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ROOM Abram

( Director)

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Biography ROOM Abram
ROOM Abram, director.
Born in Vilna. In 1914-1917 he studied at the Petrograd psycho-neurological institute, in 1917-1922 - at the Medical Faculty of the University of Saratov those. In parallel, he worked in the department of art professor and rector of the Higher theater workshops, theater. Since 1923 - director of the theater of the Revolution in Moscow, director and teacher of the Higher School of Education Central Executive Committee in Moscow,. In 1925-1934 teacher VGIK professor. Art director film 'On the ruins of the princely' - 1957 'Case N306' - 1956. He acted in the film 'Kiss of Mary Pickford' - 1927. Screenplay movie 'Wind' - 1926.
People's Artist of the RSFSR (1965). Died in Moscow.
Abram Room started in the 20's, in the first generation of renowned filmmakers. Then, film critic was common definition: 'The Big Five of the Soviet cinema: P. Eisenstein, in. Pudovkin, L. Kuleshov, D. Vertov, A. Room '.
He created his own trend in cinema. Main - actor and even a theater, psychology, bytopisatelstvo. His cinematic handwriting today would be called hyper-realism, referring sverhvnimanie to the environment, climate action, game artist with a thing, the internal state of man. Find themselves helped him dokinematografichesky experience: teaching from the great psychologist. Bechterew, study books W. Freud, professional practicing medicine, work in the theater.
Innovation of two of its most advanced silent films - 'The Third Meschanskaya' and 'Reduction, which is not returned' - made its European kinoznamenitostyu. He will be called the ancestor of erotic movies and considered one of the forerunners of Italian neorealism.
Interest directed to the inner, private man, with his sex life, erotic feelings smacked of aesthetic subversion. By the mid 30's it became intolerable. And therefore subjected to the ban 'as ideologically harmful, formalistic, incomprehensible, at 30 years was buried in the archives of the film' Strict boy '. Under such pressure has started a dramatic band that spans 20 years, when he will formally withdraw only what is permitted, ideologically approved.
True, in this Procrustean bed he was smart, uncommon artist who often knew how to create great movie roomovsky. For example, in kinotragediyu war years 'Invasion' (on the play A. Leonova). But the following for these films 40's - early 50-ies breathe ideological vernopoddanichestvom and deadening skill. Years early thaw update.
And suddenly, after the failure, neglect, seven-year silence, whichever is the later Renaissance. Roomu was 70, when in 1964 he made 'Garnet Bracelet'. For Kuprin followed Bunin (not permitted to be staged 'Sunstroke' and 'But it turned out quite, quite different'), followed by Chekhov ( 'Late Flowers') and, finally, M. Gorky ( 'Premature man' on the play 'Yakov Bogomolov'). It took 10 years is not a young life.
After reading on the screen of his most beloved Russian classics, Room created a series of films about love, 'dedicated to the music, the greatness of women, the beauty of human labor'. This 'Song of Triumphant Love' was also a romantic and erotic, psychological and bytoopisatelnoy.
Enlightened and reassuring epilogue was a controversial and dramatic fate of director. So he came to himself, into the world of the ethics and cultural values that shaped him still there in the 19 th century gold
. Irina Graschenkova
. 1924 THAT SAYS 'ISO', this Guess QUESTION director, screenwriter
. 1926 BAY DEATH director
. 1926 RED FRESH director
. 1927 KISS Mary Pickford ( 'King of the screen', 'The story of how an actor quarreled ...')
. 1927 THIRD Burgher ( 'Love the three of us') director, screenwriter
. 1929 Ghost, which do not return ( 'Torture freedom', 'Ghost') director
. 1930 Manometer-1 ( 'A breakthrough in the factory', 'gauge') director
. 1931 gauge-2 (Elimination of a breakthrough at the factory 'gauge') director
. 1937 STRICT YOUTH ( 'the Commissioner of everyday life', 'Discobolus', 'Magic Komsomolets') director
. 1942 OUR GIRLS (BCS, 1-story I 'Tonya') director
. 1944 INVASION director
. 1948 COURT OF HONOR director
. 1952 School for Scandal director
. 1953 SILVER DUST director
. 1956 heart beats AGAIN director
. 1964 GARNET BRACELET director, screenwriter
. 1969 Late Flowers composer, producer, screenwriter
. 1971 PERSON OF PREMATURE composer, producer, screenwriter
. 1977 ENEMIES writer

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ROOM Abram, photo, biography
ROOM Abram, photo, biography ROOM Abram  Director, photo, biography
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