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Andrew Shepelev

( Musician)

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Biography Andrew Shepelev
photo Andrew Shepelev
Andrew Shepelev (1958 [Moscow])

Andrew was born in Moscow in 1958. He grew up in the suburban town of Reutov, where he still lives, with mixed success, hiding from fans. Music entrains from birth. The neighboring children for eye called him "Beatles fans", and it influenced the formation of musical preferences in the future. Playing the guitar began in the children's music studio at ZhEKe at age 10. The first test song composed in a school band. Most modern scholars of Andrew Shepeleva naively believes that the lyrics is lost.

Musician Andrew was not going to be, though, and ended, as many well-known cultural figures, Moscow Architectural Institute. He, . generally, . going to become an architect, . but, . Having examined the detailed technical design documentation Empire State Building, . realized, . that construct a building greater height in the homeland he will not give, . then went into music forever, . and what has caused utter bewilderment on the part of relatives and friends.,

. The first tool, which shook him, turned out to five-string banjo
. He began playing it in the shaggy 1977. Greatly hindered the Iron Curtain. Information was no. We had to collect it bit by bit. At this took years. But the result was: Andrew began working professional musician. Banjo was his main instrument, and he gave him all his strength. Here's what he tells Andrew about this time: "I am very grateful to the neighbors for what they did not shoot me then."

. After playing about 10 000 hours of traditional music, he felt that he was not enough, first started experimenting with the tool, and then with the genre
. "I always wanted to apply the five-string banjo in a variety of music, tk. become more familiar with him, I realized that this is possible and interesting. Ten years later, I learned that this idea was attended not only me. "

The second tool, where Andrew began playing in 1985 - a dobro. Today dobro - its main tool. "Dobro - is a drug. Playing, you can not see how fly all day. This is a meditative tool, it has tremendous opportunities. Not for nothing it is often used M. Knopfler and E. Clapton ".

It so happened that he was able to meet and even play with many musicians, who previously seemed inaccessible. Over twenty years of his career, Andrew has worked in Utesov orchestra, . Group "Ornament", . Integral, . "Maize", . one of the founders of which he was, . as a session musician to record music with the "DDT", . "BRAVO", . "Time Machine", . J. Bichevskaya, . V. Meladze and others,
. A member of "Corn" for a long time, Andrew toured the Wild West, where he was issued a number of his songs and compositions. As a performer on the dobro he often participated in joint projects with such legendary musicians, J. Douglas, Tut Taylor, M. Auldrige. Company "Rich & Taylor" for him to manufacture tools and presented in one of the tours in the U.S.. In 1992, Andrew was invited to a seminar in Tennessee Banjo Institute as a teacher. "I have summoned their curiosity, as a man from Russia, playing for their national instrument. In addition, I showed them his own compositions, which are quite unlike the well-known standards.

I must say that as a student, Andrew attracted quite complex musical forms, often inaccessible to the masses. That search led him even once in a jazz studio DK Moskvorechye ". But once he heard the album Eric Weissberg & Deliverans "Rural Free Delivery", he realized that we are not all taken from natural majeure. "I was struck by the simplicity! It was a bolt from the blue. This album has radically changed the direction of my interests. This was the beginning of the path that led me eventually to the wonderful world of acoustic music. "

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Andrew Shepelev, photo, biography
Andrew Shepelev, photo, biography Andrew Shepelev  Musician, photo, biography
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