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Father Friske ready for war with Shepelev

It is known that the family of the deceased singer Zhanna Friske very bad to her common-law husband, TV presenter and showman Dmitry Shepelev. The father of the singer announced in an interview that will fight for the meeting with the grandson of Plato to the end.

At the moment two-year-old son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev Plato is the father in Bulgaria, where it lives in apartment, courtesy of pop king Philip Kirkorov. However the issue with whom the child will live after returning to the Russian Federation, remains open.

"Hardly Dima will give it to us. For us the main thing - that the boy would give us. Spouse currently going to grandson to Bulgaria, will return, will be with Dima to resolve this issue. If he will not give the baby, means, will fight for his grandson. My missus for Plato as 2nd mother. She can say, fed it, did not retreat from the cradle. For 2 years under her supervision the baby never got sick. No need to fight with Dima for the baby. Grandson we absolutely love: Platoche extremely good, kind boy," said the father Friske Vladimir Borisovich "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

In recognition of the father of the deceased artist, Philip was very fond of Joan. "And she'd cherished the friendship. Currently, Platoche communicates with children Kirkorov, they play together, bathe. Philip called me recently: "Vladimir Borisovich, I specially in memory of Jeanne gave you a Villa, and you are not coming". Explained to him, no one to leave the house, in consequence of this at the moment, missus go, later, maybe, and I," said Vladimir Borisovich.

Father Friske grateful for the care and help of close friends of Jeanne - Ksenia Stepanova and Olga Orlova. "She is the kindest man. She came yesterday, went to the room where daughter all these months lay. I see pinned to the breast things Joan and crying. Said: "They Jeanne smell." The days she departed not from Jeanne, cared for her. 3 days with us on the day is going home. Even our dogs now yearn. Olga Orlova is also all helped us. Agreed with friends, they gave us a private Villa in Los Angeles, when Jeanne was treated. Friends Oli paid for the flight of Joan. Itself Olya with all the doctors personally negotiated. It to the end was with us. Even when Jeanne did not talk, she came to her ear said something..." said father Friske.

In conclusion, Vladimir Borisovich said: "to this day I can't believe Jannacci with us. I recently sent her the song she had not time to release. There are such words: "love the wanted, the wanted happiness, like a butterfly flew..." Spouse during this time, never cried. And here's to 40 days played this song, and she began to sob... Daughter lost, it is not necessary now with his grandson to be separated, as Plato for us a piece of Joan".

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Father Friske ready for war with Shepelev -  Знаменитости Father Friske ready for war with Shepelev шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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