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"Chikatilo looks like a chicken": how to catch a maniac Suhankina

Eight victims in two months and hundreds of pages of diary entries With details of brutal murder 25 years ago in the Rostov region began to wield maniac Mr Mukhonkin, who fancied himself a "disciple" Chikatilo and wanted to beat him bloody record. According to investigators, Suhankina It was All chance: some time About a new keygen nobody even guessed. About How happened to stop it - in the material of the Fins news .

at the beginning of 1995 in Tsimlyansk in a ravine found the body of a schoolgirl. Soon in the Mine killed 50-the summer local resident in the village Quarry - the clerk of the store.

All killed With extreme cruelty - forensic experts have counted dozens of stab wounds. But these transgressions are not linked: a common electronic framework was not, things were at the local level. The version About the maniac-the barnstormer is not practiced.

in addition, According to the investigators, the killer incessantly varied: different cities, the circumstances, the age of the victims.

in early may of 1995 near the city of Salsk with weapons bayonet, the perpetrator attacked a local resident, 40-year-old Valentina Falco, and Her teenage daughter. The woman died on the spot, the girl managed to escape and call for help.

murderer, 35-year-old Vladimir Suhankina, tied for bystanders. His pockets found women's earrings, rings, a watch and a keychain. As it Later turned out, some of the things belonged to the employee of the train station, Elena, Stefan, that day at the workplace did not. Her body was found nearby.

Case Suhankina entrusted the investigation team, participated in the capture of Andrei Chikatilo.

"It came to us just by jurisdiction, says Last news the former head of Department of inquiry of premeditated murders and banditry of the Prosecutor's office of Rostov region Colonel of justice in resignation Amurhan Yandiev.- Then I thought, because This is an isolated murder. However, Muhenkan said About the other victims. Considered himself a "disciple" Chikatilo: tracking All related messages in the media, wanted to beat his record."

Trying to talk the offender, Yandiev went to the trick: asked the defendant to present itself on a place of Chikatilo and in writing to speculate About the motives of his crimes." I was hoping that eventually He will write About themselves, explains Yandiev.- And it failed. He told in details About his life and all the murders."

Muhanin was born in a dysfunctional family, often ran away from home, hiding in cemeteries, sleeping in kennels or on trees. From an early age was inclined to sadism when it is severely punished in the school facility drawn on the Desk swastika, stole teachers shepherd, and bludgeoned Her with an iron bar.

Having made a first offense a teenager, Muhenkan almost spent half his life behind bars: first sat behind the robbery, and then for molesting a little girl. Short breaks for freedom was able to get home.

By assumption of the investigation, murder It is resolved immediately. At the beginning of 1995 in Rostov police received dozens of reports of similar attacks to plunder. Attacking from the rear, Muhenkan beat the victim over the head with a pipe, then took the hat and purse. It became to him a kind of preparation for a series of murders. Although the first in the overall picture didn't fit: Muhenkan stabbed roommate friend at Her request.

Written testimony not only formed the basis of the charges, But also became a subject of studying of experts on criminal psychology.

Muhenkan even gave the investigators some practical tips for finding the killers. According to his statement, during the "hunt" keygen falls into a real trance: vision and hearing worsen, the body temperature rises, consciousness is confused. He claims to be a behavior, And appearance - freaks specially wear old or unwanted clothes, which they do not mind to get dirty in the blood.

for reviews of investigators, accused described in detail his own life and the root causes of crime, to invoke pity from prosecutors and the court. However, neither Of which pity and speech could not be: for reviews Yandiev, Muhanin was a real sadist, who were proud of their crimes.

"Sorry He just don't have time to beat Chikatilo, says the former investigator.- Although the "record" still got it. Speed. Most of the victims, Chikatilo was in ' 84: in one year took the life of five people. And then Eight victims two and a half months."

at trial, Muhenkan did not want to testify, But the court in no way convinced: eleven December 1996 he was sentenced to retribution. Later the death penalty was commuted to imprisonment for life in the colony of special regime " Black Dolphin ". There He is now writing poetry and happens to Andieva.

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