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VOLSKI Angelica

( Actress)

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Biography VOLSKI Angelica
photo VOLSKI Angelica
Volskaya (Vostrikova) Angelica V. was born on Feb. 22, 1972 in a train. Her parents were geologists, drove in Rostov-na-Donu.

After school Volskaya long time to decide who wants to be, and a year spent at home. And then for a company with a girlfriend came in GITIS. Moved to Odessa and sat idle. Lord it over there for six years and returned to Moscow.

In the series 'Two destinies' Volskaya hit accidentally - someone showed director Uskov her photo, and the more on any actresses did not want to watch.

Currently, the actress is working in the theater "proscenium" and plays on the stage of the Central Theater of Russia army.


With her first husband, Sergei Burtyakom, Angelica met while studying in GITIS. In the third year of the Yaroslavl Theater Institute, which they, along with Sergey finished, they had a son Andrew. And after graduation Angelica continued to do housework. It so happened that, having received the profession of an actress, she never played and filmed.

. When in 2000 the year started shooting 'two destinies', their life together has changed.

. That's how she remembers the actress the time: "Apparently, it was a blow to his male ego
. Well, of course! For 10 years the wife served the interests of the family and suddenly gave way to the actress. And somehow it happened that we quietly and amicably parted. It seems that we long ago came to this, but now the right time. There was no stage, no hysterics. Therefore, to our mutual joy, Sergey and I remained friends. "

Son Andrew was not against parental divorce: the family finally calm has. After parting with Sergei, Angelica met their half.

With second husband, actor theater 'Sphere' Dmitri Yachevskim, she met on the set of the series 'detective without a license'. In this picture Valery Uskov, invited the actress after 'two destinies'. After a fleeting acquaintance, they always intersect on the set, communicate, and even good friends. And at some point realized that they could not live without each other. They have been together for four years when they decided to sign. Up until Yachevsky not divorced, tried not to flaunt our relationship.

May 5 2006 Angelica Yachevsky Dmitry Volsky and to formalize their relationship. This would be the only day when Dmitri was not occupied in performances and rehearsals, while Angelica was 'window' in shooting. They quickly ran to the registry office, signed and evening Angelica had gone to the shooting in Kiev, Dmitry went on the run

. Interesting facts

. She likes to paint landscapes, portraits, collects old books Pushkin and Shakespeare, photographing birds.

. Filmography

. 2002 Two destinies (TV series)
. 2003 Theater Blues (TV series)
. 2003 detective without a license (serial)
. 2003 Russian Amazons 2 (TV series)
. 2004 Dasha Vasilyeva 3
. A lover of private detectives: Swimming with crocodiles (TV)
2004 Dasha Vasilyeva 3. A lover of private detectives: sleep tired toys (TV)
. 2004 Healing Love (TV series)
. 2006 All Inclusive (TV series)
. 2006 Sisters in Blood (TV series)
. 2007 Hold me closer (TV series)
. 2008 A woman who is not prone to adventures (TV)
. 2008 Cossacks-robbers (TV series)
. 2008 Queen of Ice
. 2008 When not enough love
. 2008 Crazy Angel (TV series)
. 2009 Come on - do not be afraid, come out - do not cry

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  • My husband, Dmitri Yachevskim
  • VOLSKI Angelica

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VOLSKI AngelicaVOLSKI AngelicaVOLSKI AngelicaVOLSKI Angelica

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  • Steve Volski for VOLSKI Angelica
  • I am another Volski living in the USA. A wildlife Artist in the Mountains of Colorado. Just thought it was interesting to see the name Volski. I wish you well. Steve
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    VOLSKI Angelica, photo, biography
    VOLSKI Angelica, photo, biography VOLSKI Angelica  Actress, photo, biography
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