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Bezrukov will give the album

MOSCOW, 5 Jul - Last news . Artist and art, head of the Moscow Province theatre Sergey Bezrukov at the all-Russian Lermontov holiday,

dedicated to the 200th anniversary since the birth of Mikhail Lermontov, the Museum will give a gift to the museums own album With famous works and romances to the verses of the poet.

According to Bezrukova, the idea to make an Album " Dedication to Lermontov " arose in connection With the 200th anniversary since the birth of the poet, which will be celebrated fifteen October 2014. In creating the album, except Bezrukova, took part artists Province theatre and soloists of the Governor's orchestra of the Metropolitan area: Anton Khabarov, Valeria Lanskaya, Gregory Firsov, Anton Sokolov Sergey Vershinin,

Stepan Kulikov, Valery Minin, Julia Pilipoviд?a, Vladimir Avtomonov, Anastasia Starchikova.

" I will go on holiday in Tarkhany, where happened many times already. This is a wonderful place in the Penza province, the former estate grandmother Lermontov, where the future poet spent his childhood and adolescence. Every year on the 1st day of July there are thousands of fans of creativity of the great poet and read his poems and works of other authors. I too will take part in this poetic festival and read your favorite Lermontovskiy " Valerik " and

" Rodina ", which today sound extremely important ", said Last news Bezrukov.

The content of the album, the Actor said that the Album would like to include as many of the works of the great Russian poet, but the scope of the disk restricted desires." as a result we took the most famous poems of Lermontov Is and lyric poet, and his software things, and wonderful, beloved of all romances on poems of Lermontov. I wished that in General this disk was seen as a radio drama about life and people, created in poetry, Lermontov, in which so much consonant with current events. In the end I left a moment of pure sound of nature to give to listen and to feel the perfection of nature that we do not value and do not save ", - he explained.

the Album includes such poems and romances Lermontov, as " Valerik ", " Motherland ",

" Duma ", " I will not grovel before thee ", " I am yellowing Niva ", " Confession ",

" Prayer ", " Parus ", " Portrait ", " Cossack lullaby ", " No, not you I passionately love ", " I Go out alone on the road " and others. The album was created with the assistance of the Fund of support and development of social and cultural projects Sergei Bezrukov and, most importantly, will be donated to Lermontov's museums and the first of them -

The state Museum-reserve " Tarkhany ".

Sergey Bezrukov is a graduate of the school-Studio of MKHAT, the student Oleg Tabakov,

People's Actor of the Russian Federation. Since 1993 he worked in the theatre under the direction Tabakov, which has played dozens of roles in the performances, among them: " the passions of Bumbarash ", " Biloxi Blues ",

" Crowded markets containers ", " Inspector ", " sailor's silence ", " even a wise man stumbles ", " Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro ". Bezrukov demand in the movie " Brigada ", " Master and Margarita ", " Yesenin ", " Chinese service ", " Irony of fate. Continuation " and others. From 2013, the Actor is the artistic head of the Moscow Province theatre.

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Bezrukov will give the album  -  Знаменитости Bezrukov will give the album  шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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