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WHITE Anatoly

( Honored Artist of Russia (2006))

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Biography WHITE Anatoly
photo WHITE Anatoly
Born 01.08.1972, Bratslav
Anatoly White (real name - Weisman) was born in the Ukrainian town of Bratslav. It so happened that his parents came from Togliatti, where they worked in the Komsomol construction Vaz, a vacation to her grandmother in the Ukraine. Here and there were unplanned premature labor:

Anatoly growing sport, active boy. From childhood he was engaged in acrobatics and even became a master of sports of international class. Subsequently, the skills to move and control his body in handy for him to work in the theater.

However, the acting profession to a young man came not immediately. After school, he enrolled in the Samara Aviation Institute at the specialty 'software engineer electronic equipment'. Unlearning two years and realized that this profession is not for him.

In parallel with studies at the Institute Anatoly fond of the guitar, took part in KVNah, played in the National Youth Theater. Gradually, the youth confirmed in his decision to devote his life to the theater. He went to Moscow, where he immediately enrolled in college Schepkinskoe. Anatoly says: 'I'm lucky, I got to the student of Anatoly Vasiliev - Lyudmila Novikova, who gave such a school, no matter what I did not get anywhere else. "

. Thorny Path

. End Schepkinskogo School Anatoly Bely had on not the best time
. It was in 1995, the country was still in the economic, cultural and political crisis. Anatoly unable to find suitable work in the theater - something that suggested that was not liked, there was no place to live, and sometimes not at that. For several years he was busy in the crowd Taganka Theater. And yet, somehow to survive, he had a chance to sell vacuum cleaners and even a short time to work on television, engaged in selling advertising time.

Breakthrough took place in 1998. Anatoly completing military service in the Theater of the Soviet Army, and his fate was unclear. Hearing that Oleg Menshikov kicking some big project, Anatoly rang in his 'Association of 814' and the secretary said, that would seem. As acknowledged by the actor himself, such steps are given to him are always very hard - you have to collect all the nerves in the bundle. But, as we know, under a still stone no water flows:

It should be noted that before Anatoly Bely, along with his wife, actress Marina Golub spoke at the cabbage in the House of the actor with a number, where the parody TV commercials. In it drew the attention of the artist Paul Kaplevich, who spoke about the talented actor Oleg Menshikov. So Menshikov already interested in them in absentia, but under real meeting did not disappointed.

. In 'Theatrical partnership 814' White Anatoly Menshikov has engaged in the performances: "Woe from Wit '(Zagoretsky),' Kitchen '(cook, cool shops) and' The Demon 'K. Serebrennikova (fiance, Angel)
. In addition, since 1998, Anatoly Belay became an actor Stanislavsky Theater. There he was engaged in productions directed by V. Mirzoeva: 'The Taming of the Shrew' (Lyuchentsio), 'Twelfth Night' (Sebastian).

. Recognition on stage

. A new period in the work Anatoly Bely came with his move in 2003, the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater
. Here he quickly became 'his', and now the audience often go to shows specifically 'on White'. On stage, the Moscow Art Theater actor has created many different images: the cynical, sports, lost and gentle heroes. Among his best works: King Lear in the same name staged by the famous works of Shakespeare and SHervinskom in the 'White Guard' by Bulgakov.

Furthermore Anatoly White collaborates with other theaters. So in producing center 'New Globe' he superbly played Mercutio in 'Romeo and Juliet', and for his role in the play 'Some Explicit Polaroids' directed by K. Serebrennikov (Theater. Pushkin), the actor was in 2002 awarded the prestigious theater prize in 'Seagull'.

Another notable work of the actor - the main role in the performance of the Center of Drama and Directing n / p A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchina 'Captured spirits'. It is noteworthy that the actor Anatoly White plays the role of the poet Andrei Bely. Perhaps, this coincidence is very symbolic, because the actor surprisingly organically accustomed to the image. He does not play, said at the same time and on behalf of the poet, and on its behalf. It is said that during a performance hall literally stops with delight, and I can hear every breath the audience: For this role, Anatoly White in 2003 was re-awarded theatrical award 'Seagull'.

Movies. From the episodes - to the main roles

Anatoly Bely's film career has developed the same scenario as the theater - complete lack of work in the mid-90's and a gradual path to recognition in the new century. At first, like many actors, Anatoly starred in various episodes, and in the credits, he often appeared as Weisman. Later, Anatoly changed the name on 'White' (this is the usual translation into Russian of his German surname).

