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Black Eyed Peas

( group Black Eyed Peas)

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Biography Black Eyed Peas
The first single of Black Eyed Peas Where Is The Love (recorded with the participation of Justin Timberlake) went straight to the top of the hit parades in the autumn of 2003.

Several months later, Shut up! expects the same story. And the album 'Elephunk' (by the way, is the third in a discography of the group) sold worldwide circulation of more than five million copies. The team, in his work the hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz, pop and folk, rated for a Grammy, Brit Awards, and several other prestigious music awards.
. Musicians Black Eyed Peas set themselves up as an example of artists late 80's - early 90-ies
. Their main heroes are legendary rappers De La Soul.

It is hard to believe, but a little over two years ago, Black Eyed Peas, to release by the time the two unobserved album, wanted to conclude his musical career. The guys did not see a way out: their work sold very badly, but the producers did not want to invest in their group. And when faith in a bright future come to nothing, a miracle happened - the musicians responded to the appeal of Justin Timberlake, and recorded in collaboration with 'Where Is The Love' became a worldwide hit. Now everything in order.

History of Black Eyed Peas began in 1989 with an introduction Will.I.Am (born March 15, 1975) and Apl.de.Ap (born November 28, 1974), at the time high school students. Realizing that they shared ideas and preferences in music, the guys decided to combine their efforts to create your own group. Soon they began rapping in various night clubs in Los Angeles, calling her duet Atbam Klann, gaining popularity among the local rap and breakdancing subculture.

In 1992, the young musicians signed a record deal with Ruthless Records. Despite the fact that over the next couple of years guys have not released any of its album, their contract remains valid until his death in 1994, head of the label's Eazy-E, and who signed a contract with Atbam Klann.
. In 1995 Will.I Am and Apl.de.Ap joined former member of the Grassroots - Taboo (born July 14, 1975), . and soon the trio of newly-made under the new name Black Eyed Peas signed a new contract, . this time - with Interscope Records.,
. Debut album Behind the Front was released in 1998-m
. The album features the participation of such grants, as Wyclef Jean (Fugees) and Macy Gray. 'Behind the Front' marked the beginning of the already branded for the Black Eyed Peas tradition is not confined to only one of hip-hop. Because team members belong to different races and cultures (African-American, Mexican and Filipino), it is not surprising that this diversity was reflected in their songs.
. Critics greeted the disc is quite warm, noting that the children's great potential: "These interesting studies give hope that the hip-hop is not dead yet '
. However, the students were not so complimentary in his assessment - the album sold very badly. Group members will not be discouraged: they first had the opportunity to speak on the same stage with such masters as Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Wyclef Jean and Busta Rhymes.

In 2000 they released their second album, 'Bridging The Gap'. Circulation disc was even smaller than the circulation of debut album. Remaining unappreciated as students and colleagues who have been severely criticized guys for violation of purity of style and harmony of the series, musicians are increasingly thinking about the termination of a musical career.
. Influenced by the events of September 11, 2001 Will.I.am wrote the song Where Is The Love?
. It recalls the musician, all the components: the rhythm and guitar riffs and sincere emotional text, born in his mind at one point, it was like a revelation. It was then, and had the idea to write this song with Justin Timberlake, with whom the children have long been familiar personally. Inspired by the recorded demo material, Will.I.Am called Justin and he gave him to listen to the song over the phone. 'I remember when I heard the rhythm and the words, - recalls Timberlake - in my mind immediately was born melody!'.
. In order to write the melody and the text of the chorus, the artist took about 15 minutes, and very soon Timberlake was in a Los Angeles-based studio and recorded the vocals for the song.
. During the third studio album Black Eyed Peas have a new member
. Green-eyed native of Los Angeles Stacy Ferguson (Stacey Ferguson, a former member of the band Wild Orchid) initially had been invited only to record the female vocal in the track Shut up!. Then the girl asked to take part in recording several more songs, and ended up the fact that Fergie has become a full member of the group. According to other musicians, it was necessary to command a more seamless and organic.

The recorded material by musicians led producers to seriously address the group. 'Where is the love' has been seriously edited: added the party in the arrangement of a symphony orchestra, and a vocal Timberlake has joined the voice of Fergie, by. After listening to the new version of the song the musicians decided to release her first single for his third album Elephunk (initially as a shock is expected to issue the single 'Shut up!').
. Black Eyed Peas had to face a small problem
. Leaders Timberlake's record label have banned them from using the name of superstar singer and remove the clip for this song. But the song was so good that even without such advertising, as Timberlake's name in the credits, 'Where Is The Love?' quickly found an echo in the hearts of millions of listeners.
. Black Eyed Peas quickly evolved from a team that plays the opening act for Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, the headliner, and as such have given 377 concerts around the world in support of 'Elephunk'
. Critics and audiences recognized that the Black Eyed Peas, without exaggeration, is the best concert team, serving hip-hop. Children are being invited to speak at the ceremony of the prestigious music awards (MTV European Music Awards, Brit Awards, Grammys, etc.).

