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Gagarin was justified for the song at Eurovision

Fashionable singer Polina Gagarina, which will represent the Russian Federation at Eurovision, explained why the recording of the song was difficult for her. She confessed that she was in a nasty voice form from fatigue.

Now, may 19, will be held in Vienna 1 the semi-finals of the International musical competition "Eurovision", which the Russian Federation will present a famous singer Polina Gagarina. The woman will take the stage with the song A Million Voices.

As outlined producer Gagarina Konstantin Meladze, the song will be a "message of peace", the singer will appear on the contest in a romantic way. In the video for the song several 10-s people of different age and sex smiling and enjoying life. The clip is filmed on a white background, the vocalist in it appears in a white as snow dress.

At the same time, the artist spoke with reporters and responded to their tricky questions. Specifically, she commented that her vocal range was slightly above the tracks. "I had the role of a more lyrical artist, rock ballads, but here all the same unusual rhythm. A song for Eurovision "I came to write quite late and was not in a very superior voice form from fatigue. February was tough, a real race. The record was in the morning. I actually sang it in one take, because this is my case, my range" - quoted by Polina Gagarina the website of "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

The actress confessed that he was afraid to think about winning. "I need to criticize. I almost always make everything better in spite of. Don't praise me, it is better to say: "OK, but can be much better!" Me need a cold, then I quietly work. The attention and love I noticed clearer but I see your own faults and work on them", - said the singer.

Version Polina Gagarina, the most difficult for her to sing the song - sing 2 "ears" (during the concert the musicians wear special ear monitors so it will not overpower the speakers). "I always sing with one "ear" - it gives me the opportunity to hear hall, be aware of what's going on. And here I was forced to wear a 2 "ear" and I immediately forgot the words. Several times lost. All different, all in my head, all extremely loud. Then a voice from above turn the music down and said, "Just enjoy your own time!" Correspondents began to clap their hands and shout: "We are with you, don't worry!" The whole team that deals with sound, incredibly sensitive, go forward. And it's pretty good," said the singer.

By the way, on your own official page in social network Instagram Polina Gagarina published a short video, which is removed together with the winner of Eurovision last year, Conchita Wurst. On account both of the singer posing in front of cameras and exchanged friendly kisses. "Conchita herself came up after rehearsal and said the huge number of compliments... Beautiful, amazing... she Says at the end! Well! Cool!" - posted by Polina Gagarina.

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Gagarin was justified for the song at Eurovision -  Знаменитости Gagarin was justified for the song at Eurovision шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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