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Sigalova Alla

( Choreographer, dancer and choirmaster, Honored Artist of Russia)

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Biography Sigalova Alla
photo Sigalova Alla
Alla Sigalova born February 28, 1959 in Volgograd,. His parents were native of Leningrad who after graduation went to Volgograd, where it was born Ala. The little girl was a few months when she arrived to Leningrad. In this city Alla Sigalova grown and considers his family.

In 1978 she graduated from the Academy of Russian Ballet. Agrippina Vaganova (class H. M. Dudinskaya) and it so happened that the 19-year-old Alla was forced because of injury to withdraw from the classical ballet. For her it was a tragedy, the end of life. She moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow, "... to hide from themselves and from all".

Horrible, she says, a year had gone out to come down, such as straighten. She weaned herself from sinking into depression and forgotten how to cry. In Moscow, she went to the directing faculty GITIS (teachers A. V. Efros, AND. M. Tumanov), who graduated in 1983.

From 1984 to 2004 she taught at the Russia Academy of Dramatic Art (GITIS). From 1987 to the 1989th years worked as a choreographer in the theater of Russia State Theater 'Satyricon' of. Raikin.

Then, from 1989 to the 1999th was the artistic director of Theater 'independent troupe Alla Sigalova'

. Since 2004, heads the department of plastic upbringing Moscow Art Theater School.
. Since 2008, the author and host of the program about the dance 'quadrille' radio 'Culture'.
. Choreographer entertainment programs Limes Vajkule (since 1998) and Angelica Varum.

. Today Alla Sigalova - one of the most prominent local choreographers working in different genres
. In Riga, it puts the ballet, in Vilnius and Moscow - the opera. Works with Kremer and Desyatnikov, Rostropovich and Goribol. Sigalova not become a classical ballerina. It has a lot more - dances that she makes, is that crazy like most.

In 2008 Alla Sigalova became the winner of award "Golden Mask".


The mother of two children (daughter and son). Husband - director Roman Kozak.
Here is how their marriage itself Alla responds: "I really like the fact that her husband - a strong man. If it were otherwise, perhaps our relationship did not exist to do. I love people who are lucky. I do not tolerate men who are weaker than me. That is, I can not stand to be next in life. Remarkably, when they are at work. And only such and should be. And at home, of course, everything must be different. Therefore, I am pleased to submit to Rome, with a joyfully become weak. Well, or play it. Every woman is a pleasure.

I'm always surrounded by men, and always beside me there is someone who I like. I flirted endlessly. But we Romoy just trust each other. In this age of ridiculous to have to engage in flirting. You can fall in love - that's scary. But carried away ... Well, I was fascinated Sergei Vikharev directly in love with him. I am busy with Gidon Kremer, Lenechka Desyatnikov. This is all the people who are in the area of my hobbies, but it would be strange for them to be jealous. Such creative hobbies just need to be. When the novel worked with Tania Vasileva, I saw that he likes to work with it - well, well! "


1984 Diary of an ordinary girl (on the 'Diary' by Nina Kosterin)
1985 Notre Dame (by In. Hugo)
1986 Bug (by V. Mayakovsky)
1987 oversupplied bochkotara (as in. Aksenov)
1988 Maids (on F. Wife)
1989 Hercules and Augean stables (on F. Dц?rrenmatt)
1989 The game of hide and seek with the loneliness (to the music on. Messiaen T. Mahler, J. Gershwin)
1990 Othello (the music of J. Verdi)
1991 Queen of Spades (the music of A. Schnittke)
1991 Salome (by O. Wilde, on the music for. Szymanowski and E. Chausson)
1992 Pugachev (on C. Yesenin, the music of O. Handel and A. Schnittke)
1993 sculptor masks (to V. Krommelinku, the music to. Orff)
1993 La Divin (memory M. Callas)
1993 Passion Bumbarash (on A. Gaidar, music. V. Dashkevich)
1994 Banana (on the play by S. Mrozheka 'Widows')
1994 Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy (as in. Gombrowicz)
1994 Tango (on C. Mrozheku)
Money bank in 1994 (by E. Labiche)
1995 Nutcracker (the music of P. Tchaikovsky)
1996 Cynics (at A. Marienhof)
1996 Duets
1997 yellow tang (the music of A. Piazzolla)
1998 Visions of Ivan the Terrible (in music. Slonimsky)
1999 La Traviata (the music of D. Verdi)
2000 Bolero (to music by Maurice Ravel)
2000 Sketches of the sunset (the music of A. Desyatnikov, A. Piazzolla, E. Sachi)
2001 The Seven Deadly Sins (according to. Weil and B. Brecht)
2001 Dreams of love (to music. European tango)
2002 Red and black dancing (to music by L. Desyatnikov, M. Ravel, A. Piazzolla and A. Terterian)
2003 The Fairy's Kiss (in music and. Stravinsky)
2003 Nights of Cabiria (on F. Fellini, the music of R. Pauls)
2004 Jan (by A. Platonov)
2005 Russian Seasons (the music L. Desyatnikov)
2006 Concerto Grosso (the music of O. Handel)
2006 Madame Bovary (by Mr.. Flaubert)
2006 Carmen. Sketches (at P. Merimee, to music. Bizet-Shchedrin) - 'Golden Mask' 2008 'For a fruitful synthesis of dance and drama'
2007 Stravinsky. Games.
2008 Amadeus (explanation of the little tragedy "Mozart and Salieri 'A. S. Pushkin's works in. A. A. Mozart and Salieri)


1978 My love, my sorrow
1979 Broken Sky
1990 hoaxer
1999 Sky in Diamonds

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  • Alla Sigalova with daughter Anna
  • At rehearsal 'Poor Liza'
  • Sigalova Alla
  • Alla Sigalova with her husband, Roman Kozak
  • Sigalova Alla
  • Sigalova Alla

Photos of Sigalova Alla
Sigalova AllaSigalova AllaSigalova AllaSigalova Alla

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Sigalova Alla, photo, biography
Sigalova Alla, photo, biography Sigalova Alla  Choreographer, dancer and choirmaster, Honored Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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