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BYSTRYTSKY Elina Avraamovna

( actress)

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Biography BYSTRYTSKY Elina Avraamovna
Born April 4, 1928 in Kiev. Father - Bystritskii Abraham P. (1901 g.rozhd.) Honorary doctor, as a military physician participated in the Civil and the Great Patriotic War, is buried in Vilnius. Mother - Esther Bystritskaya Isaakovna. Sister - Sophia Bystritskaya Avraamovna live abroad.

Childhood and adolescence spent in the Ukraine. Elina, one of the two "l" The passport lost, meaning "wise". Parents have the name of the writer Knut Hamsun, not knowing how prophetic it would be true for all the life path of their daughter.

Elina Bystritskaya had to overcome a lot of sharp turns before the audience knew and loved her. Watching Bystrytsky, it is impossible to imagine outside the actor's profession. Excellent external data, a beautiful voice, the elegance of the movements - all of it seems set up for stage and screen. But in her youth she was preparing for a different way of life: a father, a military doctor, believed that the daughter should inherit his profession. Elina many years and she thought that she should go on this path. Before the war my father was assigned to Nizhin. Here, and found them to war. Father and mother worked in the hospital, which soon became the front line. Just a girl, Elina decided that too should do something for the front, for victory. She asked to work in a hospital, where her parents also worked. Life on wheels, throws after parts of the army, bombings, shootings - all this was her way of life in those years. Elina comes to training nurses, first becomes a nurse, and soon starts working laboratory assistant clinical laboratory of the hospital. The war has tempered its. Man a lot can - this is the first time with particular clarity Elina realized even then. And life learned his father's credo: as a soldier, he believed that decisions must be obeyed, and obstacles - to overcome, the goal to go confidently. This was her life and the principles.

Among many awards and endowed merit Elina Bystritskaya is dear to her title of "The Tinder Box", which she was awarded. 40 anniversary of Victory actress met the job, which paid tribute to the high respect for the defenders of the Fatherland. "The Accidental Waltz" - the so-called performance based on the book Alexiyevich "The war is not a woman's face," put in the Variety Theater. Bystritskaya played it eight roles, merged into a single portrait of women at war.

Fall of 1944 she returned to Nizhin (their home in Kiev was destroyed) and goes to medical school. In 1947 he graduated and got a diploma with honors, gave her a right to continue their studies in medical school. In college she first participated in amateur performances. And, knowing the success of the audience, begins to think seriously about the acting profession. Waking up in its gene theater is haunted. Realizing that the acting profession requires serious training, she goes to ballet class music school. In 19 years too late to be a ballerina. But Elina is confident that it is necessary to purchase the freedom of plastic to make it easier to feel on stage. The first exit on the professional scene Nezhin Drama in the play "Maroussia Boguslavka, where she was dancing oriental dance, even more confirmed in her decision to become an actress. His parents were against her admission to theater. A military man, my father used to act in a military. Arriving in Kiev and met with the Director of Theater Institute, he turned with a single request - to explain to his daughter that the theater institute she has nothing to do. Elina takes compromise and entered the Nezhinskii Pedagogical Institute. But a year later leaves him for the sake of theatrical.

Then there was the Kiev Theatrical Institute im.I.K.Karpenko-Kary, meeting with remarkable teacher II Chabanenko and L. Oleinik. After successfully graduating in 1953 - three seasons in the Vilnius Russian Drama Theater. Here she had the first success in the Cast: Tanya in the play of the same name and Olga ( "Years of Wanderings") A. Arbuzov, Varya White ( "Port Arthur" Popova and Stepanova), Claudius ( "The Story of a Real Man by BA field) and other.

