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Staviski Hell

( Producer)

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Biography Staviski Hell
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Semyonovna Staviskaya Ada was born Dec. 1, 1947 in St. Petersburg. Grew up and studied in the hometown. Pradд?d Ada - Professor of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, where there are still a class memorial.

. In his youth, was a candidate for the master of athletics and become a professional athlete, but at seventeen, fell under the trolley - five fractures - and the sport had to engage
. Everything happened on the eve of the competition, it was impossible to recover. But, fortunately, a little Ada was a lot of humanitarian interests: books, art, theater, cinema.

In 1974 he graduated from Leningrad State University diploma 'copyright screenplay'. Staviski madly liked working in the Petrograd district prosecutor's office during the pre-diploma practice. The girl they spent day and night, but well understood that because of the Jews will not leave her here. At the same time by chance she saw a film was being shot and liked it so much that she chose this topic for the protection.

The Department all have been terribly surprised, because nobody this aspect is not dealt. Ada went to the lawyer on 'Lenfilm' and matters of concern found only three thin daddy with judicial precedents. That's all she was able to include in the diploma. Diploma of her, of course, not accepted, cool not call on the number of pages. Then she had the most, by analogy, precedent, and writing things, to invent the names of directors, the names of scripts, because she risked not defend themselves and lose a year. All this, of course, nobody knew, even her supervisor.

In the four years prior to the educational practice Staviski of dorm windows of the First Medical Institute, fell the most promising student, the future shone. It was a very high-profile case, the boy was from a famous family in St. Petersburg, the hostel did not live up there by accident. Relatives were convinced that this murder, but because of the crime, investigators did not find what you qualify as an accident and the case was closed. Here the practice came Staviskaya. And how come the students? Opens cabinet, and a pile of cases taken at random folder. So this case has got to her. Hellfire rounds of all the hostel, found people who were then studied, and found clear signs of murder. Investigator, head of practice, it is confirmed.

After graduation he worked as an assistant director on "Lennauchfilm, Deputy Director of the paintings on to / from them. Gorky, Sverdlovsk fps, director of paintings at the fps Lenfilm. Working on the 'Lenfilm' Staviskaya was successful director of paintings, it wanted to cooperate with many directors. With ribbons 'Lenfilm' she has traveled half the world.

In 1988 he organized and led the studio "Panorama" (St. Petersburg). Staviskaya is in constant 'Traffic'. All responsibility for the process is focused on her. She personally looks all the working material. When a person so working 16 hours a day, his life can not be called a settled. To the question "What woman can withstand such a rhythm?" responds: "Actually - easily. The main thing - that I felt myself in the form: if I do not like my hair, I know that I can not properly and safely operate. I have very little rest. And even on vacation I do not 'man-mattress'. Love the activity. "

Interesting facts

In selecting subjects for serials Staviskaya not guided by the legal profession. Another thing is that she knows a lot about it, although now call myself a full-fledged lawyer can not. It is much better now she understands the field of copyright, as the producer out of copyright simply could not work.

Scenarios are in different places. Bring, send. In bookstores Staviskaya stacks buying books and reading, seeks out. 'Secrets of the investigation', for example, to draw, when Ada Semyonovna was going to work, and viewed 'Izvestiya'. In a newspaper she read that a presentation of documentary books Topilskoy Helena St. Petersburg lawyer, investigator for particularly important cases, deputy prosecutor of the region, 'Diary of a Madman investigator'. Staviskaya flew to work with cries: 'Phones regional prosecutor's office! " Do not read just one name, she knew immediately that this is not an ordinary person, the more writing. It was.

He believes in serial product should not be a famous actor of. Principle Staviski - so no, but it could be. At fifty minutes, people must believe what is happening on the screen. Serial product - a 'tea and coffee' movie, when the viewer is watching TV with a cup of tea and it seems that people on the screen would sit with him at the table. Required element of credibility, but are needed for this unknown person. Well-known face at once destroys everything.

Produced the films:

1989 Baron Eduard Pfalz-Fein. Russian monologues (documentary)
. 1989 Dogs
. 1989, I served in the protection of Stalin, or the experience of documentary mythology (documentary)
. 1990 Almanac (film)
. 1990 We met a strange
. 1991 Arithmetic murder
. 1991 Kuboroid (film)
. 1991 Do not get distracted! (film)
. 1991 Miracles and monsters Kama Tschudi (documentary)
. Haji 1992 (together with A
. Golutva)
. 1993 Blue Dancers (film-ballet, television, srednemetrazhny)
. 1993 The Curse of the Durand
. 1993 Hockey Anatoly Tarasov (documentary)
. 1995 Palace song (documentary)
. 1996 Bronzyatina (film)
. 1996 Favorite movie Stalin (TV documentary)
. 1996 Russian painting - XX Century (documentary)
. 2000 Hunt for Cinderella (TV series)
. 2000 Rescuers
. Critical Mass (TV series)
. 2000 Secrets of the investigation (TV series)
. 2001 Agency NLS
. 2001 End of the Century
. 2002 Agency NLS 2 (TV series)
. 2002 Landscape with murder (TV series)
. 2002 Secrets of Corollary 2 (TV series)
. 2003 As in the old detective ..
. (TV series)
2003 Do not quarrel, girls! (In conjunction with. Dostal)
2003 Secrets of Corollary 3 (TV series)
2003 I'll decide everything myself (TV series)
2003 I'll decide myself 2 (TV series)
2004 Spiral Staircase (TV movie)
2004 Mentovskie War (TV series)
2004 Secrets of Corollary 4 (with A. Kamorinym)
2004 Alien duty (TV movie)
2005 Mentovskie War 2 (together with A. Kamorinym)
. 2005 Old Cases (TV movie)
. 2005 Secrets of Corollary 5 (TV series)
. 2005 Tambov wolf (TV series)
. 2006 Mentovskie War 3
. 2007 Canes
. 2008 Solo for a pistol with orchestra
. 2008 Canes - 2
. 2008 Mentovskie war 4

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Staviski Hell, photo, biography
Staviski Hell, photo, biography Staviski Hell  Producer, photo, biography
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