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Heather Joan Graham

( actress, model)

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Biography Heather Joan Graham
photo Heather Joan Graham
Birthday: January 29, 1970

. Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

. Profession: actress, model

. Marital status: never married

. Ex-boyfriend: actor and director Edward Burns, director Stephen Hopkins, actor Heath Ledger, actor Adam Ant, actor Elias Koteas

. Education: incomplete higher in the University of California at Los Angeles

. Related links: besides parents, Heather has a younger sister Aimee Graham, also an actress

. Heather Joan Graham was born in the family of an FBI agent and school teacher
. Because of his father in childhood, Heather had to travel a lot. From an early age she began to show interest in the actor's craft. His first role - the role of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz "- she played as a child in a school setting. After that, throughout his school years Heather has been involved in other productions, even winning the title of "most talented" of their peers in school.

. After graduating from high school in 1988, she, like many young actors who went to Los Angeles
. However, the actor's talent does not guarantee getting good roles in Hollywood, so the first Graham had casual work. In the movie she made her debut in the teen movie "Driving License", which gave impetus to the development of acting career, Heather. The picture was taken with the approval of criticism. Since, as Heather started acting career, she always tried to go beyond the image of "good girl". The appearance of Heather, her aura of purity and innocence from the outset determined its Role loyal girlfriends and wives. "I was furious, when I was treated like a naive fool, - says the actress. - Sometimes you come to sample, but just look at you and immediately: "No, you're not for us". I immediately begin to argue: "How do you know that I can not play this role?" Just because I'm polite? "We have recently seen more than twenty minutes, so why are you so sure that I can not be different?"

. Only a few, ready to take the risk directors resolved to offer her the role of the complex or sexually liberated women
. "At first I was frightening her" angelic "appearance, - says the director, Hans van Saint. - But. seeing how convincingly she played a drunk in "license", I realized that there is nothing to worry ". He asked Heather to her film "Drugstore Cowboy" (1989) on the role of a naive drug addicts Nadine.

. Then followed a series of films, . in which Graham played with the stars of the screen: "I love you to death" - Kevin Kline, . River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves, "regional center" - with James Woods, "Six Degrees of exclusion" - Will Smith, "Love Triangle" - with Robert Downey Jr.,
. In addition, she co-starred in Gregg Araki in the movie "Nowhere" and John Favreau in the movie "Party People".

Despite good reviews, it failed to become a prominent actress in Hollywood, because many of her roles in movies were episodic. In the early 90's Heather got a role in the TV series "Twin Peaks", which helped the actress get a good start in the big stars. There is nothing surprising in the fact that of all the actors and actresses who participated in the series by David Lynch, is "Miss Twin Peaks" was the biggest star. The performer in the role of the modest waitress Annie Blackburn Heather Graham was soon to play in the major league of Hollywood. In 1992, the actress co-starred in the movie "Diggstaun" with James Woods. This film has attracted public attention the fact that during his filming began an affair 22-year-old Heather 45-year-old James Woods.

Career as an actress again went to the mountain in 1997, when she starred in several very successful films. Some popularity Heather brought a small role in the movie "Scream 2", but the recognition of visitors it received for its role in the movie "Nights in the style of" boogie ". This picture made the actress to star orbit. It Heather sang the role of porn actress-rollershi. Directed by Paul Anderson, overcame his doubts, gave her the role. Another good film for Graham became "Love Triangle", where her partner was Ryan Phillip and Robert Downey Jr.. First mnogobyudzhetny film in the career of Heather - "Lost in Space" - was far from commercial success.

A good role she managed to get in the movie "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" (1999). This work has finally brought the long-awaited Heather popularity and critics awards. During the whole time working on this picture Heather struggled with his own Catholic upbringing. Winning actress over the dogmas of religion allowed her to open for themselves and for the audience some new freedom thanks to which Heather quickly became a sex symbol.

Now Miss Graham has already got rid of the image skromnitsy. In the minds of the majority of modern viewers Graham - is primarily "Mila Krutotrahova" from the second part of the "Austin Powers". In light of this new image of her career makes a new turn and accelerate with renewed force:

In the film "From Hell" Graham has played in danger prostitute Mary Kelly in the pair with an inspector from Scotland Yard in the performance of Johnny Depp. And the first time in her career, portraying the emphasis Heather doing everything possible to prove that can step into the past era - the action takes place in London at the turn of the century - just as convincingly as anyone else.

. Independent and not without a sense of humor Graham both higher and thinner than on the screen
. As easily as it plays a role in the rays of spotlights, Heather talks about his work.

- You have a very sexy image. To what extent did you meet?

- Well, I try not to think much about their image. I more importantly, how to find work in good films. I would like to show his versatility, but at the same time do not want my main advantage was a reflection of a certain image. This is not a lot of fun .- Have you ever felt like a sex symbol?

- Oh, no. That is, I felt like an actress. I think this is good - to use its full potential sex symbol to get a job. But when I go to the premiere or the interview, I feel that I pretend to be a movie star. I know that I'm normal. But the studios want to hire just such an actress, which would constitute a sex symbol. And I do it, because I am an actress.

- Do you remember when he first became famous?

- After the second part of Austin Powers (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me "). Even small children began to recognize me. And it was very funny, because before I was shot in a more independent or in adult films. And here the first time I felt that what you notice on the street, learn, and say: "Wow!" - It is really funny.

- You were taken in the new movie Austin Powers?

- Yes, but I have there a small role, the episode. I just did not want me (my character) in the film killed. In general, I found it amusing and played.

- Which of the latest movies with your participation you especially like?

- "Guru" directed by Daisy Mayer. He is - about a guy who poses as a guru, but I must sing and dance like an Indian. This pattern is very similar to Indian musical cinema. It is unusual, not like all the rest that I have done before. Maybe it is me in it and liked it.

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Heather Joan Graham, photo, biography
Heather Joan Graham, photo, biography Heather Joan Graham  actress, model, photo, biography
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