Thoughtfulness and clarity in the work, the desire for completeness of forms - these qualities are already evident in the young actress. The theater was on tour in Leningrad, when Bystritskii invited immediately for two film roles. Choosing her was unexpected: Viola and Sebastian in Shakespeare ( "Twelfth Night"), the actress chose a contemporary of his - a doctor Elizabeth Maximovna in the film "An unfinished story". And in "Tanya" and "years of wandering, she also played doctors, knowing the people in this profession for the wartime evacuation hospital. So the actress is engaged to work under the guidance of an outstanding producer Friedrich Ermler, who was a talented educator, a number of such actors, artists, such as: Erast Garin, Eugene Samoilov, Sophia Giatsintowa, Sergei Bondarchuk. It was then that she truly understood what the profession. The film "An Unfinished story" (1955) was released shortly after the war. Unhealed wounds had not yet thawed the hearts of trials of war, the stronger was the desire for goodness in people and beauty. Understand and feel it, the actress has given her heroine a surprising light and personal charm. Bystritskaya in the role of Elizabeth Maximovna wanted to imitate. And imitated ... How many babies named Elina then, how many girls then went to do in medical schools. According to the poll of the newspaper "Soviet Culture" Elina Bystritskaya was recognized as the best actress.

This role brought her international fame and. In 1955, a delegation of cinematographers, she goes to the first week of Soviet film in Paris. Learned a lot from it for himself from the meetings with the world's screen legends: Yves Montand and Simone Signoret, Michele Morgan and Gц?rard Philipe, writers Elsa Triolet and Louis Aragon, artist Nadezhda Lц?ger. This trip was the result of many reflections. And although the French audience received her well, she knew what a difficult path to perfection must pass in order to win the title of "star".

In those days the fate gave her a meeting with FG Ranevskaya. To play "White Lotus", where the main role was to play Ranevskaya, could not find the young heroine. Accidental meeting of two actresses in the Cinema House - and Ranevskaya offers Directorate to take on this role Elina Bystritskaya. So it was in the Pushkin Theater. But this work did not take place. Shootings "Quiet Flows the Don" and after their completion, the numbers in the theater six months, Bystritskaya did not return.

The fact that Sergei Gerasimov begin shooting Sholokhov's "Quiet Flows the Don", Bystritskaya learns in Paris. On the role Axinya she had dreamed of long ago, with the drama school. Returning to Moscow, for Gerasimov, who began acting test, imposed itself, as already known, even famous, and naively, boldly and courageously said: "I want this role. I can play it ". Samples were six months. Finally he admitted Sholokhov Aksinya Bystritskaya. Following the approval of the role of Axinya began, according to Elina Avraamovny, the most important of its way to the art.

On the set of "Quiet Flows the Don", she underwent a course of excellence in Gerasimova. He demanded absolute internal and external transformation, helped her to better understand their own ability. SA Gerasimov demanded the maximum of truth even in small things. Specifically says, habits, if they were transferred Aksinya-Bystritskaya many generations of Cossacks. When the film came out, thirty elders of the Don Cossacks, the actress offered to be called Aksinya Don! She replied that she would leave the name of the parents, but will maintain loyalty to the Cossacks. For this role, Elina Bystritskaya awarded an Honorary Cossack.

Role in the Pacific Don "(1957-1958 gg.) Became a true victory for the actress, her finest hour. But each of his new job she had for a long time to try on a "Gerasimovka" Criteria and Evaluation: like it would be him, would have approved Sergei Apollinarievich?

. In the early 60-ies with Cherkasov, Merkuriev and Bondarchuk Bystritskaya was invited to the U.S. in the White House, won the attention of President Eisenhower's wife
. American house models offered her toilet, where she was photographed for the magazine "America". But Bystritskaya was "vigilant" and as truly Soviet refused, as humorously recalls today.

From abroad came to her offer to act in films. But they all settled in the Union of Cinematographers.

Do not be a success in film, Elina Avraamovna did not dare to come to the Little Theater. In 1958 it realized an old dream - she was accepted into the troupe of the famous Little Theater. Her debut was the role of Lady Uindermier ( "Fan Lady Uindermier" O. Wilde, 1959), later in 1965 she played in this play, and Mrs. Erlin. She was "uayldovskoy, just felt it a bitter irony, failing to reveal the sincerity of his feelings of the heroine. Only many years later came an understanding of what high praise is contained in the modest words of the old theater actress AA Yablochkin about her debutante: "I understood everything that she says and does". Glory film actress remained below the. We had again - on a new phase - to take the examination at the artistic maturity. Another good health and worked "old" Maly Theater, to whom she worshiped. With great Vera Nikolaevna fields and Elena Nikolaevna Gogoleva young actress played in the play "The Island of Aphrodite" A. Parnis. Helped by communicating with such outstanding partners such as: Mikhail Tsarev, Elena Gogoleva, Nikolai Annenkov, Mikhail Zharov, Elena Shatrova and many others. She worked with a great director: Boris butterfly, Leonid Varpakhovskii, Pyotr Fomenko, Viktor Komisarjevsky, Boris Lvov-Anokhin and others. She never considered shameful to learn from them. And this gift of her happy, which coincided with the natural acting talent.

