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Lavrov spoke about the secret room UN

Sergey Lavrov gave a unique interview with Mikhail Gusman, in the television movie "United Nations - 70 years". The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia has told about the secrets of the "Russian room" in the headquarters of the UN and the major qualities of the UN Secretary General.

In the TV movie "United Nations - 70 years," Sergei Lavrov said that about the courtroom of the UN Security Council is not a very large room for meetings, reports Russia Today. According to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia, in consequence of the small size of the room chairs in this room are many times more tightly to each other, and placed in it can exclusively permanent representatives and no more than 3 assistants for each.

"When I started to work a regular adept, the planned renovation, and members of the UN Security Council said, "May be to reformat your room?" - says Lavrov. He also reported that next to the "consultation room" is "dressing room" where you can just relax, have a Cup of coffee. In this room are only sofas and TV.

Lavrov also announced that the rest room is adjacent to another room, which can fit about 10 people. "We asked whether this "consultation room", given that it is constantly jam-Packed, slightly expanded at the expense of this "dressing room" and move the wall to make it more spacious. Don't want anyone to give, but 1 of constant members of the UN Security Council, Ambassador (not Russian) said: "No, guys, let's not at the moment this wall to move, because when we do, the more temptation to push the expansion of the UN security Council", as it will be much to grow," the Minister said.

As for the possible appointment of ladies for the post of UN Secretary-General, lavro noted that a gender issue is important and should be promoted, but it should not become end in itself. He stressed that the candidate for such high office should have, firstly, skill and experience.

"Taking into account the branching of the UN, it is extremely difficult to sit on this place without the knowledge of the system of the Organization. And of course, must be taken into account in the framework of multilateralism, the UN, in other words needs to be some rotation, although it is not included in the Charter," added the Minister.

In his interview, Lavrov also informed about the most difficult and conflict-the case with which he had to face, working in the post of UN Ambassador. He told that in the mid 90-ies between the U.S. and Cuba have an incident. Cuban exiles took a flight on a small aircraft over Cuba and leaflets. In response to persistent violations of the airspace of the authorities of the island of Freedom has threatened to shoot down planes-infringers.

"1 aircraft Cubans shot down, in Moscow, then was deepest night. Permanent adept of the United States to the UN Madeleine Albright immediately gathered the UN Security Council and urged to condemn the Cuban government for an act of terrorism. The wording of the most stringent". As the Minister said, he together with the Russians and Chinese employees turned up this assertion therefore, that it didn't accuse anybody and not prejudge the investigation.

"We managed to get a text that later even the Cuban government welcomed. That's probably what I remember, because it was an extremely long hours of work. Madeleine Albright went to call Washington, but in the end we "pressed", - stated Lavrov.

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