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ALBUM Michael Nilovich

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Biography ALBUM Michael Nilovich
Born in 1851 in St. Petersburg, the son of a deacon. He studied in St. Petersburg V. school and at the Faculty of St. Petersburg. University. From summer 1877 to spring 1878 was in the army of the Danube as the brother of Mercy. Not long served in the Estonian Excise. In 1898, in fact edited the Pridneprovsky Land "in Yekaterinoslav; from 1891 to 1894 was managing editor of the Northern Messenger. He began to write more in the second grade school. Thirteen years, he sent his story "Zapiski basement tenant" in the "Petersburg leaflet" Elijah Arseniev, where the story was printed. A. published later in the Petersburg Gazette "Arseniev," Son of the Fatherland "Starchevsky," Sunday Leisure ". The first serious thing his novel "Pshenitsyn", placed in the "Cause" (1873), but a real literary success was his novel "The day the results" ( "Word", 1879). This was followed by the story "Before the pier" (1. "Educating Lelka and 2. "Day in the bosom of nature," "word" 1879 and 1880) and have had brilliant success story "A mysterious street" (Delo, 1882) and "Mysterious End Street" (Delo, 1882). A Celebrity. increased by printing of his novel "robe" ( "Case", 1883). The release of the first book of his "Tales and Stories" was welcomed in 1884, Michael's article that examined the stories Al'bov parallel with things Barantsevich. Both writers, largely related spiritually and convergence in living conditions have become a kind of literary twins and not for one critical. As if to celebrate this closeness, together they have written a humorous novel "The Tower of Babel" with the continuation: "The Mysterious Stranger" ( "News", 1886). In this novel portrayed former Pushkin's circle, with a humorous-portraits of the participants, including many who made his name later peer A. and Barantsevich. After the lyrical story "Fish groans" ( "Fragments", 1885) A. was printed in Russian Thought "(" How to burn wood, 1887). Ibid later was a big story of his "Jubilee" (1895). A. yet published in the Journal of Europe "(" Philip Filippitch, 1885), "Northern Messenger" ( "Fortieth devil", "In the quiet waters," "Tosca"), "World of God" ( "Orphan" and "Glafirina mystery" ). Three recent stories, . related common heroes, . background and attitudes and forms a trilogy, . united author, . full collection of his writings, . in one big chronicle under the title "Day of da night, . - Scenes from the life of one human group,
. In "Dnieper Line" placed the novel A. "Mystery Mamaeva" ( "cunning plan Mamaeva"). In 1907 - 8 years by T-wah Marx published the complete works of A., . eight volumes, . composed of, . except the early works of A., . included wanting things: "From the old folders" - "City incident", . "Autumn evening", . later stories and sketches - "The Last Day of Judas", . historical narrative "Tsar Peter the Great and Lisette", . Chapter unfinished story "In the Afternoon", . sketch of "Dissonance", . "The beginning and end of an unsuccessful novel, . Volnoye imitation M,
. Twain - "Medal of Honor to Mr. Sweet". Laid down his pen to write the essay "Bell" ( "The Exchange Gazette), A. recently broke the silence only publishing excerpts from an unfinished novel: "The answer ahead", written in 1898 ( "Jubilee collection of the Literary Fund, 1910), and unfinished dramatic scenes (" Awakening ", 1910). - The story "Day of outcome", which caused the greatest number of critical reviews, first established the position of the proximity of talent A. to the talent of Dostoevsky. Michael has expressly recognized a. "disciple of Dostoevsky's style and techniques, and partly on the subjects of his writings". He even thought of the "Day of 'the way and through the turns is" The Double ", the" Notes from the Underground ", the" Crime and Punishment. Critic seen here "only an imitation, something superficial, from which a. can escape, "and added that" the sooner he got off, so, naturally, is better ". The reproach of imitation with the light hand of Michael's long drawn over A may be inhibiting the impressionable nature of the young writer. Fidelity A. just stay the tone for the whole of his complete works is now the best evidence of errors of the Mikhailovsky. A. akin to Dostoevsky, but not infected them. Something, in fact, terribly close to Dostoevsky emanate from the "Day of outcome" and later on a. "great shadow of Dostoevsky, and some other things a. Petersburg White Nights, . pouring "the strange twilight, . that is like no other night, . single day ", . misty autumn days with a beating with a barrel-organ, . with sad whistle of the distant ship, . stone walls of houses, . "pale as if in consumption", . Dust furniture, . black stairs with cats, . tsikornym with smoke and a baby crying, . after midnight knocking sewing machines, . on which sit, . removing weak chest, . consumptive women, . pale and dark people, . that no one shall go, . and that nobody goes, . sadly spiteful to colorless middle-class environment of his failed life, . devilishly vain, . hopelessly lonely and entirely gone in to the Duma - this is the favorite background and favorite images and the singer's "Poor People" and author of "Day of 'the,
. The huge stone city gave homogeneous impressions and Dostoyevsky and Alexander, which is part of a huge circle outlined by Dostoevsky. He is sincere and reveals its essence. But he - the school of Dostoevsky. The first things visible and obedience to his manner, and an involuntary falling into his style, from which a. completely freed later. But from first to last thing a. remained singer bobylstva intelligent, spiritual, and outside of loneliness, abandonment, grief people of the city, separated from the living, public affairs, which poses the beginning of the rebellion, and sometimes carrying it to the potential for them within. Philosophy A. very close to Chekhov: Chekhov took just type in the entire breadth and in it, for the most part, provincial coloring. Child Petersburg, A. gave only a great cold city. Confine itself to the study of their bureaucratic and spiritual worlds, A. not deployed as Chekhov, now universal Russian melancholy and gave only the psychology of superfluous and unnecessary suffering to the people of the city. His heroes - the heroes of a sad reaction typical of the era 1880 - 90-ies, , . not only did not dare to fight for the idea, . but impotent even in personal happiness, . construction of family, . in the capture of women,
