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Chess Karjakin won the KM and qualifying for the candidates tournament

MOSCOW, 5 Jan - R-Sport, Oleg Bogatov. Russian Grandmaster Sergey Karjakin has achieved double success at the world chess Cup ended in Baku - has won a prestigious Tournament And we won one of the 2 vouchers to the candidates Tournament 2016 for the match against world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen.

Karjakin in a rare dramatic match of the finals in the tiebreak defeated his compatriot, world Cup 2011 Peter Svidler (6-4, 2-2 after the games in classical chess), also qualified for the candidates Tournament. The tournament was held in Baku on eleven September to 5 October.

the head of the international chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov after the end of the classical part of the confrontation (2-2) said the Agency " R-Sport ": "never yet the final of the world Cup in its glow were not so dramatic. I don't remember this, that all parties in the final were successful. Players are configured uncompromising - we do our best And bring pleasure to the million chess fans in the world ".

And the head of the Russian chess Federation (RCF) Andrey Filatov called the victory. " unique achievement "." the competition was attended by 45 countries And the success achieved by Russia. Now Sergey came in the candidates Tournament, where he will compete for the Right to play a match for the crown. I sincerely wish him good luck, "said Filatov" R-Sport ".

The final match proceeded in an unpredictable manner. In the first game Svidler played the white pieces And defeated the opponent in 29 moves. In the second game Karjakin in a supposedly equal position in the middlegame roughly, in one stroke, made a mistake, And St. Petersburg led 2-0. The Svidler was enough And a draw in the 3rd match, And he was very close to triumph. But at the crucial moment did not see the winning move, inexcusable miscalculated And the score 3-0 instead of immediately became 2: 1. Voprosy spirit and Muscovite in the upcoming game "the order" prevailed in the endgame, equalized (2-2) And transferring the game to a tie-break.

Karjakin on the first day of the week won the third game in a row in rapid chess, But Now it was the turn Svidler " to rise from the ashes ". The grandmaster took the initiative, first equalized And then went ahead And shortened rapid (4-3). And eighth instalment, it seemed, could be the final in this exciting match. But Svidler failed again white, "commissioned" to make a draw - defeat And another "cable" balance 4-4.

And Now everything was decided in blitz, besides overdramatize again. In the ninth instalment Peter had the advantage in the endgame (Queen And rook against Queen And knight), But on the 42nd move simultaneously "yawned" the boat And surrendered. And in the tenth meeting, playing black Sergei stood And ended the meeting with a double victory in the party And the match 6-4.

A native of Simferopol, And now the Muscovite Karjakin on his way to a prestigious title completed six challenging rounds of tournament fighting. In the opening round Karjakin defeated Cuban Hermes of Veloso Espinosa (2-0), 1/32 final out of the struggle of U.S. Ambassador Alexander Onischuk (4-2), And in 1/16 overcame the Chinese Yu Anyi (1, 5-0, 5). In the upcoming round of Russian citizen left out compatriot Dmitry Andreikin scores (2, 5-1, 5), And in the quarter-finals dispelled hopes for the success of master Shahriyar Mammadyarov match (4-2).

in the semifinal match, in which on a game there was And exit in the candidates Tournament in 2016, Karyakin managed to win And defeat, conceding on a meeting course the Ukrainian Pavel Alanova (3, 5-2, 5).

The world Cup has revealed an additional 2 participants in the match contenders match for the world title from Norwegian Magnus Carlsen - Karjakin And Svidler.

before the opportunity to take part in the competition won Indian Viswanathan Anand (as the finalist of the last tournament for the chess crown), the Americans Hikaru Nakamura And Fabiano Caruana (according to the results of a series of tournaments of the FIDE Grand Prix), Bulgarian Veselin Topalov And the Dutchman Anish Giri (FIDE rating in July 2015).

The right to expose the eighth participant is the host country of the tournament, which will take place in spring 2015. One of the main contenders for the match, According to Ilyumzhinov, is the USA - the request From the national chess Federation to FIDE already received And is pending. In the case of a positive decision of FIDE the eighth participant in the match will be a Native of the Philippines And now a US citizen Wesley so.

in the form of potential candidates for the candidates matches, you can also consider Azerbaijan (May be nominated Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Teimour Radjabov or), And China (the candidates And Wei or Ding Ligang). Maybe there will be another option - outside of the eight contenders currently are such famous grandmasters as a Russian citizen Vladimir Kramnik, the Israeli Boris Gelfand, the Frenchman Maxime Vachier-Lagrave.

Title match for the title of world chess champion will take place in autumn 2016 in the United States.

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Chess Karjakin won the KM and qualifying for the candidates tournament
 -  Знаменитости Chess Karjakin won the KM and qualifying for the candidates tournament
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