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Austria has learned from the First world war, said Heinz Fischer

Andrey Zolotov. The head of Austria Heinz Fischer said that the Austro-Hungarian Empire bears " a significant part of the responsibility for the outbreak of the First world war and that Austria has learned lessons from this tragic period in its history, adhering to the policy of peace and neutrality, notified on the official Internet representation of the President.

" It is true that the Austro-Hungarian monarchy bears some responsibility for the outbreak of the First world war. But it is also true that other factors, other persons and other countries have also made their own contribution to the fateful events of 100 years ago, " said Fischer speech on " state memorial act " in the National library in Vienna.

the event was also attended by the Chancellor of the country Werner Faymann, deputies of Parliament, Ministers, judges, Commissioners of the clergy and the public.

The first world war is of particular importance To Austria, because It began With the assassination on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo of the young Serbian nationalist heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and ended in 1918 section of the country and the formation on the territory of several countries, and among them the First Austrian Republic.

" With the Austrian point of view, wounds that time healed, " said Fischer.

For official memorial meeting Austrian authorities have connected the two events: the 100th anniversary of the start of the war and separated from it by a few weeks the 100th anniversary since the death of the mother of the peace movement, one of the first Nobel peace prize Baroness Bertha von Suttner.

" It was Cassandra his time before the First world war, " said Fischer in his keynote address, entitled " Peace and war ".

" I guess you could say that Austria made a lesson from history, " said the head. The proof of this he called the neutrality of Austria, its membership in the European Union, the use of military power in peacekeeping operations, readiness to help the international dialogue in difficult situations.

Referring to increased international tensions over Ukraine, which some observers sometimes compared With the situation before the First world war, Fischer said that " it would be wrong to put Ukraine in a certain degree of choice between EU and Russia ". In his vision, For all participants better if Ukraine will build " good and fair " relations in both directions.

The new head of Ukraine has the authority to have meaningful conversations With Russia and Europe and to develop future-oriented policy of good neighborliness and economic policy of the country ", said Fischer.

" The policy also always mean you have to think a head of your counterpart. Ukraine should think the same way and head of Russia, and Russia - the head of Ukraine. This, of course, applies to the relations between Europe and Russia or Europe and Ukraine ", - said the head of Austria.

on the commemorative event was also supported by the Austrian Chancellor Faymann, the music sounded.

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Austria has learned from the First world war, said Heinz Fischer
 -  Знаменитости Austria has learned from the First world war, said Heinz Fischer
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