then there was another big role in the Saratov TYuZe. In 1986, on the stage came the play "The Importance of Being Earnest" (dir. YU. Osherov and E. Ross) on the product of Oscar Wilde. In this performance the audience saw him in the role of John Uordinga.

In addition to working in the theater in this period, Igor actively chtetskoy activities and in 1987 became the winner of the All-Russia Pushkin recitation contest. Igor I read the story "Snowstorm".

Way to Anatoly Vasilyev

However, Igor wanted more. Working in the Saratov TYuZe, he realizes that he feels the theater is not the way around, in another. Together with him in the theater was working Petr Maslov, who was also a student of Anatoly Vasiliev. His stories are very interested in the young actor. Theatrical ideas, which were discussed, went beyond what he knew and he knew how.

The entrance exam to Igor Vasiliev became a real lesson. He passed the first round with great difficulty, despite the great chtetskuyu program and the title of laureate of Pushkin Contest. That's when Igor realized that everything that he can be, if not forgotten, then postponed for a while somewhere far away. We had to read books that have never before read, and theater perceived differently.

In 1988 he became a student of Igor Yatsko GITIS, course Anatoly A. Vasilyev. With him on the course studied Oksana Fandera, Maria Zaikov, Alexandr Ogaryov Guzel Shiryaev, Ramil Sabitov, Igor Lisov, Victor Terel Sergei Repetsky, Danguole Bogdaskayte, Race Tornau Eugene Falin, Alexander Galibin and others.

. School of Dramatic Art (SHDI)

. Education Vasilyev itself flowed into the work, but rather a life in the theater Anatoly Vasiliev 'School of Dramatic Art', where Igor Yatsko enrolled from June 01, 1990 пЁп+п¦п¦

And more ... next was a lot of laboratory work, different training, experiences, research. After Anatoly Vasiliev Theater - is first of all, the school aimed at training the actor. As a result of these laboratory work, sometimes of a few years, to light a host of wonderful and extraordinary performances with Igor. This is' Today, we improvise 'L. Pirandello (1990), which was the first release of Igor Yatsko on scenic space SHDI,' State 'Plato (1992-2000),' Joseph and his brothers' Thomas Mann (1993), 'Amphitryon 'Jean-B.Moler (1994)' Alexander Pushkin. 'Don Juan or The Stone Guest' and other poems '(1998),' Mozart and Salieri 'Alexander Pushkin (2000),' The Iliad. Song of the twenty-third 'Homer (1997-2004) and many others.

With these performances, along with SHDI Igor Yatsko probably been to all the world's known theater festivals and forums. Eventually Igor in acting work in school and loved teaching.

. As he says Igor, . Vasiliev has given him the way, . He gave the theater, . not as an end result, . but as a way, . as knowledge, . as comprehension, . the passage: 'Vasiliev who introduced me to the theater as an art is not applied, . such as science, . Arts, . which has its own subject, . their laws, . that can be explored,
. This legislation, connecting with the higher laws - divine, cosmic. Vasiliev has opened for me that the vertical in the art theater, which I alone could not be found. Tu intonation, which makes possible the transfer of non-life soul and the senses, but the very meaning of. This meant a change of philosophy, drama, including '.

. Conceptual Theater, . where the base - it is the relationship between ideas, . where the principal is not psychology, . and metaphysical poetry, . where the word becomes the main instrument and carrier of, . and actor, . moving in the game structures, . interacts with the character, . remaining person, . turning in the author, . resembling demiurge,
. That is, in his own words, briefly be described that theater, which completely fascinated Igor has over 18 years.

'Yes, be engaged in the theater, which creates Vassiliev, it is difficult. This is a test of endurance, skill and loyalty to himself '- says Igor.

In 2001, Igor Yatsko became an Honored Artist of Russia.


In the movie, Igor Yatsko hit by the recommendations of his classmate Oksana Fandera in 1999. The first role of Igor in the movie has a small role in the series guardian 'Black Room' director Alexander Hwang, who was released in 2001.

For a long time Igor was not invited to act in films. And he did not try to get to the set because I was busy with theater and the only theater. Did not want distractions. But at some point wanted to try, what it is - work in film. Out of curiosity, and without any particular ambition. This opportunity provided him with Alexander Hwang, proposed to delete in the film 'Crank'. I must say that Igor noticed after this movie. The final monologue of the hero became a kind of hallmark actor. After that he began to invite other directors.

'For me, as a man of theater, cinema seems to activities of one man, whose name - director. This is his work. Others - objects to capture. And the actor - an object no better than a chair, table, tree. Him to the same lot of hard work to be natural and authentic, like a tree.

