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Anton I. ELDAR

( Actor)

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Biography Anton I. ELDAR
photo Anton I. ELDAR
Anton Eldarov born July 28, 1980 in the family of the writer-storyteller Igor Farbarzhevicha, creator of the cartoon about the little п?пTя¦п¦п+п¦п¦: "The old Echo" and "Strawberry rain."

. With a crash taking off in the fourth grade of the Central Music School at the Conservatory of sol-fa, he became a disciple of an ordinary secondary school? 1089
. At first the boy is very upset - its embarrassing name "average" and he thought it was just for people of average intelligence.

. But the study in this same high school was easier, and plus everything in it was great theater and music studio, which is not hammered into my head that everything must be actors, no one forced to cram the theory of acting
. In the studio, just doing musicals. This is the studio and her teacher Leonid Rastsvetaev Anton Eldarovu and instilled a love for theater and when it came time somewhere to do, he realized that the choice of something from him and no.


Anton Eldarov began to flow everywhere - he's so smart people prompted. Filed documents in the Moscow Art Theater, with predtura overthrown in the same day, and in the "Pike" kicked out immediately, simply saying: "Good-bye, boy". Y Fomenko in GITIS True, he reached the second round, and then also fired, but at Borodino, in the same sack GITIS young talent, though, since the third round, did not help, even favoring.

. In "Sliver" Anton Eldarov not reached due to the fact that he lured to his VGIK
. George Taratorkin and Alexei Batalov, . these monsters theater and cinema of the selection committee asked the timid Applicants: Anton, . tell me honestly, . you act somewhere else? ", . and got an answer, . that did, . but never took, . uttered a joyful: "They just do not know how to look,
. We take you, just do not tell anyone in the corridor. That's how Anton and got on course George Taratorkin.


Relationship with the theater at the Graduate Institute of Cinematography Anton Eldarova this difficult. Nutty actor could not go sit in one place, it can be one of the main reasons for the change of the stage. The first theater was a theater actor Gogol, in which Anton Eldarov worked with great pleasure and a half years, played a good role in the performances: "The history of the soldier," "Beast Masha", "Ivanov", "The leader of the Redskins."

. Then from there the actor had gone virtually nowhere, . and here it and "picked" Mirzoev and invited to the theater of Stanislavsky, . Eldarov but soon decided to move away from Mirzoyev, . true, . actor still left to play in his favorite productions: "Midsummer Night's Dream", . "Seven Saints of the village belly" and "Khlestakov.,

. Moreover, he continued to play in the entreprise: hypnotist at Chusovoi in "Give hypnotist", Maria in the production, again Chusovoi, "Twelfth Night or What You Will"
. He took part in the play "Woyzeck" Playwright and Director Center under the direction Kazantsev and Roshchina, played even in the play in English "Twelfth Night".


In the movie, unlike the theater, an actor, there were more permanent relationship. Movies he "fell in love in another way, because it's just different, and in comparison with the theater - is one big impromptu.

. His very first major role played by Anton Eldarov with his classmate, Nelly Uvarova, which became the star of the series "Not Born Beautiful", a very simple black-and-white story about a boy and a girl in a term paper by Anna Melikyan, "departed."

. Long and exhausting road to his audience the actor does not have to go
. Viewers will immediately remember Eldarovskogo Ukrainian Sergeant Gunko of the series "Soldiers". Sergeant Gunko turned bright and memorable and this despite the fact that the army humor could be called a very ordinary, and stand out from the whole group of talented young actors of the series is rather difficult. The artist himself thoroughly and permanently in love with serials:: withdraw in serials interesting, because I love speed, I love the rapidity of life, love, when everything is changing rapidly:

In the intervals between series of talent, too, is not "asleep". He managed in such a hard mode, the shooting was shot and role in the movie Up in Smoke "Wonderful Valley", play at the same time two brothers Vitali and Gena Goldberg in the movie "A mishap Kukotsky" and again "Soldiers".


2006 for the actor was "fruitful". Again the role of internationalist good, . naive, trusting provincial guy Vanya Zyamzyulina from a distant village in the Caucasus in light comedy series about true friendship and, . as if it did not sound snobbish, . about the friendship of the peoples of Edward Radzyukevicha Brothers differently "with actor Artyom Semakin.,

. Then the actor was the role of strange Kolyano in the film "Signs of Love", a charming Glebov in the film "Out of the flames and light", a Jew Adam Zamiryan, which corresponded with Irma in the film "Ostrog
. Case Fedor Sechenov, "created a brilliant actor and an image of the vain Tsyganova in Russian translation". And in the completion of the entire statement on the primary role of the Georgian Mamuka in the series Eva Belova in service 21, or have to think positively ". So Anton Eldarova and got a huge range of international roles: Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Jews, and the appendage of everything played and Georgian.

. But following 2007 actor new roles specifically not given: a small role in Distinguishing Savely film "May", but that have become family, beloved sergeant Gunko in GI-13 "and" Soldiers
. New Year, your division! "

. Anton Eldarov reputed among cine fraternity talented, . serial actors, . He was involved in almost all prominent reel of film, . and it does not matter that is not the first Cast, . but his heroes have always been marked by an abrupt change of mental states, . stormy, . characteristic "play of color": Lieutenant Vorobiev in the series "traffic police, etc.", . volitional Julian Rome in film "A cop in the law, . moral Roma, . Andrew's friend in "From love to Cohanim, . serious-minded groom Karimova in the youth drama "Ranetki",
. The actor confirmed the role of the precinct in the movie "45 cm" and pulling in "Manticore".


All free from filming and rehearsal time, Anton Eldarova goes to family. This, if I may say so, his hobby: he walks with the children, making them massages, bathes in the tub, teaches his daughter to dive, and with his son in the evenings riding on horseback. In short, just a model father.

In general, in life there are many things that Anton Eldarov would like to try. For example, to jump, but somehow not the sum. Time is that it is not enough, maybe just a problem for all adults: too much thinking - about without. But be that as it was not likely to Anton Eldarovu still be able to make even a jump.


1999 flew
2004 soldier
2004 Making a Mars
2004 Soldiers 1 - Series
2004 Soldiers - 2 - TV series
2004 Soldiers. Hello, the company, the new year!
2004 Wonderful Valley
2005 Soldiers - 3 - Series
2005 Soldiers - 4 - series
2005 mishap Kukotsky - TV series
2006 Brothers in different ways - series
2006 Signs of Love
2006 from the flame and light
2006 Ostrog. Case Fedor Sechenova - series
2006 Russian translation
2006 Service 21, or thoughts should be positive - series
2007 May
2007 Soldiers 13 - Series
2007 Soldiers. New Year, your division! - TV series
2008 traffic police, etc.. - TV series
2,008 policemen in law - series
2008 From love to kohannya
2008 Ranetki - series
2009 45 cm
2009 Manticore

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  • Anton I. ELDAR
  • Anton I. ELDAR
  • Anton I. ELDAR
  • Anton I. ELDAR

Photos of Anton I. ELDAR
Anton I. ELDARAnton I. ELDARAnton I. ELDARAnton I. ELDAR

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Anton I. ELDAR, photo, biography
Anton I. ELDAR, photo, biography Anton I. ELDAR  Actor, photo, biography
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