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Anfisa Chekhova was struck by the photo without makeup

These days, the actress and TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov married the father of their own child Guram Bablishvili. At the moment the lovers and their son Solomon, whose loving parents named Apricot, enjoying the holiday in the Seychelles.

During their own honeymoon Anfisa renounced makeup, because good without it. Countless freckles of stars that are traditionally invisible under a layer of Foundation, fans Chekhova considered extremely cute and touching and praised their own favorite for the amazing courage - not every star will decide to show itself in its natural form.

Bold artist published his photo without his stage makeup in Instagram. "Without filters, without masks, without embellishment...The one who loves you, you will like this! - shared wisdom Anfisa. - It is impossible to earn the love or attractive eyes, nor good deeds. She just has it or not".

Additionally, the presenter wanted to articulate what is love, what is it contains the trick and why is it often goes under the scheme: "we choose, we choose, as it often does not match". "You can be the best of the best in the world mistress, the Queen of all beauties, how to cook in a Michelin-starred restaurants, to understand, to forgive, to endure... and he still goes to the other... and everything in it will be worse than yours... but does it matter for Love? Being yourself is the only way to be loved for what you are! - Chekhov sure. Ocean understands what I mean."

In a long journey the actress plenty of time for philosophical thought. Not so long ago she was in the Maldives, where she married Guram Bablishvili, then the whole family moved to another resort. "We are in the Seychelles! - said in the microblog Anfisa. - There is a little bit cloudy, but very nice... the Solik runs from ocean waves and laughs defiantly. Such a bliss to look at it!"

Little Solomon delighted with the trip. "Rode on the boat. Apricot was in unbridled happiness! Screamed and squealed with excitment when the boat tossed on the waves. On the way back fell asleep under the hot sun, the spray of water and in unbridled shock. I wish adults could do that," he laughed subscribers cheerful story by Chekhov.

As already mentioned Days.<url>, TV presenter and her lover Guram played at last weekend's wedding. The lovers exchanged rings in the Maldives, and the eyewitness was their little son Solomon. Feeling a pair of time-tested. Anfisa married a Bablishvili after 6 years of relationship. The couple then had to purchase and equip private dwellings, to have a firstborn, but about the wedding thought only in the current quarter. Chekhov and her husband had promised to arrange in Moscow the big Georgian wedding and mount it all family and friends. And exchange vows and rings they wanted alone, and have successfully done.

Source: Anfisa Chekhova was struck by the photo without makeup

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Anfisa Chekhova was struck by the photo without makeup -  Знаменитости Anfisa Chekhova was struck by the photo without makeup шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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