Circulation third studio album, Black Eyed Peas 'Elephunk'. quickly exceeded the five million mark. Black Eyed Peas continue to enjoy long-awaited success: following the 'Where Is The Love' permanent residence in the charts were songs 'Shut up!' and 'Hey Mama'.
. The Australian Festival of 'Big Day Out' Black Eyed Peas performed a song duet with Retarded
. The Darkness frontman Justin command Hawkins.
. Popular hip-hoppers Black Eyed Peas record the title song for new movie 'Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights' ( 'Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights')
. Plot of the film is a kind of prequel eponymous kinohita 1987, which the unfolding events in 1958. Premiere of the film was held on 27 February 2004.
. The next project the group is recording an exclusive versions of nine tracks from his forthcoming new album, Monkey Business for the new game company Electronic Arts 'The Urbz: Sims in the City'
. Choosing the creators of the game is easy to explain. Panellist will.i.am work their musical consultant. This is his idea - to put into play their home team to record a popular sim-world hits. 'I am a big fan of Sims, - says will.i.am. - I am sure that with time, this series of games will grow into something more, will become a world. In addition, this step will help us to gain new fans among the fans of the game, but our existing fans will enjoy our music, even playing on the computer '.
. Such a fashion among musicians as the production of its own line of clothing has not been spared and one of the soloists of the Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am
. February 16, 2005 he presented his brand clothing line called i.am. Presentation at the hotel Palms (Las Vegas). In contrast to many other colleagues on the shop floor, Will.I.Am - not a novice and not an amateur in the modeling business. In his youth, he graduated from the Institute of Fashion and Design in Los Angeles, and the first model created in 2001. Clothing musician - for everyday wear. This is normal male and female models - jackets, shirts, coats, skirts, pants, everything - 'in the style of Will.I.Am'. According to the designer, among fans of his collection - Ashlee Simpson (Ashlee Simpson), Kelly Osbourne (Kelly Osbourne) and members of the band Coldplay.

Vocalist as Black Eyed Peas Stacy Ferguson tries himself in film. Summer 2005, Stacy received a role in the remake of the classic disaster movie-1972-year 'Crash' Poseidon '(The Poseidon Adventures) with Rasselom Crowe in the leading role. Fergie will play a vocalist music band, entertains passengers luxurious transatlantic liner. This is the first serious role in film performer (previously only an occasional appearance in the comedy 'Be Cool' in the role itself). History of 'Poseidon' - the history of the struggle for existence of a handful of people remaining alive after the great liner turns upside down a giant wave that arose as a result of underwater earthquakes. In addition to the actors' talents, Fergie flashes and singing. In the course of the film, she performs two songs: 'Bailamos' and 'I Won't Let You Fall'. The latter was written in collaboration with one of his colleagues on the Fergie Black Eyed Peas Will. I. Am. 'Poseidon' will be released on the cinema screens in the summer of 2006-year.

June 7, 2005 brought the release of new album entitled Monkey Business. His record was attended Justin Timberlake (track 'My Style'), James Brown ( 'They Don't Want Music') and Jack Johnson ( 'Gone Going Gone). After the release of new album 'Monkey Business' and a tour in its support, the Black Eyed Peas were planning to do solo projects. 'Y' Fergie (Stacey Ferguson) already have an idea of solo records, but I'm writing Spanish-language album - says Tabu (Taboo), one of the participants of Black Eyed Peas. - Album recorded and пґп©п? (Apl.de.Ap). Therefore, we decided to disband the team and show that as a solo artist we have the potential to publish good albums'.
. In early 2006, the shooting took place on the series 'The Sopranos' with Fergie, who played disguised servants of law, to cover operating stripper in a nightclub protagonist - mafioso Tony Soprano.
. Another soloist with Black Eyed Peas MC Taboo, along with The Fugees member Wyclef Jean (Wyclef Jean) starred in the police thriller, Chris Fisher "Dirty"
. In the film, half-baked custody laws and order correcting the mess that brewed their corrupt chief (Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding, Jr.). For Ms Taboo is the debut role. Premiere of the film was held on February 24 in Los Angeles.

February 14, 2006 will begin its work based will.i.am led by Major Universal company will.i.am music. Work has started a label with the release of the album Sergio Mendes 'Timeless'. The future plans will.i.am - publication of new works Macy Gray and the solo in The Black Eyed Peas Fergie says will.i.am, . work on a solo debut Fergie almost completed, . so that negopoyavitsya time to other projects: will.i.am involved in recording a new disc Snoop Dogg and P. Diddy, . puts the sound of Justin Timberlake and thinking about his own solo album.,
. At the moment, The Black Eyed Peas are preparing to lead я?п?я?я?пЎп? tour Honda Civic, which will begin March 23 with a concert in Fresno, pc
. California. Especially for the tour has been prepared exclusive version of the car Honda Civic. Auto adorned graphics on Black Eyed Peas. It is expected that the first tickets to the Honda Civic Tour will go on sale Feb. 15 at the band's website: http://www.blackeyedpeas.com/.
. Discography
. 1998 'Behind The Front'
. 2000 'Bridging The Gap'
. 2003 'Elephunk'
. 2005 'Monkey Business'

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