From episodes Anatoly Bely gradually moved to the roles of the second plan. Spectators could remember it for serials: 'Brigade' (assistant Igor L. Vvedensky), 'Diary of the killers' (Ilia), 'Kamenskaja-3' (male nurse), and others.

His first major role played by Anatoly in 2004 in an exciting strip directors Sverby Vladimir and Oleg Fesenko 'multiplying sadness'. His hero was an oligarch Alexander Serebrovskii - an ambitious man and closed. Similar я?п?п©п°пІ established actor in the historical series 'Talisman of Love' (2005). Here, the actor is represented as an attractive and, at first glance, unfeeling Alexander Uvarov. But the foreign reserve, however, lies a passionate woman. Uvarov, educated, brave, can cope with any problem, but he is not happy. At heart he yearns for love - but is afraid of himself to admit this. Actor himself admits that he was close to his heroes: 'Not a hundred percent sure, but something in common is. I myself man closed. Maybe that's why I easily achieved and the role quite easily. "

. Recognition on the screen

. Until now, Anatoly White was well known only to a theatrical audience, then after reaching the screen serials 'multiplying sadness' and 'Talisman of Love' knew him and loved him most of the country's TV audience
. In subsequent years, the actor starred in such well-known tape, as: 'Tin' (Alexander), 'Wolfhound of the Gray Dogs' (Vinitar),' The Seventh Day '(Nikolai),' Section 78 '(Spam),' I will never forget you '(Vladimir Volin).

. An undoubted success the actor has the role of Alexei Kovalev in the film directed by Abai Karpykova 'On the way to the heart'
. In this intelligent, clever picture Anatoly Bely with Marat Basharov played with friends, doctors, cardiologists, who are trying to come up with a design which allows to treat coronary heart disease. Anatoly created the image of a born scientist, ready to sacrifice for the many science, including the serenity of their loved ones and personal life:

. Anatoly White acknowledges that Marina Golub they all began with a conventional novel, and only later became clear that they - the classic two halves, 100%
. Together they in 1995. 'And all this time Marina helps me to be at the right time in the right place, introduces a range of people, provides professional advice', - says Anatoly.

. As human beings in public, Anatoliy and Marina are not 'glamorous' lifestyle, do not like parties, and fall on them, trying to depart on time and leave
. The only exceptions are parties, which are attended by people close to them when you can really relax and have a good time.

. And Anatoliy and Marina not zhaluyut 'concrete jungle', and with great pleasure that are selected out of the city, where they have their own house
. Here are just there to visit often they fail - constantly beckons the scene:

. Filmography:

. 1996 Kings of Russia spying - series
. 1999 Family Secrets - Documentary
. 1999 Mom
. 2000 Woe from Wit - the drama
. 2000 Whispering whirlpools
. 2000 Moscow
. 2001 Boss of the empire
. 2001 Ordinary Days
. 2001 Perfect couple - series
. 2002 Brigade - series
. 2002 Diary killers - serial
. 2003 Taste of murder
. 2003 Kamenskaja-3 - serial
. 2004 Thieves and prostitutes
. Prize - a flight into space
. 2004 Obsession
. 2005 White Guard - the drama
. 2005 Talisman of Love - Series
. 2005 multiplies sadness - series
. 2006 Tin
. 2006 Wolfhound of the Gray Dogs
. 2006 Seventh Day
. 2007 Let's play (Ukraine)
. 2007 On the way to the heart - series
. 2007 Paragraph 78
. 2007 Paragraph 78: Paragraph 2
. 2007 will never forget you!
. 2007 Yarik / Yarik
. 2008 Paris
. 2008 No one, except us:
. 2008 Place
. 2008 Zastava ZA
. 2008 Gentlemen: Save the Emperor - series
. 2008 Echo from the past
. 2008 Preserve me rain
. 2008 A quiet family life
. 2008 North Wind (Ukraine)
. 2008 Most Beautiful -2 - TV series
. 2009 Phonogram passion
. 2009 Date of death will be announced later
. 2009 The Brothers Karamazov - series
. 2009 crimson snow

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WHITE Anatoly, photo, biography
WHITE Anatoly, photo, biography WHITE Anatoly  Honored Artist of Russia (2006), photo, biography
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