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Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)

( Actress)

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Biography Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)
Hannah Dakota Fanning was born on Feb. 23, 1994 in Georgia, in the town of Conyers. From childhood she was fascinated by playing on the stage and started to attend a theatrical circle, close to home. Each week the children put there small pieces.
Soon fellow onstage talent noticed five girls. His parents hired an agent for her daughter and then her whole family at 6 weeks, moved to Los Angeles, where Dakota was supposed to participate in tests. But earlier they had not returned, pausing first for months, and then for years.
Fanning quickly gained guest roles in such hit shows as "Ally MakBill" and "ER" and then started acting in movies. At 7 years she made her debut on the big screen in the teen comedy "March Cats".
In the painting "I - Sam, Dakota starred as the daughter of a mentally ill father (Sean Penn), who is fighting for his parental rights. For this work, she was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award, becoming the youngest contender in its history. A Film Critics Association broadcasters handed her a prize in the category "Best Young Actress. When the girl went on stage for her acceptance speech, it became clear that it was not enough growth to reach the microphone, so Orlando Bloom, who represented the nomination, withdrew it from the counter and held for the Dakota during the entire speech.
In the next film, the thriller "24 hours", she appeared in the role of the stolen daughter of wealthy parents who are ready to do anything for the sake of the child. Partners of girls around in this film are Kevin Bacon, Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend.
In 2002, Dakota appeared in the romantic comedy "A stylish thing" with Reese Witherspoon and a fantastic mini-series from producer Steven Spielberg's "Kidnapped," which tells of UFOs.
Another genre, which was made by Dakota became a comedy. Fanning co-starred with Brittany Murphy in "Uptown Girls" and with Mike Myers in the adaptation of a fairy tale "The Cat in the Hat".
In 2004, her character was again abducted child. In tough drama "Anger" she worked with Denzel Washington, who played her bodyguard, a retired CIA agent.
In 2005 she starred in the fantastic tape Spielberg's War of the Worlds "with Tom Cruise in the thriller" The game of hide and seek ". In the latter she appeared in the form of autistic child, experiencing the death of the mother. Dakota's character in this film is trying to establish contact with the mother with an imaginary friend, Charlie, entering the strange and frightening relationship with death. Father girls in this tape he played Robert De Niro.
After shooting in the movie "Dreamer", where she played the daughter of a promising rider in the past (Kurt Russell), Dakota liked to ride horses and care for. In addition, she has appeared, and his own horse named Goldie.
One of the recent work in film was Dakota's story "Charlotte's Web", which narrates the history of a pig, fleeing from the fate of being prepared for dinner.
Dakota enjoys knitting. She tied scarves for its partners in the area - Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro and Tom Cruise. She has a younger sister, Ellie, who also appeared in films - so, for example, it can be seen in "The Door in the floor"

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  • Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)
  • Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)
  • Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)
  • Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)

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Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)

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Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning), photo, biography
Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning), photo, biography Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning)  Actress, photo, biography
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