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Tcifrinovich March

( Puppeteer, People's Artist of Russia)

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Biography Tcifrinovich March
photo Tcifrinovich March
March V. Tcifrinovich born July 19, 1924. Unusual fate of Martha Vladimirovna. In the early 30-ies it in his lap, Molotov, at home with her parents visited Sergo Ordzhonikidze (with his widow, she supported the relationship until the end of life Zenaida Gavrilovna). Friends were Sergei Obraztsov, Ilya Ehrenburg ... March V. admitted that she was lucky to meet and friendship with people bright and uncommon.

Her father was one of those enthusiasts, who, having passed the Civil War, to learn a little bit, was thrown to the industrialization of the country. Knew the country's leader and his wife: A photograph of 1936, where she had the podium of a meeting in the Grand Kremlin Palace, next to Stalin, Ordzhonikidze. Vladimir Tcifrinovich was a "team" Sergo Ordzhonikidze, commissar of heavy industry. In the early 30-ies he was in Solikamsk the construction manager and the first director of potassium-magnesium plant, was at the very beginning of a new industrial sector. The family followed him moved to the Urals.

Subsequently, in March V. Solikamsky tell about his childhood in his book "The puppet like all other people": about school, about raskurivanie "Kazbek" in the attic ... And about trying to arrange for factory club theater ... Then, of course, she did not think that it is fate

. She always remembered with admiration parents, . but at the same time impressed, . "How clever, . normal people can zombie themselves, . endlessly repeating the word "Stalin"? As they were blind! "Moustached mountaineer really so evil pulls the strings, . that too often these threads burst,

In the 37-m her father was arrested, and his fate was long unknown. They took the mother and. Thirteen Years' March in despair every day, wrote to Stalin and "dear uncle Poskrebyshev with pleas to release parents. Naive? Sure. But in 1939, the girl got the answer: "In regard to your letter addressed to Stalin, we have demanded it to your mother for verification". Shortly after this letter, a telegram arrived: "exempt. Going home. Mama. Father shot.

Sound of 41-th year. Evacuation. Stimulated nomadic down the Volga River ... The war greatly changed people's. Confusion and fear among the people gradually gave way to intense nervousness. Tcifrinovich recalls: "Good, philistine Ples was another, scowled and bristled. Increasingly, began to meet evil face, and heard: these evacuees. For the first time on the street heard: "The Jews ... Jews! "It was incredible". And then there was Tashkent - "city of the absurd". "Sleek blooming face and the darkness of beggars on the streets ... Indifference to reports Inform ".

After the war, March Tcifrinovich arrives in Moscow to fight for the embodiment of his childhood dreams. Theater ... But the reception in GITIS and the Moscow Art Theater School unexpectedly canceled ... Wandering the streets, she saw an advertisement for admission to the course directors Republican Puppet Theater under the direction of Sergei Obraztsov. I decided to try, although the dolls she was never interested in. This was the case, which, in the words of Anatole France, is the pseudonym of God. The case, which determined the whole of its subsequent fate. She is forever linked her life with puppets.

. After the Republican course directors and artists Puppet Theater under the direction of Sergey Obraztsov, Martha V. settled director of children's amateur puppet theater in the Central House of Artists
. In 1946 she composed and delivered his first play for children 'Let's get acquainted'.

Martha Tcifrinovich began life on the stage: presentation in concerts and recitals, tours, anniversaries. Her dolls - Singer, Ballerina, Fritz, Churchill, the cashier - quickly became popular. Many of them were made in collaboration with the well-known artist Catherine Bekleshov. Including the legendary Venus Mikhaylovna Pustomelskaya, "candidate okolovsyacheskih Sciences", which became in the 60's a frequent guest of "blue lights". Its ironic "lectures about love" caught the fancy of not only domestic but also foreign to the public ... With this doll artist gave performances in different countries in 13 languages.

Tcifrinovich established amateur puppet youth variety group "Experiment" at the Central House of Artists, the professional variety puppet group "Metamorphoses". But Big Brother constantly watched her. How much time and nerves took to overcome the obstacles senseless! Detractors hindered to join the party "good people". Officials barred numbers. For example, an innocuous "Dog lullaby" was removed from the tour on the pretext that this number could "offend the Bulgarian Mothers. In place of the late Stalinist brutality came ravings ...

In these circumstances, Martha Tcifrinovich still managed to play "Light of Hope" on the works of Pablo Picasso and "Tomorrow Begins yesterday". Musical and poetic play in explanation of Pablo Picasso's 'Light of Hope' (1986) won three Grand Prix at the International Puppet Festival in Poland, . Romania and Bulgaria, . and became the winner of the International Festival of Puppet Theater in g.Belfore (France).,

. Luck inspired
. The idea to implement a more ambitious creative vision: to make a puppet show based on works by Russian artists and show them through the history of Russia in the twentieth century. Again, the success. But it had to wait almost 20 years.

March Tcifrinovich was an honorary member of the International Union figures Puppet Theater, winner of International Puppet Theater Festival, a member of the International Union figures pop art. In 1984 she was awarded the title "Honored Artist of the RSFSR". Even after 11 years it has become the national actress of Russia.

. In 2004 published a book by Martha Vladimirovna Tcifrinovich "The dolls all, as humans, and in spring 2009 at the Theater Museum Bakhrushin opened an exhibition of the same name
. On display were photographs of different years, books and author Martha dolls Tcifrinovich.

People's Artist of Russia, became a legend during his lifetime, died on July 15, 2009, not having lived four days before his 85-year anniversary.

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Tcifrinovich MarchTcifrinovich March

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Tcifrinovich March, photo, biography
Tcifrinovich March, photo, biography Tcifrinovich March  Puppeteer, People's Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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