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Kotov Vyacheslav

( Doctor-therapist)

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Biography Kotov Vyacheslav
photo Kotov Vyacheslav
Vyacheslav Kotov was born in 1957 in the town of Pereslavl-Zaleski. As we know, this beautiful city, belongs to Golden Ring of Russia - a real treasure house of Russian history and culture. No wonder its territory there are 6 monasteries and many churches.

Vyacheslav - came from Orthodox families.

In 1974 he was enrolled in the 2 nd Moscow Medical Institute.

The institute VE Kotov was one of the best students, worked hard and read, engaged in scientific and social work. When you choose a specialty before it opens up broad prospects - it could become a physician, surgeon or neurologist. But it is particularly interested in the science of the human soul.

In the year of the Moscow Olympics Vyacheslav graduated, and after passing the specialization began working psychiatrist. About 5 years he worked at the Institute of General and Forensic Psychiatry. Serbian. Position expert - a very important and responsible, but Dr. Kotov wanted to heal people, help them.

Therefore, in 1990, he was trained at the Department of Psychotherapy at the Moscow State Institute of Doctors. His mentor was famous in the Soviet Union, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, the patriarch of the Soviet school of hypnosis VE Rozhnov. Since then, the art of hypnosis Viacheslav E. has no equal.

. Professional Path

. After learning Dr. Kotov began work as a physician, a psychotherapist at the Medical Center 'Aesculapius', his specialization was the treatment of patients suffering from alcohol dependence, smoking and various types of neuroses
. Through his deep, . serious and humane approach to patients and significant advances in the treatment Vyacheslav acquired great popularity among patients and significant credibility among colleagues, . it is - an active and respected member of the medical community, . as evidenced by a Certificate of Professional - Psychotherapeutic League,

In future work Viacheslav E. was often associated with travel. This is explained by the fact that he, as an experienced competent physician, was invited to various cities, and the doctor without hesitation drove in those regions where needed his skills and experience. In 1991 he received an invitation to work in Hungary from the society of Alcoholics Anonymous. The flow of patients was very large, for three years of work in Hungary Vyacheslav held many mass and individual sessions with patients suffering from alcohol dependence. This hard work has brought invaluable experience, medical wisdom and even greater fame.

After his return from Hungary, from 1994 to 2000, Vyacheslav was a doctor, a psychotherapist in retreat Medical Center. Center specialists traveled to many regions of Russia - have helped to organize medical care, treating patients, advised doctors. So famous Dr. Kotov began to take on all-Russia scale. From 2000 to 2007 he worked at the medical center 'Fit' in g. Zheleznogorsk Kursk region, where he focused on treating alcoholism, tobacco addiction and obesity.

Case medical honor - to constantly improve their professional skills. In 2002 and 2007 Vyacheslav held training courses in Moscow with top experts in the field of psychotherapy - Doctors of Medical Sciences VV Makarov, and Yu L. Pokrovsky. He studied modern methods of treatment based on the latest achievements of medicine and psychology.

. Therapeutic methods of Dr. Kotova

. As a result of training and solid experience in Viacheslav E. shaped "fighting arsenal" of effective therapies for the treatment of patients with neuroses and people suffering from various dependencies
. The first method - raising psychotherapy, psycho-correction. Dr. Kotov is very clear and convincingly explain to the patient all the features and nuances of his illness, reveals the causes of disease, shows the way of treatment. A truly impressive Socratic dialogue, when the patient under the guidance of a doctor examines his illness and the Truth. So the patient becomes an active fighter against the responsible of the disease, while a doctor takes allies and guides.

The second method - hypnosis. Vyacheslav - knowledgeable experienced hypnologist. There is no patient with whom the doctor could not carry out work with hypnosis. In a hypnotic trance, the doctor creates a set of recovery, causes a strong emotional rejection of alcohol, nicotine and eating. Furthermore, the hypnotic state can support a man's strength to fight the disease, remove the anxiety, anxiety and pain, improve mood, inspire optimism.

The third method - group work with patients. People with similar problems, collected by a doctor in the group, learn to properly communicate, support each other, help to understand the problem and deal with them. Doctor in the group serves as an authoritative expert, managing discussion and direct it to the desired channel.

Sometimes a patient's treatment psychotherapeutic methods is not enough. In these cases, Vyacheslav uses recourse to the traditional methods of treatment, which is also well oriented. If necessary, he prescribes homeopathic remedies and reflexology. The doctor conducting reflexology, always working in close cooperation with and under the guidance of Dr. Kotov.

. Spiritual activities

. Despite the fact that the excellent work of the doctor to receive from Viacheslav E., patients benefited, and he - the recognition and satisfaction, over time, the doctor felt that the life and work lacks some important components
. Psychiatry treats the brain, psychotherapy - the soul, but you need some way to heal and the spirit of the patient. Dr. Kotov felt the need to combine their spiritual quests with the work.

During the working visits Vyacheslav often visited monasteries, praying at the holy relics. Once in Pafnutevo-Borovsky monastery Kaluga region held a meeting with the elder Vlas. Between the elder and the doctor took a deep spiritual conversation, and Blasius predicted that soon the doctor will not only medical but also of church activities. Of course, these words were not accidental.

On the recommendation of the abbot of the Epiphany Cathedral Protopresbyter Matthew Stadnyuk and the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexei II in 2004. VE Kotov entered the Moscow Theological Seminary of correspondence Sector. Teaching at the seminary ended in 2007, and now Vyacheslav not only treats patients, but also takes part in services at Epiphany Cathedral.

. In their work with patients and VE Kotov began to apply orthodox spiritual practices aimed at the spiritual reorientation of the patient
. First the doctor treating the patient's mind, the decision of his spiritual problems, then - treating the soul, and at the same time - the recovery of body. Important role in the formation of VE Kotov is an Orthodox spiritual doctor played a prominent doctor, therapist, and Anatoly Berestov monk who blessed Kotova on the use of spiritual practices in the treatment of alcoholism.

. Since 2007, VE Kotov worked in Moscow at the medical center "Assen", where all your skills and experience in the treatment of neuroses, people suffering from obesity, addiction to alcohol and nicotine.

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Kotov Vyacheslav, photo, biography
Kotov Vyacheslav, photo, biography Kotov Vyacheslav  Doctor-therapist, photo, biography
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