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The ark with the relics of Prince Vladimir went on a journey through the cities of Russia

In honor of the 1000th anniversary of the death of Prince Vladimir in 45 Russian cities and five towns of Belarus will visit the Holy Shrine of the Relics of the Baptist of Russia, which ceaselessly stored in the Russian capital.
in the temple of Christ the Savior relic Wednesday solemnly held in a half year journey.
"The relics for the faithful is a special event: if the Holy is expected with them in prayer," said the sacristan of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior Archpriest Mikhail Ryazantsev after a farewell prayer service, reports the news Agency.- due to Prince Vladimir, the faith has spread throughout our country, for this reason, in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the Saint's death, it was decided to bring a particle of his relics As more of our cities and temples ". As told by the organizer of the bringing of the relics, the head of the Foundation of St. Basil the Great Konstantin Malofeev, " the reliquary with the relic before December 1 will make eight large routes: first, the South of Russia, then Belarus, Kuban, Volga, far East, Siberia, Ural, North-West - a total of 45 Russian cities and towns, and five cities of Belarus: Minsk, Brest, Grodno, Mogilev and Vitebsk. On Wednesday, the relic will arrive in Tula. In each city she will stay four or five days. In July, when is the commemoration Day of St. Vladimir - the Day of the baptism of Russia, the Relics will briefly return to the capital of Russia. Malofeyev expressed regret that we failed to build the Bringing of the ark with the relics that are found in Kiev in the seventeenth century, to Ukraine." due to the fact that it was not possible to provide them security, the Shrine will have the opportunity to visit Ukraine, " he said. The relics of St. Prince Vladimir shared the fate of Desyatinnaya Church, destroyed by the Tatars in 1240. In 1635, the Metropolitan of Kiev Petro Mohyla found under the ruins of the tomb of the Prince and "in remembrance to future genera" was removed from her head and right hand. Part of the head was placed in the main Church of Kiev Pechersk Lavra, brush - in Kiev's St. Sophia Cathedral. Another Part of the head was transferred to the capital of Russia to Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich and was in the assumption Cathedral of the Kremlin. Before the great Patriotic war sculptor - anthropologist Mikhail Gerasimov took Power from Kiev to Leningrad for the survey wished to recreate the historic appearance of Prince Vladimir, but during the siege they had disappeared." Moscow " the relics of the Soviet period and, until recently, kept in the collections of the museums of the Moscow Kremlin. In 2010, the Relics of the original ark was solemnly transferred to the Museum of the Russian Orthodox Church and placed in the temple of Christ the Savior.

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The ark with the relics of Prince Vladimir went on a journey through the cities of Russia
 -  Знаменитости The ark with the relics of Prince Vladimir went on a journey through the cities of Russia
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