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Lungin Liliana

( philologist, translator of literature)

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Biography Lungin Liliana
photo Lungin Liliana
Lilianna Zinovyevna Lungina (maiden name Markovic) was born June 16, 1920 in Smolensk. He spent his childhood in Germany and France. In 1933, returned with his mother in the USSR.

Received the institute, which during her school was transferred to MSU and is attached to the Faculty of Philology, and then completed her graduate studies. She taught French and German.

The story of Lungin as interpreter

Mid-fifties. As a rule, transfers from such common languages like French and German, - the privilege of members of the Writers' Union. However, the institute worked Lungina Scandinavian languages and literature, and it was joined by her good service - in this field of competitors was not. Abroad, edited by Detgiz charge at that time Boris Gribanov, with whom they studied together. He said Lungin (quote from the book of memoirs): "I was not allowed to provide translations from French Jews". At his suggestion, she turned to the Swedish children's literature, where he opened a real treasure - a book 'The Kid and Carlson, who lives on the roof' Astrid Lindgren. By this time, Astrid Lindgren was already famous throughout the world, but unknown in Russia.

. Later, a Swedish writer, she acknowledged that because of the talent Lungin (perevedshey three more books Lindgren: Pippi on, and Emile Rony), its characters have become popular in Russia and loved more than anywhere else in the world.

. Translation activities

. Loungin translated from French, German and Swedish
. Her works include different time and style of work:

. - Plays of Strindberg and Ibsen;
. - Stories Boll;
. - Philosophical tales XVIII century;
. - Novels Viana and Adjara.

. In the late seventies - the first half of the eighties led a seminar of young translators
. The first result of the workshop was a translation of Boris Vian. In the published book became a novel 'Foam days' in the translation itself the leader and dozens of short stories translated by members of the seminar.

. In different years, participated in the seminar Mavlevich and Natalia Samoilovna.

. In 1990, she wrote a French book 'Moscow seasons', showing the West Russia Soviet-era
. The book presents the images of famous writers, actors, politicians, dissidents and peasant Mochi (serves some time in the family housekeeper and nanny's eldest son) and just random passengers on a train. 'Moscow seasons' were awarded prize magazine 'El'.

January 13, 1998 by Liliana Lungin not become. Fortunately, after Lungin were not only its translation.

Director Oleg Dorman managed to shoot a story by Liliana Zinovyevna about her life. It turned out fifteen episodes - of different countries (after Lungina lived in Germany, . and in France), . of unusual colorful personalities, . which attracted an atmosphere of joyous house known writer Seeds Lungina and his wife, . about time, . which was merciless and generous to the test, . and the future ...,

. Bitter, but this film, so clearly represents a great era - complete and controversial - was rejected by all TV channels
. Once again telenachalniki decided for us that a movie about just any interpreter would not be interesting for the masses. Well, at Carlson also had a difficult relationship with television, but he still flew! And this presented to us Liliana Lungin feeling of flight does not take away and do not forbid.

. Family

. Seeds Lungina screenwriter wife, mother of filmmakers Eugenia and Paul Lungin.

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  • Elena for Lungin Liliana
  • I'm delighted! I looked infinitely "crib" and each time I realize that not all heard ... saw, understood, accepted ... So much to absorb more of the above, and thus lived ... I am eternally grateful to all the filmmakers, who provided a happy opportunity for me personally, and I hope (as hoped, and L. Lungina) many of his compatriots, to touch the life of a remarkable man, a writer-Lilianna Lungin. Thank you. Elena.
  • leya miretsky for Lungin Liliana
  • I'd like to buy a book by Oleg Dorman "podstrochnik" Where may I order? Leya
  • Temmy for Lungin Liliana
  • This is a woman...
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    Lungin Liliana, photo, biography
    Lungin Liliana, photo, biography Lungin Liliana  philologist, translator of literature, photo, biography
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