Work Bystritskaya in the theater has always distinguished the plastic accuracy, completeness of forms, the ability to master a word, but its inherent artistic will allow us to be indisputable and neuvyadaemo beautiful on the stage. She has a special gift - the gift of scenic beauty, while giving the heroines of his mind, his intellect. Whatever the role of Russian and Western repertoire may play Bystritskaya, its heroine - brightest, outstanding personality. Among them: Lydia ( "Mad Money") and Glafira ( "Wolves and Sheep") by Alexander Ostrovsky, . Gorky Julia Filip ( "Summer residents"), . Sophia Markovna ( "Old Man"), . Pelageya ( "Foma Gordeev), . Baroness Shtral ( "Masquerade" by M. Lermontov), . Anna Petrovna ( "Ivanov" Anton Chekhov), . Duchess of Marlborough ( "Glass of Water" by E. Scribe), . Paula Clotilde Clausen ( "Before Sunset" G. Hauptmann), . Ksenia Ivanovna ( "House") and Martynov ( "primary role") in the plays S. Aleshin, . Panova (Love Yarovaya K. Trenev), . Maria ( "Choice" Bondarev), . Mary ( "Long Day's Journey Into Night" YU.O 'Neil), . Otradina and Kruchinina ( "Guilty Without Guilt" by Alexander Ostrovsky), . Moskalev ( "Uncle's Dream" Fyodor Dostoyevsky), and other,

Many a Bystritskaya received public recognition. But the actress is particularly dear to review its work in the play "Masquerade" (director L. Varpakhovskii) composer Igor Stravinsky who had come in 1962 in Moscow and to evaluate its Baroness Shtral as a musical sound at play. Lermontov, and to this day remains one of the favorite poet, actress.

In the Maly Theater there was a culture in the performance of roles in plays by Ostrovsky. EA Bystritskaya managed not only to save them. But also to make their own style in the manner of performing in the plays "Wolves and Sheep" and "Mad Money". "The image of Lydia created Bystritskaya, will occupy a separate place in stage history of" mad money "for the last decade - wrote a famous critic BV Alpers. - It is essential wholeness and complexity, is rarely achieved for the part ".

Suddenly sounded the actress Julia Filip role in "Summer residents, created in collaboration with a remarkable actor and director Boris butterfly. This role has become one of the peaks of creativity actress.

Name Bystritskaya became a legend. She charmed our compatriots in the 50's, wins, delights today. Her life was everything: the meteoric rise, the tragic years of inactivity, searching, waiting. And again meeting with the audience favorite actress. In honor of 850 anniversary of Moscow in Kolomna in the presentation of "Heroic Age" Bystritskaya bright, . with its inherent brilliance and mastery, . thin, . sometimes acute specificity appeared before the public in the guise of Catherine the Great, . showing his heroine in the different manifestations of her life: that as an intelligent and farsighted ruler, . then the role of Queen Mother, . merry and dancing at a wedding in their subjects, . then as a woman, . which nothing human is alien,

The world knows the theater concept of "great actress", Bystritskaya among them. Nature gave her not only talent, but the strength of mind, save yourself and your gift of all trials of fate. Bystritskaya always need a director not only understands force and appreciating her talent, but ready to go to meet her. This meeting with the director and partner Vladimir Andreyev was held at the theater, with a symbolic name for Elina Bystritskaya "Crossroads" Zorin at the theater im.M.N.Ermolovoy. When onstage Bystritskaya, the audience feels a special breathing ... Time has no power over her. It is still beautiful, singular - regal beauty. E. Bystritskaya tunes throughout the performance of his tuning fork, filling it with the unpredictability and the virtuosity of the actors' expressions, changing and mixing colors, moods, nuances of behavior, proving once again how the new features is fraught with talent.

His creative experience EA Bystritskaya generously shares with youth. She - professor, taught at the department acting in GITIS im.A.V.Lunacharskogo, in the Theater School im.M.S.Schepkina.