. Net artist on mood and. never set out to journalistic trends. He never said - "that's who alone can create our social stagnation," but artistically A. said that formula, as if instinctively outlined the need to revolt, even for his characters devastated souls and crushed the ideal. Bunt Glazkova in "Day of the outcome," middle-class revolt of the soul, for many years dutifully which was spreading in collar (in the "End of unknown street") - a positive characters. And a nightmare, a terrible fire, sweeping away an unknown street with a face of the earth, so in place of the old life has grown a new, prevailing in his own life - once a symbol of that revolution, which should always be periods of complete subjugation and oholoscheniya shower. In the final withdrawal of the philosophy of A. completely coincides with the philosophy of Chekhov - "so impossible to live". Make such a diagnosis of Russian life at the beginning of his career, A. and throughout his career was a singer people caught in the zero degree of being and rotting in a dismal state teplohladnosti. Condensed expression of such sentiments given in the trilogy "The Day of da night". Single, . forgotten, . God knows what the current titular councilor Pavel Ivanovich Elkin lives by the principle of "day so a night - night away", . and the central event for quite a long period of idle time to kill him is to have a simple physical approximation of the cook Cleopatra,
. A similar "orphan", only in a skirt - Glafira in the last part of the Chronicles. Lived her middle-class life without love, without joy, Glafira claims, lastly, a tiny protest, agreeing by chance, a wild, absurd, after attempting suicide, with the first man you meet who have shown to her at least some semblance of a sense of male. Random convergence, of course, can not provide lasting happiness and a severe misunderstanding. Happiness - not for Glafira and not for Elkin: this is the final conclusion albovskoy philosophy. Art Receptions A. very peculiar. He started all his life remained faithful to the manner of the old writers - Dickens, Thackeray, our Goncharova. Patiently, . slowly, . He carefully writes out a trifle trifle, . he draws streets of St. Petersburg, . brown house on the avenue, . every kind of lousy teeming capital lyudom, . situation room of any Elkina or Glazkova, . or something, . wearing a headscarf as a cook Cleopatra,
. He counts each glass, drink his bachelor in the company of friends, every byword usual vypivok exactly the same as watching a long string of lonely thinking heroes. From this characteristic, affecting sometimes a disadvantage, and lowers the direct interest things, and. was not released in time, but the painstaking analysis, detailing particularly affected even in his later things which size more first novels. But, as in Goncharova, sometimes this method provides exceptional relief albovskomu description. Many years may pass, but you have already determined not to forget is deeply etched in my memory scene or figures. The image I remember you not for any little things, like Chekhov - beard, "growing from the neck" and t. on - but on the totality of strokes, carefully hand emerged writer. The secret of the fact that A. always alive, a true artist, able, for example, completely capture the reader into a nightmarish maelstrom of a natural drink of unknown heroes of the street and caught in this maelstrom. Final story called - one of the most striking evidence of the artistic power A. Those accidents alcoholics in ominously eerie reflection of the fire glow seem bestial persons with paintings by Francesco Goya. Russian spree, with smoke and flame, in all its tragedy and horror, comedy and absurdity of philistine oshaleniya, A. able to draw, as best they could really Gleb Uspensky, Leskov and Levitov. Description of a fire in a rundown quarter has not lost strength and beauty to this day. Later, in the "Jubilee" - the tale of the hero of the day spree, and a respectable working man who has fallen straight from the jubilee, God knows what institutions and. returned to the same subject spree Russia's intelligentsia, as antimeschanskogo riot. The genuine lyricism, brings a. with Levitov and Barantsevich, lies in the nature of his. In this sense, it is especially not psychology sad memories. Admission retrospective descriptions, oglyadok man with a past that he enjoys as a favorite, in half of his stories. Truthful and heavy drama, a lonely woman's soul remains his "day in the bosom of nature, where accidentally drove into the old estate of old lady survives half-childish, poludevicheskie impressions. Here and awkward fall (with gardener), and marriage with unloved man, and the whole future life, which would be fine, and has become - as often in Russia, as always with a. and Chekhov - in the "wild and ugly mess" in a dull and dreary rigmarole. By one of the best lyrical epics about the priest, loses his wife and remaining roam the mountain and vekovat century orphan, is the "robe", some pages of which even now is difficult to read without emotion. It is this writer, like AA, bachelor by nature, could understand the horror of the priest's widow, where a man does not leave any clearance in the joy of. As knowledge of life and the strength of the letter "robe" stands next to the novels on the same topic talented Forgotten-Nedetovskogo. Print some touching generosity, some old, now vanishing idealization lies on all pages of AA on women. In the "fish groans," the image of a fallen girl, symbolized by a poor little fish, languishing in a restaurant aquarium, went from a. soft, gentle, sad, as the old beautiful interpretation of Gogol's "dead, but nice creation". - Wed. SA. Vengerov, "critical-biographical dictionary ', t. I; Michael, "Works", t. V; K. Arseniev, Russian novelist ( "Critical Essays on Russian literature", t. II); E. Garshin, "Critical studies"; K. Golovin, "Russian novel"; A. Skabichevsky, "History of New Russian Literature"; Art. Kigna-Dedlova ( "Week", 1884); M. Protopopov ( "Case", 1884, "Russian Thought", 1887, N 11), K. Chukovskogo (Annex Niva), A. Izmailov ( "Exchange Vedomosti, 1907, August). A. Izmailov.

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ALBUM Michael Nilovich, photo, biography
ALBUM Michael Nilovich, photo, biography ALBUM Michael Nilovich  Talented writer, photo, biography
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