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Pavlik Viktor

( Honored Artist of Ukraine)

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Biography Pavlik Viktor
photo Pavlik Viktor
Viktor Pavlik was born on Dec. 31, 1965 in g. Terebovlya Ternopil region.
In 1983 he joined the artistic director of VIA's Everest Mikulinetska RBC (Ternopil region).
In 1984. VIA gaining increasing popularity within the region. Were conquered by the victory in raznooobraznyh competitions and festivals, is protected by the title of national amateur team. There have been many concerts before Labor kolektivami districts and villages.
In 1984-1986 served in the Soviet Army, where B. Pavlik was created VIA Mirage-2 ". With the success of the ensemble performances were held in front of soldiers and officers in many parts, the collective has been a participant and winner of various competitions soldier and Komsomol songs. Latest weather stations Victor has been in the position of artistic director of the Regiment (officer position).
In September 1986, after returning from the army, entered the Terebovlya cultural-educational College and received an invitation to work in the Ternopil Philharmonic oblasnoy.
In 1986-1991. worked in the Philharmonic actor-singer in the VIA Vivaton "(accompanying a group of People's Artist of Ukraine Ivo Bobul). While working in the Philharmonic has been committed a large number of concert tours, planned Philharmonic and Ukrkontsertom, the cities of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova; tours abroad - Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia.
In 1987. - Concerts before Chernobyl, before the labor collectives of other cities in Ukraine.
In 1989. Viktor Pavlik finished Terebovlya cultural-educational school for class choir conductor, singer.
During 1992-1995,. - Ternopil Oblast Philharmonic, the group Anna-Maria ". During this period the group has become the winner of almost all competitions and festivals in Ukraine, and not only.
In 1994, the song "you please me" (Sergei Lazo) was Louд?nц? lyrical hit Ukraine, and the group "Anna Maria" - the best pop group in Ukraine.
Participation in big promotions: Independence Day, "Musicians against drug addiction and alcoholism," "Children of Chernobyl" and many others. Active participation in many charity concerts, pre-election tour in support of the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma: "Choose the Future", "Youth of Ukraine" and others.
In 1993, Mr.. Group was awarded a diploma "For high performance culture and compliance with international standards".
In 1995-1996. - Work in Turkey as part of the "Midas". Year of fruitful work abroad - a significant contribution to the Ukrainian and Turkish culture. Turkish song "Shikidym", thanks to talented execution Viktor Pavlik, became a hit in 1998, not only in Ukraine but also in CIS.
Since 1997, Mr.. Victor lives and works in Kiev.
In 1999. Ukrainian President Viktor Pavlik was awarded the title "Honored Artist of Ukraine". Creative achievement marked the singer's many awards, certificates, diplomas.
In 2000. He graduated with honors from the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts in the class pop vocal (teacher Oksana Bilozir).
In 2002. - About 200 solo concerts in Ukraine and Canada. He made the biggest concert tour in 20 U.S. states from San Francisco to Buffalo. April 15, 2003 held a significant event in the life of the singer - big solo concert at the most prestigious stage of the National palace "Ukraine", on the 20 th anniversary of creative activity. The best songs of the singer sounded the accompaniment of the orchestra's leading musicians Ukraine.
Under the leadership of Viktor Pavlik group popular singers in August 2004, won in the "Fort Buayar" and transferred all funds to the Society of Writers of Ukraine to support young talents. Funds obtained by another team, which also participated Victor, were transferred Tsuryupinskomu orphanage for terminally ill children.
In February 2005 a new album "Room in the middle of my heart". Issued 27 magnitoalbomov.

. Discography

. 2007 - '315 minutes of music '

. 2007 - 'green city'

. 2006 - 'Tvoi ochi'

. 2005 - 'Live in Kiev'

. 2005 - 'Kolomyiki'

. 2005 - 'I praise you, Isus'

. 2005 - 'Kimnata in seredini ICDO sertce'

. 2005 - 'Tantsyuymo at once'

. 2004 - 'Exclusive-3'

. 2004 - 'For you, zhinki'

. 2004 - Audio-karaoke '

. 2004 - 'Thank God! "

. 2003-2004 - 'Pavlik''s-Megadance-2003'

. 2003 - 'п я€п°я?? n? CH? " (video karaoke)

. 2003 - 'Najkrashcha'

. 2003-2004 - 'п?п?п?я€п°пҐп?'

. 2003 - 'Exclusive-2'

. 2003 - 'Dyakuyuchi God' (karaoke)

. 2002 - 'Hvylya? "

. 2002-2005 - 'B? L? Czeremcha '

. 2002 - 'D? Initiating-sontse'

. 2001 - 'CB? Weave m? Th Vysokyi' (Victor Pavlik and group 'Zbruch')

. 2000 - 'Divo' (Pavlik & Rudnitskaya)

. 2000 - 'Shikidim-2000'

. 2000 - 'I know everything'

. 2000 - 'Pavlik''s Megadance-2000'

. 2000 - 'Exclusive'

. 1999 - 'Anne-Mar? I'

. 1999 - 'Af? No-ki? In-? Istanbul'

. 1998 - 'Shikidim'

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