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Nikolay Ivanov

( Actor)

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Biography Nikolay Ivanov
photo Nikolay Ivanov
Ivan was born on February 23, 1983 in intelligent Moscow family of engineers. All my school years were devoted to Vani sport: a boy from an early age studying ballet, sports and ballroom dancing, acrobatics, and in the senior class all their free time, Ivan Nikolaev dedicated to athletics.

. It would, . professional sports should lead the youth in the great sport, . but Ivan Nikolaev constantly looking for and picking up on the streets of homeless animals and provide them a comfortable existence in his Moscow apartment, . carefully tending to the wounded pets,
. All around a belief that his future, of course, become a veterinary business.

No relation to the movie business or the parents, none at all of the relatives of the future actor had. Accordingly, no assumptions of acting Vanya was not and probably would have found peace in the face of Ivan Nikolaev gifted and sensitive healer of animals. If it were not the case!


Once in school, Vanina descended casting team ORT, which was looking for new faces for the program "100%". Talented debutant Ivan Nikolaev with huge hypnotic green eyes, was one of the top five programs available at that time, huge ratings. He received a bag of letters from admirers in the day, interviewed celebrities and the rights of serious adult earning money.

This project placed confusion in the soul boy. In high school, Ivan Nikolaev started attending drama school and two weeks before graduating from high school went storming VGIK. I did! I was enrolled in the course of Anatolia Romashina without any assistance from the.

While studying student Nikolayev had to endure many tragic events: the death of Anatoly Romashina death of the producer of all youth programs at ORT Sergei Suponevo, the death rate from stroke wizard Vitaly Solomin.


His future Ivan Nikolaev binds only to the cinema. But the theater, says the actor, is also needed: a school training, without which it can not do. Of course, a major role in the movie is not so easy to play, there is also need experience, tear, technique, but if you're a good actor, the proposals will be in the theater, and film.

. In summer 2004, Ivan Nikolaev took part in the filming of the first in his life serious full-length film "9 rota" Fyodor Bondarchuk
. On the role of the actor's movie career started in the Gray. For Ivan Nikolaev location proved difficult, they were held in difficult conditions and often the actor does not know what to do, how to behave. Perhaps it is for the better, then it seemed to him that it was in this role, Gray he really opened up, but after a time, with new lessons learned, Nikolaev would otherwise have coped with this role. But this is only the personal opinions of actors, audiences and critics appreciated brilliantly created on-screen image of Nicholas Gray.

. Of course, Ivan Nikolaev, like every actor would like to choose those projects that are close to him that his touch
. It's no secret that the actor's dream - not a comedy role in a youth project, but in an asset Nikolaev, there are such work, and it also had to be done well. In the series about the night life "Club" a lot of music, laughter and beautiful young actors. Hero Ivan Nikolaev in this series - one of the characters in "The Club". He - a rich slacker who loves the night life. Adventurer, which is not going to work, good father, not against the oligarch, viewers remember the fine and sincere playing Ivan Nikolaev. Virtually every well-known series of films involving characters from the world of music, film or television. They play themselves: Valeria, Dima Bilan, Sergei, Sergei Lazarev, Alex, Heraclius, Anna Semenovich, Victoria Dayneko, Zhanna Friske, Legalize, Natalia Podolsky, Otar Kushanashvili.

. The actor is very bright and spectacular appearance, but he was not afraid of directors, offering the role, it will only use its quality
. And he's right! Ivan Nikolaev have different work. For example, an actor with a beautiful partner Cathay Semenova, she plays the main heroine - Julia, created a memorable image of the protagonist of Fame in the project director Dmitry Dyachenko "End of the world". Love Glory and Julia, . seemingly, . misunderstood native people, . going to commit suicide, . but at the appointed time glory stuck in an elevator with a woman he loved his father, . and Julia have to save the two boys and hamster at the highest point ferris wheel.,

. Nikolaev starred by Anna Melikyan, in "The Mermaid", the incredible adventures of a mermaid on the ground
. There, the actor role of small, almost anecdotal, but notable. He - the young man, who has a rich woman. With his partner Nikolaev played some "red pair."

Then there was the horror film "horror" "ST" directed by Vadim Shmelev. Horror stories "of the Soviet childhood" with Ivan Nikolaev. Despite the stilted, contrived plot overdrink actor managed brilliantly to create an image of one of the five young men who came to the abandoned Soviet Pionerlager in the hope that the last person left in the reality show will get a million.

. Director Alexander Zamyatin invited Nikolaeva main role is a singer Andrew from a provincial town, who dreamed of fame, big stage, millions of dollars
. Actor beautifully portrayed on the screen dishonest young man. The director Dmitry Sorokin in the film "Question Time" Nikolaev starred as the son of the hero. In the small role of the actor was able to show the depth of feelings of his hero.


Ivan Nikolaev nothing to hide in this life. It is a normal, mentally healthy, cheerful man, but all the same and he, as indeed, everyone, there are stressful situations. They help him cope relatives, parents, friends, who can call and discuss everything. And music that inspires, favorite movies - it enriches the spiritual, touches, gives strength and also wants to start doing something important.

Actor is in the beginning of his career, and around him for so many rumors and gossip. These Ivan Nikolaev is extremely negative. Of course, we must be able to ignore such things, but other people will pay attention to this. "But really, nobody should know what you're doing at home, it is - your personal life. A need to express themselves in creative work, let the rest remain behind the scenes ", - says Ivan Nikolaev.

And the actor is a big dream. He dreams of providing charity. And not because of some of his ambitions, but from a pure heart, he would like to change the existence of those who need it. No, he did not insist that we should all take and share "as brothers". It's not: It is necessary just to help. So far, Ivan Nikolaev not done anything substantial, because it is not possible, but he will certainly try. He certainly will transfer funds from their fees and will call for this rest.

. Filmography:

. 2005 9 rota
. 2006 Club - Series
. 2006 End of the world
. 2007 Mermaid
. 2007 Zolushka.ru
. 2008 S.S.D
. 2008 Time issues
. 2008 City attractions

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