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FMS: in the border regions of Russia are about 400 thousand Ukrainian immigrants

About 400 thousand of immigrants From Ukraine are in the border regions of Russia, said on Thursday the head of the Federal migration service Konstantin Romodanovsky.
according to him, only four of the last day their number increased From 330 thousand to 400 thousand, RIA " Novosti ". For his part, the head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov said that to oversee the work on Affairs of immigrants From Ukraine at the state level will be one of Vice-premiers." at the state level, this work must be coordinated by one of the Vice-premiers, who specifically, we did not discuss this question. It is not our prerogative. As the head of government can figure out, " said Ivanov. However, he specified that at the level of the governors have already developed a certain system. For example, in the Rostov region such matters are handled by one of the Deputy head. Ivanov also said that the period of stay of immigrants from Ukraine has a possibility to be extended From 90 days to one year With possible prolongation." he came to us as a refugee With one passport and, as I said, With a plastic bag Is all his property. If you act legally, then after 90 days, he is obliged to return to Ukraine. Where will he be back? For this reason, we wish to extend only for this category of people the right of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation for one year With possible prolongation ", said Ivanov. From June, aggravation of situation in the South-East of Ukraine has greatly increased the flow of immigrants into the Russian Federation, for example in the border of the Rostov region. Every day in the region drawn up to 10 thousand people of Ukraine, some of which remains in the area, the rest of transit. Remember, at the end of April the head of the Federal migration service Konstantin Romodanovsky said that signs of a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine become more obvious - are killed peaceful citizens, And among them women and children. At the end of may, Ukraine were invited to provide the delivery of the Russian humanitarian aid to the East of the country. However, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry on aid would not. on 16 June it was announced that for the last month in the Rostov region went and stayed on the territory of the Russian Federation more than 70 thousand Ukrainians. The number of immigrants from Donbass, only according to the UN, has exceeded 10 thousand, And in last Sunday's Commissioner for the rights of the child Under the President of Russia Pavel Astakhov said about the entrance of the Rostov region With Ukraine only for a day 13, 5 thousand People. In categ Authorized official of EMERCOM of Russia Alexander Drobyshevsky said that in Russia, according to official data of the Ministry, are almost 19 thousand Immigrants From Ukraine, according to unconfirmed data, there are many more.

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FMS: in the border regions of Russia are about 400 thousand Ukrainian immigrants
 -  Знаменитости FMS: in the border regions of Russia are about 400 thousand Ukrainian immigrants
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