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Veteran from Turkmenistan: in war if day live - and it's good

Amangeldy of Nurmuradov." in the capital of the Russian food With joy - I never thought I'd live to see the 70th anniversary of the Victory " - says of his participation in the may 9 parade on red square, a veteran of the great Patriotic war from Turkmenistan Nikolai Kozyrev.

Turkmenistan during the war was sent to the front hundreds of thousand of its inhabitants, 104 Turkmen citizen awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, fifteen people became full Cavaliers of the order of Glory.

Nikolai Kozyrev took part in the liberation of the Crimea, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, was awarded the Order of Patriotic war II degree, medals " for bravery ", " for military merit ", " for defense of Caucasus ", " for Victory over Germany ".

When the war began Nikolai Petrovich I was in College in the Ulyanovsk region.

"We were on vacation on the farm in the Hayfield. There We learned that the war began. My Dad's From the early days went to war. I together With this person texted, and he taught me how to fight, how to behave in war. Father was buried twice. In 1943, received a death notice, but it was a mistake, apologized to us. But in 1944, he disappeared without a trace ", - says the veteran.

Himself Kozyrev went to the front in 1943." Added one year, otherwise it was inferior in age. In the village Council helped to have given a certificate about the fact that I had reached the statutory age, " said Nikolai Petrovich.

According to the veteran, the terrible memories he has left of clashes With Ukrainian nationalists of the OUN-UPA, moreover, not only during, but also After the war, When part of them was located in Lviv.

"Digging in the garden man, like a man of peace. And he had somewhere concealed weapon next. One has only to turn his back and a bullet in the back. Extremely brutal. We once discovered sawed the body of our soldier. So amused. German soldiers were also very cruel, but if the hands were reversed, the Germans preferred not to engage in punitive shares, gave this "work" to them. Those With pleasure was engaged in it ", - the veteran tells.

The news that the war was over, caught the soldier in the area of lake Balaton in Hungary." Everyone was happy about the victory to remain alive in this bloody war, " he says.

After the war until 1955 Nikolai Petrovich served in Western Ukraine Communicator, and There was demobilized." By the time I got in the Ulyanovsk region already anyone in his family, mother, sisters moved to Turkmenistan. There was my mother's sister. Oh and I also arrived here. After the war, in Turkmenistan, life was easy. Worked on the construction of the Karakum canal. Work in desert conditions was very difficult, but paid So that for several months the car you could buy, " recalls Kozyrev.

Since then he lives in Turkmenistan, but every year is moved to the Russian Federation." The Turkmen people have traditionally respectful to older people And Veterans of war - twice. The country's leadership will not forget us, always hold events, invite veterans. The maximum pension I have, 1, 2 thousand manats (over $ 340). So Everything is fine, " he says.

"in the capital of the Russian food With joy. I never about that, never thought I'd live to see the 70th anniversary of the Victory. In war no one away, no guessing. It was So hard that if day live - and it's good. What I Wish to wish the Veterans? Veterans at All times needed, for this reason I want them to be healthy, " said Nikolai Petrovich.

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Veteran from Turkmenistan: in war if day live - and it`s good
 -  Знаменитости Veteran from Turkmenistan: in war if day live - and it`s good
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