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The Russian commander is suspected of espionage in favor of Ukraine

The court of St. Petersburg to sentence a former employee "51 Central design and technological Institute of ship repair" captain first rank Vladislav Nikolsky for espionage in favor of Ukraine to 20 years in prison, said a source in the court.
The sentence has the capability to be delivered in early summer. As said the source RIA " Novosti ", At this point of time is the legal Consequence. The sentence has the opportunity to be issued by early summer. Investigative agencies and Authorized protection of the accused abstain from official comments. According to media reports, Nicholas doesn't admit the guilt. By assumption of the investigation, Nicholas gave the Ukrainian side the technical documentation for amphibious hovercraft " bison ", was developed at the end of the 1970s in Leningrad design Bureau "Almaz" and classified catalogue of the names of the standards of the military courts of the USSR.
First, participants of criminal proceedings instituted in 2012, according to paragraph " contraband materials, which are able to be used in the production of military equipment ", there were 3 people: Vladislav Nikolsky, authorized Theodosia production Association " Sea "Black Basil and ex-employee of JSC" 51 Central design and technological Institute of ship repair " Vyacheslav Rodionov. They were suspected of belonging to the leak of information about the "Bison" in Ukraine, which, according to the investigation, organized supplies in China amphibious ships project 958 " bison ", in practice a unique " Bison ". The investigators believe that Rodionov, using the office, gave secret data Nikolsky that it has digitized and uploaded in 2 electronic mailbox. Then he, according to investigators, sent e-mail password as a text message to the Ukrainian recipients. According to information from the investigating authorities, Nicholas received the data of 200 thousand dollars. In 2014 Rodionov was adjudged guilty, sentenced to six years of the sentence on probation. Black died in the course of the investigation. By the end of 2014, the Petersburg city court has started consideration of the case of St. Nicholas, which, except contraband materials, is charged with a charge according to the item of " high treason ", the maximum penalty which is 20 years of imprisonment. In recent months, was read about several episodes of exposing foreign spies and persons trying to harm the state interests of Russia. One of the most infamous allegations have been brought against Housewives Svetlana Davydova, who said the Ukrainian Ambassador's residence data As if the ongoing redeployment of soldiers from the military unit GRU n 48886. Initially, the Court chose a preventive measure of arrest, but then Davydova was released on his own recognizance. February 4 ex-employee of the Russian nuclear center in the Nizhny Novgorod region Vladimir Golubev was charged with divulging state secrets. In 2003, the employee RFNC made a scientific report on the Symposium in the Czech Republic, which was later posted. The publication of this report was the reason for the excitation of relatively Golubeva criminal case. He faces up to 4 years of imprisonment. February 9, Lefortovo Court of Moscow extended until April 5 detention Eugene Petrina. According to investigators, the man formerly employed in the Department for external Church relations of the Russian Orthodox Church, had passed classified data to the security services of the USA. At the same time Lefortovo Court arrested for two months by Sergey Minakov, who is charged with espionage. According to the source, the person arrested is a member of the crew of the tanker "Coed" black sea fleet of Russia. First it was announced that the Court was arrested on charges of treason Gennady Kravtsov and Yuri Soloshenko. According to media reports, the last one is a citizen of Ukraine and previously chaired the Ukrainian defense enterprise " Banner ".


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The Russian commander is suspected of espionage in favor of Ukraine
 -  Знаменитости The Russian commander is suspected of espionage in favor of Ukraine
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