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Efremov colleague dying Vengerov

After the artist Gennady Vengerov said about his own fatal illness, the friends immediately responded. Mikhail Efremov, Sergey Shekhovtsov and Mikhail Gorevoy even visited Germany in order to arrange a live Wake.

"Last summer I began to refuse limb. I suddenly realized that I could not lift my left arm and began to limp on his right leg. Went to the health worker. He found: "what do you want, brother, age: arthritis, arthrosis, weight..." But after examination it turns out that it was cancer. The day I announced the diagnosis (and in Germany such things from patients not hide it), I broke my ankle. It was later found that tricky Oncology metastasis leaked in the leg and began to tear down the bones..." - started the story Gennady Vengerov.

It should be noted that the artist almost always closely followed their own well-being and was constantly checked. "Having such a great brother-medic, quickly and periodically passed diagnostics. But for several years it was unclear why they had not been tested on lung cancer and missed it. It was a difficult moment of annoyance. The consciousness that otherwise it could be very simple. If x-rays are made for 8 months previously, was limited easy operation, and the chances of my survival could be huge. Although, frankly, I think that earlier from cancer I saved my pet cats. Have may healing characteristics. In 2008 killed our 1st favorite. My wife and I took the next one, but she died. 2 years ago. And now I die... There is afterlife or not? I think not. With the end of the physical body, from my point of view, finishes and spiritual life. But cultural workers have an advantage: they stay in their works. In other words, for example, my daughter Anna can show my own children, whom I'll never see (the artist has no grandchildren yet), in varying roles. And the physical end is the end," the artist said.

About their own illness Vengerov said to your fellow artists Mikhail Efremov, Sergey Shekhovtsova and Michael Gorev. "Bear Yefremov did not believe at once, I decided that I utter, and gave me a bucket of shit and asked the question: "do you have information?" And when realized, it is what came with the kids to my so-called live Wake. We walked in Dusseldorf, splashed out - started with rum and finished the vodka and you do the nasty, as in his youth. Well, what they 3 days would come with me to mourn? Goodbye punished that next year will again come to say goodbye..." - quoted Vengerov "Express newspaper".

Remember, about the terrible diagnosis artist Gennady Vengerov learned in early September 2014 and all the while trying in vain to fight the illness, however the whole truth about the illness of the artist, the public found out only now. "The time of my life went for the last months or maybe even weeks. It appears from the last days of September 2014, my life was divided into "before" and "after" diagnosis of lung Cancer with metastasis to the bone". The best of the best treatment in the best of Germany gave nothing - pretty much a hostile form of cancer I have... 1 of the metastasis was confined me to a wheelchair. In early October, had to documentsa in this state in 2 scenes," wrote Vengerov in his own address to the friends on Facebook.

According to the artist, his life could end at any minute, in consequence of this he had decided in advance to say goodbye to loved ones. To top it off the artist asked me not to try to help him in his healing Vengerov does not believe. "Even the main request: no support - I am fully insured in Germany for treatment and a small co-pay. PS: please, no mourning and condolence - early... and without advice from the field of alternative medicine is late," he finished his letter to the actor.

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