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Andrei Chikatilo

( serial murderer, maniac)

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Biography Andrei Chikatilo
Andrei Chikatilo was born on October 16, 1936 in the village of Apple Velikopisarevskogo district of Sumy region USSR. Ukrainetz. As told in the family, at the time of his birth was a strong storm, unusual for October these latitudes. There is evidence that Chikatilo was born with signs of hydrocephalus. Up to 12 years, he suffered from bed-wetting, for which he was constantly bit his mother.

In 1941, his father went to the front, was captured and was enrolled in the 'traitors to the Motherland'.

In 1943, in A. Chikatilo was born sister. His father, who was at that time at the front, could hardly be the girl's father. It is possible that in the age of 6-7 years, he witnessed the rape of a German soldier, his mother, with whom lived in the same room in the then German-occupied Ukraine.

In 1944, Chikatilo went to the first class. When in 1946 Ukraine famine, he had not left the house, fearing that it could catch and eat it: his mother told him that during the famine of his older brother Stepan allegedly stolen and eaten. Yet another version of that older brother ate their own parents during the famine. Subsequently, no documentation of birth and death of Stepan was found.

In 1954 Andrew graduated from high school and tried to enter the law faculty of Moscow State University, but failed to contest. However, he felt that he was not taken to the university because his father - 'a traitor' and 'traitor to the motherland'.

In 1955, Chikatilo completed Akhtyrka Technical College of Communications. After college he entered the correspondence department of the Moscow Institute of electrical and mechanical engineers, rail.

. From 1957 to 1960 he served in the army, the Interior Ministry troops, where, he says, was subjected to every kind of humiliation, including sexual.

. After the army moved into the city Rodionovo-Nesvetaevskaya, not far from Rostov-na-Donu
. There he found work as an engineer at the telephone exchange.

In 1962, Chikatilo, Tatiana's sister introduced him to his girlfriend Faina (Evdokia), which in 1964 became his wife. Immediately after the wedding Chikatilo entered the correspondence department of Rostov University Faculty of Philology. In the same year Faina birth to a boy who died eight months. In 1965, Chikatilo, a daughter, Lyudmila, and August 15, 1969 - son George, who later became a criminal.

In April 1965, Chikatilo settled for the post of chairman of the District Committee of Physical Culture and Sport. In 1970, already at age 33, he graduated from the Pedagogical Institute in absentia at the rate of Marxism-Leninism and literature, began working as a teacher of Russian language and literature (and later a tutor) in a boarding school? 32 Novoshakhtinsk.

. In 1972 he was beaten by students of the school, when caught in an attempt to engage in oral sex with a sleeping student
. After that incident, he was always carry a knife.

. In 1974 he began work as a skilled industrial training in Novoshakhtinsk GPTU-39.

. In 1978 he moved with his family in the mines, where in September began work educator in GPTU-33, and already in December, made his first murder.

. The first murder

. December 22, 1978 Chikatilo killed his first victim - 9-year-old Helen Zakotnovu
. The murder happened in the house of N26 (t. n. 'hut') on Mezhevoy Lane, Chikatilo, who bought for 1,500 rubles secret from family and used for meetings with prostitutes.

December 24 mines, and all the Rostov region, has shocked a terrible discovery. Near the bridge over the river Grushevka found dead 9-year-old student of Class 2 school N11 Lenochka Zakotnovoy. As demonstrated expertise, the unknown has committed sexual intercourse with a girl in a normal and perverse forms, causing her tears vagina and rectum, and also caused three penetrating stab wounds to the abdomen. Girl's death, however, had been caused by mechanical asphyxia - choked her. The expert suggested that Lena was killed on the day of his disappearance (parents contacted the police on Dec. 22), not before 18.00. It was PE! The murder of the child, and with particular brutality, involving sexual violence, at the time demanded the immediate disclosure. In the case thrown one of the most experienced local detectives - a senior investigator justice consultant Izhogina. Through a fine sieve passed locals. It is worth noting that the area where the murder occurred, rather dysfunctional - the private sector, where workers lived, local business, prone to drinking, quite a number of lumpen.

. As it turned out later, Chikatilo lured the girl to 'huts' promises to give a chewing gum
. As he showed during the investigation, he only wanted to 'play around with it'. But when he tried to undress her, the girl began to scream and escape. Fearing that her neighbors will hear, Chikatilo leaned on her and began to choke. The suffering of the victim filed it, and he experienced an orgasm.

