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The Russian wrestlers in the shortage of leaders will compete for the victory in KEN

MOSCOW, 6 Nov - R-Sport, Oleg Bogatov. Contractions open command Cup of the European Nations battle, starting on the last working day of the week in the Russian capital, will be a good test of the nearest reserve of the national teams of Russia at the beginning of the Olympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

Tournaments-freestyle, Greco-Roman and women's battle will be held in HSS "Friendship" from 6-8 November for the awards will compete in six best teams in each style of wrestling on the results of the European games in 2015. In competitions on free-style battle will feature teams from Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Belarus, Poland, Greco-Roman - Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Turkey, women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Poland, Turkey.

The coaching staff of the Russian Federation on free-style battle freed from participation in the competitions of the team leaders, successfully performed in September at the world Championships in the USA. Citizens of Russia won Olympic licenses in all six weight categories, and now the main Task of trainers is to prepare and select the strongest athletes to fight for medals at the Olympics.

The number of second numbers of the national team in October, successfully spoke at the World military games in South Korea And in the Russian capital the chance to Express themselves provided the young wrestlers. The most experienced and titled of the owners of a carpet will be the winner of the world championship Rasul Dzhukaev (weight category up to 70 kg)." We hope that the young, brash and ambitious team will fight against world leaders ", - noted the 1st Vice-President of Federation of wrestling of Russia George Bryusov.

the team Also included Ismail Musukayev, Huresh Donduk-ool (both - 57 kg), Rustam Abdurashidov, Gadzhimurad Rashidov (both 61), Ahmed Chakayev, Murad Nukhkadiyev (both 65), Evgeny Gerbeev (70), Jakub Sagamaw, Habib Batyrov (both 74), Vladislav Valiev, Ahmed Magomedov (both 86), Yury Belonovsky, Yuri Velasco (both 97), Alan Khugaev, Vladislav Baytsayev (both 125).

most of the leaders of the national team of Russia on Greco-Roman battle, for various reasons, will miss the Tournament. So, Olympic champion 2012 Roman Vlasov (up to 75) is recovering after a victorious world Cup 2015. But the lack of the first issues does not remove the task to win the European Nations Cup, said the Agency "R-Sport" head coach of team Gogi koguashvili." traditionally, our main rivals are the national teams of Azerbaijan and Turkey. I would like to see our rivals came in the strongest team to battle with them to test the strength of our guys. We aim for the victory ", - he noted.

the team will perform a lot of renowned athletes, Olympic Champions in Athens and Beijing respectively Alexey Mishin (to 85) and Islam-Beka albiyev (to 66), the bronze prize-winner Games-2012 Mingiyan Semenov (59), world champion-2013 Nikita Melnikov (98), bronze medalist of world Cup 2015 Adam Kurak (66). The carpet will Also be Ambalat Lakaev (59), Yuri Denisov, Denis Murtazin (both 71), Alexander Chirkin, Bilan Nalgiev (both 75), Ramadan abacharaev, Roman Osipov (both 80), Imil Sharafetdinov (85), Musa Yevloyev (98), Sergey Semenov, Vitaly Ilnitsky (both - 130).

Tournament in the capital of Russia for medical reasons will miss the winner olimpijskih games in London and winner of the world Cup 2015 Natalia Vorobyova (69). Also will be the Vice-world champion-2014 Valeria Koblova (58), who is recovering from serious injuries sustained at the European games. The burden of leadership on their own shoulders will take the silver medalist of the last 2 world Championships Irina Ologonova (55), winners of the world Championships of different years Ekaterina Bukina (75) and Natalia Golts (58), the winner of the European games Valeria Lazinskaya (63).

"The goal of our team - victory on the home carpet, main rivals believe the team from Ukraine and Azerbaijan ", - said the head coach of a national team Yury Shakhmuradov.

The right to speak in the capital of Russia was entrusted to Valentina Islamova, Milan Dadashova was wounded (both 48), Maria Gurova, Ekaterina Krasnova (both 53), Olga Horoshavtsev (55), Julia Alborova (58), Lyubov Ovcharova, Zhargalma Tsyrenova (both 60), the Tarim Sanzheeva (63), Tatiana Kolesnikova, Anastasia Shchavlinskaya (both 69), and Alena Starodubtseva (75).

The favorite of the tournament, freestylers and the main rival of Russian citizens will become the national team of Georgia. The team is headed by the silver medalist of the 2012 Olympics and the reigning world champion Vladimir Hinchegashvili (57), in the capital of Russia will Also deliver four prize-winners of the European games. Traditionally strong teams of Turkey and Azerbaijan.

The Russian "classics" in the 1st place will compete for team success with athletes from Turkey and Azerbaijan. And in the women's tournament primary opponents Housewives of carpet will be the team of Azerbaijan (the team is headed by prize-winner IGR-2012, Yulia Ratkevich), Ukraine (the team will include two-time world champion in different years) and Turkey.

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The Russian wrestlers in the shortage of leaders will compete for the victory in KEN
 -  Знаменитости The Russian wrestlers in the shortage of leaders will compete for the victory in KEN
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