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Supreme mufti of Russia were indignant " brazen lies of politicians on the issue of Ukraine

The Central spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia (tsdum) expressed outrage " brazen lies and double standards politicians in connection with the events in Ukraine, said the head of the administration, Supreme Mufti of the state Talgat Tadzhuddin on the festive sermon in honor of Eid ul-Fitr.
" We cannot but feel the pain and suffering of Those who found themselves in need and misfortune who is hungry not only during lent. Suffering, pain and loss of loved ones, violent and bloodthirsty killing of civilians in the South-East of Ukraine and in the sacred land of Palestine pain and anger fill the hearts of million citizens of Russia, all who truly believe in one Lord of people in the world, " he said, transfers ITAR-TASS. Mufti noticed that terrible disaster that befell passengers Malaysian liner in the sky of Ukraine, shocked not only the relatives of the victims and to all Russians." at the same time We are deeply brazen lies and double standards of Those who are trying to use any excuse to bleed peoples and countries. Those who, speaking about the battle with crime, takes him to the rank of state policy ", - said the Mufti, adding that Russian citizens do not have the opportunity indifferent to observe this " tyranny and dictatorship." According to him, these strongly supports proposed by the President of the Russian Federation measures on maintenance of the independence and unity of the country, protection of its territory, timely neutralization of internal and external threats." This is the most important strengthening of interethnic and inter-confessional peace and accord, education of youth in the spirit of patriotism and responsibility for the fate of the Motherland and effective contribution to the prevention of extremism and radicalism, " said the Tadzhuddin. Remember, since mid-April, the Kyiv authorities are in the East of Ukraine " special operation " to suppress the protest movement in Donbass. Security forces are actively using heavy artillery and combat aircraft. Mentions numerous victims among the peaceful residents and the destruction of houses and infrastructure. The head of the csmm also noted that Muslims of Russia expresses its solidarity with the long-suffering peoples of Palestine and support the efforts of the Russian Federation to stop the aggression of the Israeli militarists ", the resumption of peace negotiations and peace on this Holy for all, Jew, Christian, and Muslim land." Palestine and Israel all July share of the missile attacks. on 8 July, the Israeli army announced the start of operations against Hamas. The operation was called " line of defense ". Fifteen July military-political Cabinet of Israel has agreed to accept the Egyptian proposal to stop the fire in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army, obeying the decision of the political leadership of the state, stopped military operations in Gaza. However, on the same day Israel resumed attacks, as Palestinian militants did not support a ceasefire.

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Supreme mufti of Russia were indignant ` brazen lies of politicians on the issue of Ukraine
 -  Знаменитости Supreme mufti of Russia were indignant ` brazen lies of politicians on the issue of Ukraine
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