The girl's body and her school bag Chikatilo thrown into the river Grushevka. Dec. 24 and found a corpse in the same day arrested a suspect in the murder - Alexander Kravchenko, who previously served 10 years for the rape and murder of his own age. Kravchenko's wife gave him an alibi for December 22 and December 27 he was released. But on Jan. 23, 1979 Kravchenko committed a theft at his neighbor. The next morning the police detained him and found the stolen things in the attic of his house. In cell Kravchenko helped the murderer and drug addict who beat him, forcing to confess to the murder Zakotnovoy. Zhenya Kravchenko told that her husband had been in prison for murder and accused of complicity in the murder Zakotnovoy. The frightened woman signed everything that she demanded.

February 16, 1979 Kravchenko confessed to killing Zakotnovoy. First he was sentenced to 15 years in jail, but relatives of the dead girl demanded a retrial and death. As a result, it Kravchenko three times sent for further investigation, in the end, sentenced to death. July 5, 1983 29-year-old Alexander Kravchenko was executed for murder, which made Charles Manson.

However, the investigation was and another suspect. January 8, 1979 in Cherkessk (Rostov region) hanged some Anatoly Grigoryev, 50 years old, a native of Mines. December 31 New Year's Eve, in the tram, an employee who he was, Grigoriev, being drunk, boasted to colleagues that he supposedly stabbed and strangled the girl, about 'which is written in the newspapers'. Hardworking knew that 'only when drunk fantasy of waking up', but because no one believed him. However, Grigoriev, apparently expecting that these drunken revelations are back to haunt. Arriving to his daughter in Cherkessk, he was very nervous, I drank a lot, crying that no one was killed, and raised over false accusations. Waited until her daughter went to work, Grigoriev, hanged himself in the toilet. The investigation revealed that the murder of Anatoly learned from the newspapers and made self-incriminating, trying such a strange way to raise its prestige among colleagues.

. Beginning of a series of murders

. The first murder frightened Chikatilo, and 3 years, he did not kill anyone
. However, September 3, 1981 he killed 17-year old prostitute Larisa Tkachenko. Take her to the belts, he tried to do with her sex, but it did not work stirred. When Tkachenko was mock him, he struck her several stab wounds, scored his mouth mud, strangled and bitten nipples. The corpse was found the next day.

Almost a year later, June 12, 1982, he killed a 12-year-old Love Biryuk. A series of murders began: in 1982, Chikatilo killed a total of seven children aged from 9 to 16 years. In the future victims, he examined at bus stops and railway stations, under any pretext (show the short road, puppy, stamps, VCR, and t. d.) luring them into belts, and, passing far enough into the depths of the forest (sometimes the victims were from the murderer a few kilometers - Chikatilo always walked in front), suddenly threw a knife. At the mutilated bodies of those killed were found to sixty stab wounds, many were cut off and otkusheny noses, tongues, genitals, breasts, eyes gouged out (Chikatilo could not stand sight of their victims). Among his victims was a lot of vagrants, alkogolichek and mentally retarded. Since it is rarely the victim may have committed sexual intercourse and orgasm at the time of the killing, touching the carcass of the penis.

First arrest

At the 1984 peak of activity has Chikatilo - he killed 15 people, the total number of victims to 32. August 1st, he acted as Chief of the Supply Department of the Rostov industrial association 'Spetsenergoavtomatika'. Work was associated with constant travel around the country, that it was very convenient. 8 August, he went to his first trip to Tashkent, where he killed a woman and a 12-year-old girl.

. September 14, 1984 at the Microelectronics and the market because of suspicious behavior he was detained by the inspector police captain Alexander Zanosovsky with his partner of Shaykh Ahmad Ahmathanovym
. Chikatilo was trying to get acquainted with the girls, molested them in public transport, directly at the bus station with him engaged in oral sex prostitute. In his briefcase was a knife, a jar of vaseline and two coils of rope (it was all somehow returned Chikatilo, or other information, simply lost). He took a blood test, his blood group was the second. With the same sperm, which was found on the corpse of one of the victims, was the fourth. Later this fact explained by the fact that Chikatilo was allegedly t. n. 'paradoxical vydelitelstvo': the blood he had the second group, and the allocation of an organism - the fourth, and this provided him a kind of alibi. After the trial, Chikatilo will appear in the media as a 'paradoxical highlighter' - a man with an extremely rare feature of the organism ( 'one of a few million'). In fact, the analysis of the detected sperm gave a wrong result due to microbial contamination of the material.

