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Sequence Alina

( DJ, producer, club promoter)

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Biography Sequence Alina
photo Sequence Alina
Alina Sequence (real name - Alina Kurbanov) was born July 20, 1977.

Creative way Alina Sequences began in 1994 when she began working as an assistant arranger in the recording studio. In the formation as a musician at the time was influenced by such musicians and bands such as Depeche Mode, Underworld, Future Sound Of London, The ORB, Aphex Twin, BT, Orbital, David Moralez, Todd Terry and others.

Great support in their time had Andrei Ivanov (Triplex), giving a lot of useful knowledge in the field of electronic instruments, becoming the first producer of Alina

. From 1997 to 2001 Alina experimenting in different directions of electronic music: House (album "New Day", . Sequence Records, . 1997), . minimal technohouse (album "Sequencer world", . Azo / Sequence Records, . 1998), . and were also recorded songs in the styles of Techno, . Ambient, . Trip-Hop, . progressive,

. In 1997, DJ Alina Sequence bases organized his own promo-label "Sequence Records", . which deals with using and producing young electronic musicians, . as well as the release of the domestic releases of electronic music (left two collections: "Option Dance Music,
. Volume 1 "and" Dance of ecstasy ", released jointly with the companies Azo, and Bison-Records).

In 1998, the track "Stars" gets on the 4-th hit parade "The best impulses of the Week" in "pulses", submitted by Cosmos Production at Radio Station 106.8 "and proderzhivaetsya there for three weeks in a row.

Minimal technohouse song "Motor", "Catch", "Joy my friend", "Girl tell ..." and others were active ratatsiyu in the program "Russian Hour" DJ Anton Kubikova. In the same period Alina deeper into Trip-Hop, and makes the first attempt at producing, which translates into a project "God's".

In 1999 Alina starts promotional activities, resulting in the initial organization of the festival is "Electric Future" in the framework and with the support of the exhibition "Show Business" in the sports complex "Olympic". The first experience of club events took place in the role of promoter of the club "Robotech", . which was arranged a series of weekly parties "Future Music", . lasted more than six months, . which was attended by all the musicians, . collaborated with the "Sequence Records" - this R-Tibra, . Titanium, . Flora and Fauna, . Urban Mix, . Retro AS and DJ Unix, . other,
. From that moment Alina enters into a phase of creativity, . a remixer, . and begins to cooperate with famous artists and musicians, . among them Alain Sviridov, . Victor Schezhin (ex-"Technology"), . Motor, . Sputnik 55, . "DEMO", . Lika Star, . Lapis Trubeckoy, . Melo-Dy,

In 2000, at the suggestion of DJ Lantern DJ Alina Sequence is a resident of the label "Atmosphere" and the subsequent one and a half years he was in favor of the producer. In the same period Alina decided to start DJ activities, . and almost immediately became a frequent visitor not only clubs in Moscow, . and leaves on tour, . in between are actively continuing to work in their own studio over their compositions and remixes, . well as to organize parties in clubs,

. Alina Sequences promoting activity gathers pace, . and activities to the best clubs in Moscow clank one after another: a series of parties "Sequence summer party" in the "Karma-Bar, . "November Sequence Fire!" in the Art Center at Plyushchikha, . "December Sequence Light" in the club "The City", . "Sequence House nation" in the club "Heart", . "Caravan-party" club "Kasbar", . which involved the best DJs and musicians of the Moscow club scene - DJs Duck, . Arkady Air, . Kolya, . Andrei Ivanov, . Natasha Urman, . Space group, . Formation DSM, . G-Night, . Mutabor other,

In 2002 Alina decides to revive his label, and the spring comes the first release of the updated company Sequence Production - is a collection of "Russian United Sound", has received a huge response among lovers of electronic music. In the same year, the result of a producer of electronic projects in the corporation "Rise Lis'C" was first release a series of "electric", . issued by the company "Extraphone", . presentation which, . with the "stars" of the domestic club scene, . organized label Sequence Production,

In spring 2003, DJ Alina Sequence decides to do in producing denser musicians, and the label takes its first resident, passed a rigorous selection, which are the main work of Alina Sequences as a producer. In the same period a remix of American singer Shannon falls in consolidated radiochart American Top 50 after a dense ratatsii on several radio stations in the U.S., . and several weeks later, a remix of "Fallen" Virtual Server project is 41-th position in the sales chart CD-singles, . generated from a survey of one of the largest U.S. music stores "Star Fleet Music",
. In the autumn of that year, a long awaited album, third album Alina Sequences "Best remix", which includes, among its most famous works as a remixer, two own compositions.

. Along with producing the artists label, Alina is compiling Russia's dance music "Do not sleep!", Which produces the company "Style Records", together with the magazine for the night people, "Do not sleep!"

. In 2004, . on the label "Sequence Production" are changes in the composition of artists, . and fall Alina Sequence and DJ Kiriloff record the single "InsideOut", . which gets more and more popular among the DJs of the country, . enters the charts and radio, . and from that moment begins the creative tandem of the leading radio "Maximum" and producer of the label "Sequence Production",

. In 2005, the company CD Land Records, began to publish two new collection of Russia's electronic music from the label "Sequence Production" - "TranceLand" and "HouseLand", - which compiles Alina Sequence.

. In 2006, the label "Sequence Production" change the owner, and Alina completely goes to the DJ activities, from teaching your own course on the preparation of young DJs, as well as licensing deals with music for publication.

. discography

. Albums:

. 1997 A New Day
. 1998 Sequencer world
. 2003 Best Remixes

. Collections:

. 1998 Option Dance Music
. Volume 1
1999 Dance ecstasies
2000 DEMO-DJ Remix 2000
2000 Neon DJ Parade
2000 The Best Of Russian Groove & Tune House
2001 Full Contact 2
2001 Discotech. Progressive house
2001 Lika Star "I"
2001 Station Mir in touch
2001 Sound of Pepsi-Beach
2002 Russian United Sound
2002 Virtual Server "Fallen" / Different Drum.
2002 VIPZone-3
2003 Elektro.House Edition
2003 Elektro.Dream Edition
2003 Space "Free sky"
2003 Elektro.Trance Edition
2003 Do not sleep! Volume 1
2003 Future Russian Trance 2
2003 Do not sleep! Volume 2. Club Energy
2003 Music Rodeo. The official album
2004 Do not sleep! Volume 3. Night Life Awards 2003
2004 The Best DJ 3. House
. 2004 Fort Dance 5
. 2004 The People's DJ
. 2004 TranceLand
. 2004 Promo-cingl "InsideOut"
. 2005 HouseLand
. 2005 Promo-cingl "You make the night shine"
. 2005 House Attack
. 2005 Super Mega Dance 4
. 2005 TranceLand 2
. 2005 Life house company "Feel me"
. 2005 Neon 11
. 2005 HouseLand 2
. 2005 Super Mega Dance 5

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Photos of Sequence Alina
Sequence AlinaSequence AlinaSequence AlinaSequence Alina

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Sequence Alina, photo, biography
Sequence Alina, photo, biography Sequence Alina  DJ, producer, club promoter, photo, biography
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