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Biography TSYGANOV Eugene E.
photo TSYGANOV Eugene E.
Evgeny Tsyganov, born 15 March 1979. Childhood he remembered very cloudless. Grew up in Moscow on Taganka Taganskaya went to school and music school - played on piano. But the music school finished very poorly, there was quite painful to learn:

. However, it is a music school in his life played an important role: there came an unknown director and told his wife: 'Oh, let's try to get you! " We had something to sing, and Zhenya at that time was a voice
. As a result, Eugene worked at the Theater at Taganka 4 years, years from 9 to 13 - was playing the role of children. He recalls that once poisoned, and the evening was the performance. Dad kept it in the theater, but my wife was ill. It was a horror: In general, no one forced Eugene. The fact that he plays in the theater, he later realized already.
First, Eugene wanted to go to study in Hamburg or London, in film school. Then he thought for self-realization is useless - if you have something to realize, you do it. But in our country have the required education.

Therefore, Eugene, in 1996 entered the College after Shchukin, and in 1997 - in the army, but not in the Drama department, and the director's. 'I'm not an actor - says Tsyganov. - I - lodger! " He was lucky with the wizard - Piotr Fomenko was this teacher. Fomenko loaded it just so their students, . it is near, . walks the corridor, . making plays, . with students in them and can not participate: During study Tsyganov played Gradoboeva ( 'hot heart', . rezh.S.Zhenovach), . Valentine ( 'Arcadia', . rezh.E.Kamenkovich), . Prince ( 'mermaid', . rezh.M.Karbauskis), . Fedor ( 'Fro', . rezh.V.Senin),
. Along with several other actors participated in the Workshop group "toasts" as lead singer and guitarist.

. RATI finished in 2001, Eugene was admitted to the troupe 'Workshop Fomenko' in the status of a beginner's genius.

. Movies

. To act in films Yevgeny Tsyganov began with a light hand Yuri Grymov
. He invited him to his film 'The Collector' to the role of Elijah. Actor was very pleased that appeared in this strange tale of three friends from a house of the mysterious collector. Grymov seemed Eugene absolutely gorgeous. However, for the first time he saw himself on screen, Tsyganov was shocked: he thought that everything is very bad. When the first time to do something, then treat yourself very critically, to find fault with all the details. Directors also continued to invite him to the shooting.

. The next film was a youth band D. Evstegneeva 'Let's Make Love', where Eugene played Postnikov, and won the award for 'Best Actress' at Film Festival 'Kinotavr' (2002).

. And then there was Peter's role in the famous film by Alexei Uchitel 'Walk', where he played with his colleagues in the theater Paul Barshak and Irina Pegova
. Actors played brilliantly this story chamber, where the whole plot is built on long monologues, but looks easily and gracefully. After this film journalists have written about the birth of a new sex symbol. However, the talent is much wider and Eugene refined this definition.

But the real popularity among the masses fell on Tsyganova after Sasha Pankratov's role in the series Andrei Eshpai 'Children of the Arbat ". When Yevgeny Tsyganov appeared on the samples, the director stopped - this guy was genuine sadness in his eyes. Zhenya had never appeared on the series and is not intended, but the epic for the product Rybakov seemed to him a curious history. According to Evgenia Simonova, . played in the series Mama Sasha, . 'one of the victories of the picture - this is, . that after the big-big break on our screen appeared a wonderful romantic couple - Chulpan Khamatova and Yevgeny Tsyganov: Chulpan and Evgeny Tsyganov played a very, . emotionally,
. In general, I am calm now for the younger generation, will be from the sense '. Again, the journalists called duo Khamatova Gypsy 'our Romeo and Juliet'.

Simultaneously with the shooting "Children of Arbat" Eugene worked on a role in the movie 'Space as a premonition' of the same A. Teachers. Film ambiguous about claustrophobia felt by the people behind the Iron Curtain. For this role, Evgeny Tsyganov and Yevgeny Mironov three months of practicing with a trainer in boxing, but during the filming of swimming in the 8-degree water, the Gulf of Finland in his shorts and not get sick. On the question of how Yevgeny Tsyganov worked well with Yevgeny Mironov, Tsyganov said 'no way', and the director compared the talented actors with Cry Wolf. 'It is important that the actor was something like a hero, whom he plays, - says Alexei Uchitel. - And Gypsies do something like his character, Herman. It's all in itself, enough said, softly 'cooks' something in his bowler. Absolutely devoid of emptiness, all carefully considering. Never openly expressed their doubts or misunderstandings, that I as a director is not always convenient. For example, he too tried to understand why his character wants to escape abroad. A modern young man simply could not understand some very ordinary for the 60-ies of things. And I asked him to respond to them as though the action takes place in our days ... '

. In 2006, published another series involving Tsyganova - 'Hunter' by Vladimir Kott of medieval Hunter - LADIMIR, son Kazatula once been executed after being falsely accused of murder and the will of the pagan gods abandoned in modern Moscow.

. Theater

. As a theater actor Yevgeny Tsyganov participated in the initial part of the performance Englishman Declan Donnelana 'Twelfth Night', with performances that toured many countries
. Rehearsed Levborga in "Hedda Gabler" M. Karbauskis the Workshop Fomenko, but because there is not played. Currently in the walls of his home theater is still only one role - Mikheeva in the play "One absolutely happy village" (staged by Pyotr Fomenko). The most famous of his theatrical work - the role of Raskolnikov in the performance of another student Fomenko Helena Nevezhino 'Crime and Punishment', set it on the stage of Moscow Art Theater. Here's how critics responded to the game Eugenia: "I think the actor was born for this role. Very thin face, disheveled hair, angular physique and sharp movement - so, probably, and should look expelled from university, living in extreme poverty, but possessed great ideas of the student before last century. Criminals in it can be seen at once, here and insight Porfiry Petrovitch did not need. His head bends sideways, eyes askance, too, mow in the corner, hands it something frantically crumples, then hide in pockets. Mimicry unnatural - enigmatic smile appears in season and out of place and gives it the same as sudden bursts of anger. In short, a portrait of a nervous young man who was able to kill, but could not step over the murder, is drawn perfectly. "

Yevgeny Tsyganov - certainly one of the most interesting and talented young actors. It is a very strong and bright temperament, eagerness, a very powerful energy, along with the ability to play a very subtle and deep, very accurate understanding and conveying their characters.

. Direct speech

. Reflections on Eugene profession:

. 'I think that any director's task can be assigned
. If the director says that you should go upside down, you can somehow afford it explain. This is the work of the artist - to justify the director. What monstrous task for you, so it is interesting. Because then the work begins. "

Eugene on favorite cities and dreams:

"I love port cities, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Hamburg, Peter. The mood of the city due to the proximity of the sea. Other People. And in Moscow rarely feel comfortable. "

'As a child, there was a problem with the wishes. Usually, when a star falls, making a wish to be, or if between the two men sit down with the same name. And I never knew what was gained in a. And I still do not know what making a. "


'I do not criticize me all the highly praised. And I love it. When I read the praise, it is one thing, but when you say: "Oh, I so like the way you rehearse," - just think that anything like this. "

. Filmography:

. 2001 Collector
. 2002 Let's Make Love
. 2003 Walk
. 2004 Children of the Arbat - series
. 2005 Space as a premonition
. 2006 Hunter - episodes

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  • TSYGANOV Eugene E.
  • TSYGANOV Eugene E.
  • TSYGANOV Eugene E.

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TSYGANOV Eugene E., photo, biography
TSYGANOV Eugene E., photo, biography TSYGANOV Eugene E.  Actor, photo, biography
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