Chikatilo was released, without conducting a more detailed investigation and analysis. However, he was expelled from the Communist party, of which he had been since 1960, and sentenced to one year of corrective labor. But it has already released 12 December 1984. In January 1985, Chikatilo moved with his family in Novocherkassk and settled there as an engineering officer at the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant. Later he became head of the department of metals of the plant, and in 1990 transferred to the Department of External Cooperation Rostov Systems, where he worked until his arrest.

. After his first arrest Chikatilo murdered 21 more people.

. Operation of 'The Forest'

. Time passed, and the killing continued in forest
. Therefore, in December 1985 began passing under the control of the CPSU, the statement 'The Forest' - perhaps the most rapid large-scale event ever undertaken by the Soviet and Russia's law enforcement. For all the operation to the involvement of a series of murders has been tested more than 200 thousand. man, was discovered in 1062 in passing offense, has been accumulated information on 48 thousand. people with sexual deviations, were delivered to spetsuchet 5845 people tested 163 thousand. drivers of vehicles. There have even used military helicopters to patrol the railroad tracks and adjacent forest plantations. Detective murderers cost the state about 10 million rubles in 1990 prices.

. Special Operations Group seized with the case of forest plantations killers, led by Viktor Burakov, who turned to a psychiatrist Alexander Boukhanovsky requested to draw up a psychological portrait of the perpetrator
. Boukhanovsky immediately rejected the version that the murderer is mentally ill, marginalized or homosexual. In his opinion, the offender was an ordinary, unremarkable Soviet citizen, with family, children and work (one of the nicknames killer was 'Citizen X').

. Female officers of militia, dressed in civilian clothes, as bait ever traveled by train
. Route Taganrog - Donetsk - Rostov - Salsk throughout the militia controlled by. Chikatilo, as the fighters had himself participated in this operation and was on duty at the stations, 'helping' the police to catch himself. Sensing the increased oversight, he became more cautious and in 1986 no one killed.

The killings continued in 1987, when on May 16, he 13-year-old killed Oleg Makarenkova whose remains were discovered only in 1990, after the arrest Chikatilo. The corpses of children were found regularly, even in the center of Rostov, in the park and Botanical Garden Aviators. He killed and in other cities of the USSR, where he went on business trips - in Zaporozhye, Leningrad, Moscow. Management consequence assumed Issa Kostoyev, who served as deputy chief of the investigative unit of the RSFSR Procuracy.

. In September 1989, Kostoyev visited in Novocherkassk prison, sentenced to death for a serial killer Anatoly Cream, in the hope that he will help investigators
. But the cream, repeat the previous mistake of investigation, merely pointed out that the killings in forest is likely to make two: one 'specialist' on boys, the other - on girls and women. 'It is useless, - he said. - This is not possible to calculate. As I know myself '. A few hours after the interview with Kostoevym Slivko was shot.

Psychological portrait of the murderer

Psychological portrait of the killers of forest belts, composed Boukhanovsky, took 62 pages of typewritten text. Sam Boukhanovsky portrait called 'prospective'.

According to him, the offender is not suffering from psychosis or mental retardation. Surface, and the behavior he was quite an ordinary person: the victim trusted him. He regarded himself as a talented, though he had no special abilities. He had developed a plan to track down and luring the victims, but he often improvised. He was heterosexual, while the boys played for him as a 'symbolic object', which he probably took out insults and humiliations of childhood and adolescence. He was nekrosadistom, which was necessary to observe the death and suffering of people to get sexual satisfaction. To bring the victim in a helpless state, he first hit her on the head. He was physically well developed, high growth. Numerous stab wounds he inflicted, were for him means 'enter' (in the sexual sense) in the victim. Blade played the role of the penis, making the wound reciprocating motion, but not leaving it entirely. Therefore, most likely, he was impotent. He dazzled his victims because he was afraid to look. Cut off parts of the body he has maintained as a 'trophy' or possibly eat them. Cutting off the genitals of boys, he tried to make them more similar to women or to vent anger on his own sexual failure. His age - from 25 to 50, but most likely he was from 45 to 50 years - the age at which most often develop sexual perversions. If he was married, his wife was not particularly demanding on him and allowed him to frequent and long absent from home. Perhaps he had a personal transportation (Chikatilo really had a car, but he did not enjoy it when committed murder), or his job was to travel. He could have the time to stop killing, if he felt danger, but would not stop until until it had not been caught or died.

Second arrest, trial and punishment

In 1990, Chikatilo killed 8 more people. His last murder he committed on November 6. The victim was 22-year-old prostitute Svetlana Korostik. After killing her, he came out of the woods, and near the railway station 'Donleshoz' he was stopped by a police officer Ihor Rybakov, who asked to produce documents. Mentioning the name, he let Manson.