It is important to get at the right time and properly in the chamber - all related work, primarily with technology. But there is a scene, although they are rarely found in movies, where you want to swing the energy, that is, to act on the world around us, and this is similar to the Theater. And from the double to the double you have to improvise ', - says Igor Yatsko.

As an actor, movie, Igor Yatsko starred in the movies: 'Desirable' (dir. Yu Kuzmenko), 'The resort is a special purpose' (dir. B. Mirza) 'Place in the Sun' (dir. A. Khamraev), 'The Blind (Liquidator)' (dir. S. Makhovikov, S. Lyalin) 'Doctor Zhivago' (dir. A. Proshkin). In 2006, the screens went: 'Hunting for Genius' (dir. Yu Kuzmenko) and 'Running on the waves' (dir. V. Pendrakovsky).

. As he says Igor, it takes only those invitations that do not interfere with his work in the theater, because it is the theater was and remains the main business of life.

. From teaching to directing

. Since 2001, Igor teaches mastery of the actor in a children's theater center 'Ecole ARENE' (Artistic Director Irina Feofanova)
. This is not the usual classes, which began this bold experiment, a very serious way connected with the experience and the search for 'School of Dramatic Art'. From this experiment are born, even research laboratory performances, . example: 'Zoykina apartment - The Adventures of Chichikov' on the works of MA Bulgakov, . or 'suitcase nonsense, . or quickly a well does not happen '(Petrushevskaya LS), . which were presented in the house-museum of Bulgakov in Moscow Bolshaya Sadovaya,

Yet, as the director, talking about Igor Yatsko in 2004. That year he, together with the actors SHDI sets 24-hour happening '100 years. Day of Leopold Bloom. Removing the root of time 'based on the novel by James Joyce's' Ulysses'.

The idea to make a submission came from Igor for 6 years to the day when the play took place, and for a long time it remained just a dream. But the creative encounter with the theater artist Vladimir Kovalchuk, who liked the idea, and he began to compose a variety of installation accompanying the reading of the novel, allowed to hope that the dream can translate into reality. In 2001, opened a new theater building, designed by the architectural and artistic proposals Anatoly Vasiliev and Igor Popov. Theater, which represent the whole theater town, and allowed to make a likeness to travel through the streets of Dublin, and invite the audience on this journey.

. June 16, 2004 at 8 am, exactly 100 years from the date described in the famous novel, in the Theater Center on Sretenka dream come true.

. Igor came up with a system of readers, each of whom started his own head at a certain time, and a novel that one person can not read less than 90 hours, SHDI theater actors, including himself, Igor, read for 24 hours
. More precisely, they, along with the audience repeated the famous journey of Leopold Bloom.

This action has become a real event in the theatrical world. In addition, she came to Russia in the record books as the longest-running theatrical happening. "This performance is' pushed 'me into the circle directors' - says Igor.

Next novice director was not long to wait. During the shooting 'Running on the waves' Igor met the actor and director Michael Gorev. He spoke about the theater actor, where there are more young troupe, drawn from recent graduates of university theater. The troupe, which practically does not work in the repertoire

. Igor has always been interested in working with young people, and when he was asked to try to do a project with these guys, it would mean to abandon it 'close to a path that eventually are becoming interested. "

. In 2005, Igor Yatsko poses with a young and promising actor theater troupe performance of 'black comedy' William Shakespeare's 'Measure for Measure'
. As he spoke, Igor, he wanted to put a performance of 'inability to correct manners of people, only one force of laws and decrees. "

Performance received mixed reviews theater criticism. However, Igor was not the main purpose of staging, and pedagogical. It was interesting to gather a company of like-minded, with whom he can not work one year.

Igor's teaching abilities were appreciated. In 2007 he was invited to teach at the Acting Department of the International Slavic Institute of. G.R. Derzhavina. He gladly accepted this offer and in September 2007 began his studies the first year under the leadership of Honored Artist of Russia Igor Yatsko and People's Artist of Russia Vitaly Konyaeva.

Directing and pedagogy dragged Igor Yatsko. He found something new, something interesting to do than he. But he is not going to throw any film, let alone the theater, where the talented actor Igor Yatsko found its way

. He believes that the meeting with the truth is only possible as a result of the way ...
. Filmography:

. 2001 Black Room
. 2002 Crank
. 2003 Desirable
. 2003 Resort Special Purpose
. 2004 Place under the Sun
. 2004 Blind (Liquidator)
. 2005 Doctor Zhivago
. 2005 Citizen of the head-2
. 2006 Hunting genius
. 2006 Three top

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Photos of Yatsko Igor
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Yatsko Igor, photo, biography
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