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The people's Deputy of the Bundestag told the details of his deportation from Russia

A German parliamentarian from the ruling party Christian democratic Union Karl-Georg Wellmann, who was refused entry to the Russian Federation, spoke About the night in the airport Sheremetyevo.
Welman said that he had arrived in the capital of Russia to conduct a series of meetings to discuss a political settlement of the fall in Ukraine. For example, he planned to meet the head of the international Department of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev And Russian presidential Advisor Sergei Glazyev. Informs " Kommersant ".
"They both encouraged me to come to the Russian Federation, said that there will be very happy And it is high time all to speak frankly," said welman." I, as the holder of a diplomatic passport, a visa to the Russian Federation is not required. And With her current passport before many times I drove to the Russian Federation, the last time at the end of 2013. Then no issues at the border does not arise, " - said the MP." I arrived at 21. 30, but I was caught at the border. Two and a half hours I was dealing with the border guards, but to no avail. While I was treated extremely unfriendly, several times I screamed loudly And rudely. Then they took me into a separate room, where he said that I until 2019 to the Russian Federation entry denied, " said welman. According to the Deputy, he did not explain the reasons for refusal of entry into the Russian Federation." I have only given a document (not a form letter, but signed by one of the employees of the border service of the FSB), where a General reference to the 27 th publication of Federal law No. 114-FZ ( " On the sequencing of exit from the Russian Federation And entry into the Russian Federation ", which says the reasons for which the foreigner can be denied entry to Russia). I was also warned about the responsibility under the criminal code in the event of an attempted violation of the law. And said that I owe on the next flight back to Berlin, " said the MP. Next flight was on the first day of the week in the Morning at 07. 20, Wellman was forbidden to leave the transit area." I was there for the whole night. In the morning I was approached by citizens is also very unfriendly - in the form And carried out directly in the plane. They took my passport And returned it only in the cabin. I was treated like a criminal, " said the MP of the Bundestag." I'm not one month stand for a political settlement of the conflict in Ukraine With the participation of Russia And subject to Russian interests. Me Even more shocked by the fact that I was denied entry into the Russian Federation ", - he added. On the first day of the week it was declared that the Bundestag Karl-Georg Wellman, an expert on foreign policy problems of the CDU party, was not allowed in the Russian Federation. Berlin filed a protest at Russia's refusal of entry to the Bundestag. We emphasize that welman is not the only MEP who has been refused entry. March 3, entry was prohibited Latvian MEP Sandra Kalniete And the speaker of the Polish Senate Bogdan Borusewicz.

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The people`s Deputy of the Bundestag told the details of his deportation from Russia
 -  Знаменитости The people`s Deputy of the Bundestag told the details of his deportation from Russia
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