A few days later near the same station was found dead Korostik. Forensic physician set the date for the murder - about a week ago. Checking reports on duty at the time of policemen Kostoev drew attention to the name Chikatilo, who had been detained in 1984 on suspicion of involvement in murders in forest. November 17 for Chikatilo established a permanent monitoring. He behaved suspiciously: trying to get acquainted with the boys and girls appeared in places where the corpses.

Chikatilo was arrested on November 20, 1990. On that day, get time off from work, he went to the clinic to make an X-ray the finger, which during the struggle he bite one of the victims. The finger was broken. Chikatilo went home, then went to the shop for a beer (according to other sources, for kvass because he was categorically against the use of alcohol). Along the way he tried to get acquainted with the boys. Then he was arrested and. A search of his home found a kitchen knife 23 (still do not know whether they used to murder) and shoes, the imprint of which coincides with the imprint, found near the corpse of one of the victims.

. Chikatilo was interrogated for ten days, but he did not realize what
. Direct evidence against him was not, and has already expired term of his detention. Then Kostoyev appealed for help to Boukhanovsky, and he agreed to talk with the murderer. After a conversation with a psychiatrist on November 30 Chikatilo confessed to the killings and began to testify. He was accused in 36 murders, he also confessed to 56.

His trial started April 14, 1992, was held in Rostov house of justice. Chikatilo was trying to portray madness: shouting, insulting judges and in the audience, laid bare the sexual organs, claimed that he was pregnant and lactating. But the forensic psychiatric examination, which was conducted three times, showed his complete sanity. October 15 he was sentenced to death (multi began reading the verdict on October 14 and finished the next day). Three murder investigation has failed to show why the official number of victims - 53. In addition, Chikatilo was charged with several cases of corruption of minors.

. While on death row, Chikatilo, wrote numerous complaints and requests for clemency, look after their health: doing exercises, eating with gusto.

. January 4, 1994 final request for clemency to the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin was dismissed
. February 14 Chikatilo was executed in Novocherkassk prison ..
Sexual violence

Many experts, even those who participated in the examination Chikatilo, argue that he never raped his victims, as well as suffering from impotence. On the other hand, . example, . Katherine Remslend (Katherine Ramsland), . written for the site crimelibrary.com text of Chikatilo, . indicates, . what, . at least, . One of his victims was found with signs of rape and in her anus was found sperm (the first time allowed to establish the blood group of killers forest plantations),
. The first arrest Chikatilo in 1984 and the last arrest in 1990 in his briefcase was found in the bank vaseline, . which, . Nicholas Modestov writes in his book 'Maniacs: Blind death', . together with a rope and a knife sharp natochennym, . was 'prepared for victims',
. Chikatilo When asked why he Vaseline, he replied that he uses it as shaving cream "in many official journeys'. Later in the interrogation he confessed that he used it with rape victims.

. Legal responsibility

. Three forensic examination clearly recognized Chikatilo sane, that is 'not suffering from any mental illness, and retained the ability to be aware of their actions and to direct them'
. But Nicholas Modestov believes that the verdict of doctors were motivated by a desire to protect society from murderers. If he was found mentally incompetent, that is, mentally ill, he would have avoided being shot and ended up in spetslechebnitsu. Theoretically, therefore, after some time he could be at large.

. Alexander Boukhanovsky argues that, in his opinion, Chikatilo was sick, and after the adoption of the new Criminal Code, it would recognize the 'partially insane', that too would be a psychiatric hospital for special purposes.

. Recognition Chikatilo sane means that he was aware of the illegal nature of his actions and could deliberately control their behavior
. But the insanity does not imply recognition of the rights of mentally healthy, and his behavior was normal.

. 'Paradoxical vydelitelstvo'

. Blood and the allocation of an organism containing the protein coincide AB0 antigen system always, but 15% of people do not secrete these antigens (T
. n. 'nevydeliteli').

But in 1958 the Italian scientist Mr.. Morganti was allegedly discovered the phenomenon of qualitative mismatch of AB0 antigens of blood and secretions (for example, a person with the second group of blood in the semen detected antigens third). Morganti proposed the term 'paradoxical vydelitelstvo', . and this 'feature' of the organism, he believed a genetically caused, . either associated with disease (eg, . in angina in the saliva can be found antigen A, . whose blood is not, . or sperm in trichomoniasis - antigen B).,

. The verdict of the Rostov Regional Court in the case Chikatilo his prolonged unexposed no errors due to experts and investigators in general flaws, . namely 'paradoxical vydelitelstvom' culprit: a mismatch of his discharge (semen) and blood of AB0 antigen system,
. Blood Chikatilo was the second (A), but his semen found on one of the victims was discovered, and traces of antigen B, which gave reason to believe that a murderer from the blood of forest belts of the fourth group (AB). We Chikatilo was not in the right blood group, and so after the detention in September 1984, he was released.