During the years of theatrical activity Elina Bystritskaya appeared in more than a dozen films, some of them have become classics of Soviet cinema. She was invited to work with such outstanding film directors as Sergei Gerasimov, Friedrich Ermler, Mikhail Romm, Yuri Yegorov, Grigory Natanson, Grigory Alexandrov, and other. In addition to "unfinished story" (1955), the most famous of actresses in films: "In days of peace" (Lena Alekseenko, . 1950), . Bogatyr is in March (wireless-operator Sergeeva, . 1954), . "Volunteers" (Lei, . 1958), . "Russian souvenir" (Pandora Montez, . 1960), . "All remains to people" (Xenia Rumyantsev, . 1963), . "Ever shining flame" (1964), . Nikolay Bauman (MF Andreeva, . 1968),
. Currently, the actress cast as Princess Olga in the movie Bulat Mansurov "Saga of the ancient Bulgars and Rousseau".

EA Bystritskaya, people living public temperament, not closed in their narrow professional interests. She does not know that such indifference. And whatever is done, no matter what the actress was engaged in outside the theater, in all, it puts heart and soul. By the public the work of its government took the EN Gogoleva, first in trade union management theater, then to the military and mentoring work in the theater-Russia Society (now the Union of theatrical figures).
In the period 1975-1992 he. it - president of the Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics of the USSR. These years were the heyday of the sport, in many ways - it is a merit Elina Bystritskaya. Her efforts rhythmic gymnastics was included in the Games of the peoples of the USSR. The challenge to bring the Olympic gymnastics on the platform was carried.

And in social life EA Bystritskaya remains a creative person. You can list only some of her public positions: Member of the Commission on the Arts under the President of Russia, . member of the International Commission of Public Health at the Security Council, Russia, . Member of the Presidium of the Academy of Art of Russia, . Russia, Academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences, . Academician of International Academy of Information Processes and Technology, . member of the Academy of Energy Science, . Academy "Elite of the world",
. Recently, she created a "Center of the spiritual and physical improvement of women", was elected vice-president of the International Fund for maternal and child.

In June 1994,. Elina Bystritskaya, understanding the difficulties facing the country in the economic sphere, has decided to support the culture by attracting private funds into this area of knowledge and spirituality. It established a charitable fund to support the arts and sciences to help university students and pupils of musical schools. In 1995. among the leaders of the socio-political movement, stable Russia "was put forward in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia.

EA Bystritskaya crowned supreme actor's titles and many awards. She - People's Artist of USSR, . People's Artist of Georgia, . People's Artist of Azerbaijan, . People's Artist of Kazakhstan, . Chevalier Orders of Merit to the Fatherland "II degree, . October Revolution, . Red Banner of Labor, . two Orders of Honor,
. Has Gratitude President Boris N. Yeltsin, for his contribution to the establishment of democracy in Russia, and also thanks N. Mikhalkov for many years of hard work and great contribution to the development of Russia's cinema. In Russia the annual film festival "Women movie", . dedicated to the great Russian actress Vera Cold, . held in 1998, . EA Bystritskaya was awarded the Diploma of the "Prize of the Cold Faith - seven beauties movie" (for her roles in film and life) in the category "most feminine",

As a veteran of World War II, she was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War "II degree, medals" For Victory over Germany, many commemorative medals.

Permanent work - this is her credo. For an actor, says Elina Avraamovna, no rest, he charged a special energy and this energy must be given. And when is free time, she prefers outdoor activities: a game of chess, billiards, in different years was fond of rowing and shooting at the range. Reading books on parapsychology. Her favorite composer - Chopin, a piece of music - "Grand pas" in "Don Quixote". How many years ago and today fascinate her meetings with interesting people. The only time in his life, when it is not an actress, and she asked for an autograph - it was the home of Margaret Thatcher, whom she considers the ideal of the female mind, the standard of female politician.

Lives and works in Moscow.

  • Portrait E. A. Bystritskaya and her biography on the portal "Culture of Russia".

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Photos of BYSTRYTSKY Elina Avraamovna
BYSTRYTSKY Elina AvraamovnaBYSTRYTSKY Elina AvraamovnaBYSTRYTSKY Elina AvraamovnaBYSTRYTSKY Elina Avraamovna

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