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Ogurtsova Eugene

( Actress)

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Biography Ogurtsova Eugene
photo Ogurtsova Eugene
Eugene Ogurtsova, or as it is now called Zhenechka-Ranetki, was born in Moscow, March 29, 1989. Incidentally, it is - great-niece of the famous Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy. In three years, Eugene played the piano and later studied at the School of Music in piano. Good things went in a normal school girl - a real prodigy-akselerat, all school exams she passed the student.

She was 16 years old when one of his friends tossed the idea - to create a rock band from some girls. Zhenya has translated it into reality, inviting their girlfriends Leroux Kozlov (drums and vocals), Anya Rudnev (rhythm guitar) and Natasha Schyolkovo (solo guitar). Zhenya herself, of course, stood for keyboards. Later, through the Internet, found a bass guitarist Helen Tretyakov.

Group 'Ranetki' first loudly declared itself, speaking in 2006 at the biggest festivals: 'Megahaus-2006' and 'Emaus-2006'. A year later - speech at the 'Emaus-2007'. By the time girls have developed excellent relations with many famous groups: 'City 312', 'East Germany', 'Roots' and others. And with the punk band 'Cockroaches' and with the rock band 'Umaturman' 'Ranetki' recorded backing vocals.

In 2007, the songs 'Ranetki' - 'She is one', 'Ranetki', 'Boys, Cadets' - were made in the popular series 'Kadetstvo' on the channel STS. Songs remembered and liked by the audience. But then hardly anyone thought that soon the whole country will see themselves on-screen performers:

'Ranetki'. Serial

After the success of 'Kadetstvo' founders decided to start shooting a new series. For a basis decided to take the real story of the creation of 'Ranetki', describing himself as serial. The main role in it fulfilled the participating groups, and under their real names. The only change their names. In addition, the series invited the actors who made up the 'Kadetstvo': Arthur Sopelnika, Linda Tabagari, Valery Barinov, Vadim Andreev, etc.

The film is not only and not so much the creation of girlish music group. His story is much wider. This - the history of the lives of five girls, their first love, disappointment, dramas. In the series, Zhenya, as in real life, an excellent student. But the life of her heroine - not sugar. After chur strict parents do not give a step to step without supervision, all subject to strict regulations, does not leave time and effort more than anything ...

. Despite the lack of experience in film all the girls actually got in the frame natural
. This provided them with success. Soon coming out on TV (March 2008) episode, immediately won the hearts of millions of spectators, raising great interest in 'Ranetki'.

'Ranetki'. What next?

Today 'Ranetki' - already a popular group. They are admired, they are respected. There are many groups of fans. All this imposes a great responsibility. Therefore, to work on his new album (along with the shooting in the series), a girl approached with seriousness. Their songs, you can say 'more mature', and it can not but rejoice.

. Girl Ranetki study in one group at the Moscow State Institute of Culture and Arts (MSUCA) at the Faculty of 'Social and cultural activities' specialty 'Producing and staging show programs'.

. On the very Genet cucumber can say that it - the energy and the brain 'rennet'
. Quiet and shy in the series, she lives in another. On stage, Eugene truly 'light', leads the audience. And Eugene - very athletic girl, she skillfully rides a snowboard.

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Ogurtsova Eugene, photo, biography
Ogurtsova Eugene, photo, biography Ogurtsova Eugene  Actress, photo, biography
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