. But now it is proved that there is no 'paradoxical vydelitelstva' does not exist, as this phenomenon is contrary to the genetic foundations of systems AB0
. The phenomena of non-compliance on a group of body secretions and blood caused by bacterial contamination of the studied biological objects. To avoid incorrect results of the analysis would allow the use of appropriate techniques and high-quality reagents, but in the case of Chikatilo, this was not done.

. Yuri Dubyagin, . criminologist 'with 27 years of experience in the internal affairs', . co-author of 'survival school, . or 56 ways to protect your child from crime ', . considers, . that 'paradoxical vydelitelstvo' was coined to, . to justify the negligence of medical examiner, . conducting in 1984 CHikatilo blood.,

. Issa Kostoyev explicitly says that 'the analysis was made inaccurate'.

. 'Organized' or 'disorganized' serial killer

. Well-known classification, . developed by FBI Special Agent Robert Heyzelvudom and John Douglas (article 'The Lust Murderer', . 1980), . shares of all serial killers on the method of murder into two types: organized and disorganized asocial non-social,
. Organized killers are characterized by the ability to control their desires, they have a clear plan to track down and seduction of the victim. If the plan fails, then the killer is able to postpone its implementation. Accordingly, intelligence organized killer is normal or even above average, they often have higher education.

. In contrast to the organized serial killers, disorganized unable to control their emotions and commit murder in a fit of rage (in the heat of passion), they often kill literally 'first-encountered' Rights
. Their intelligence is usually reduced down to mental retardation, or they have a mental illness. Unlike organized killers, they are socially maladjusted (do not have work, family, living alone, do not care for themselves and their homes), then there are not 'mask of normality'. Chikatilo made his killing in the heat of passion, but deliberately, systematically prepared the conditions for their commission (so he could lull his victims, some were with him in the woods up to five kilometers). When the victim refused to go with him, he never pressured her, fearing to bring witnesses, and immediately went in search of a new one.

. Domestic forensic psychology textbook Obraztsova and Bogomolov Chikatilo clearly applies to 'disorganized asocial type'
. However, Chikatilo did not clean his representative. For example, according to the criteria Heyzelvuda - Douglas, disorganized killer usually lives near the scene of murder - Chikatilo also committed their murders across the Rostov region and across the Soviet Union. On the other hand, the organized killer is trying not to leave the crime scene evidence, trying to get rid of the corpse - Chikatilo is leaving 'chaotic picture of the crime', with a lot of evidence, and did not try to hide the body.

. Chikatilo in popular culture

. NTV Broadcasting Company in 1997 withdrew the two-part documentary 'On the track of Satan' from the series 'Criminal Russia'.

. For explanation of the case Chikatilo was shot two feature films - 'Citizen X' (1995) and 'Evilenko' (2004) with Malcolm McDowell in the title role.

. In the horror film Tony Urbana 'pound of flesh' (2004) appears female character Sasha Chikatilo (and Eve Heyn, Yves Fish, etc., to say the names of the most famous serial killers, cannibals).

. In June 2000 in a Paris theater-studio Rene Guerra premiere one-actor performance of Michael Volokhova 'tower Chikatilo'.

. Group 'Orchestra Che' performs the song 'Yes, I - ChEkatilo', which implicitly refers to the famous serial killer.

. Chikatilo is mentioned in the song of 'Snowstorm' 'All people - Chikatily', dating from the beginning of the 1990's.

. In the song 'Ripper von Rostow' (2004) German dark metal band 'Eisregen' describes the murder of his last victim Chikatilo Svetlana Korostik.

. In the world of alternative reality dilogii Lev Vershinin 'Selva does not like strangers' and 'Selva can wait' is described by a special squad 'Chikatilo'.

. In the song 'Rive Gauche' brigade in a row (2007) heard the following words: 'I'd better Chikatile caught under the knife than go to this most accursed Rive Gauche'.

. In the song 'Cool man cheese' Russia's Party 'Lunophobia' referred to Charles Manson.

. The repertoire of the collective 'Malyuta Skuratov' exists 'Song Chekatilo'

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Andrei Chikatilo, photo, biography
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