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Magomayev led the girl singer

Artist Vyacheslav Olkhovsky in a Frank interview reported details of the private life of the master of domestic scene Muslim Magomayev. Thus, the actor admitted that he was a fan of a famous artist, and he drew away his beloved young woman.

August 17 to Muslim Magomayev would have been 72 years. In advance of the date a fan, which was lucky to touch the star, Vyacheslav Olkhovsky reminded some interesting details of the private life of the late singer. For example, all his life his dream of the raising to meet Magomayev Olkhovsky could not muster the courage to call him at the door. For him, it made him a beloved woman by the name of Libya.

"Thunder, not the woman! When I once went to the beach, the men devoured her with his eyes. In one of our meetings I confessed that he was dreaming about meeting with Magomayev, know where he lives, but not hesitate to go. She yelled, "Slava, what a fool you are! Have the cash? You need to buy a white rose, number 5, and I will arrange a meeting with Muslim. This is for you he's a star, but for me - simple man". That night my dream has come true. We came, knocked. The door opened, at the threshold is Muslim in his white shirt, trousers coffee color, a cigarette in his mouth. Casually glanced at me, detained view of Libya, it is no wonder that she is in a white dress, with the figure that follows the contour of the guitar. And Libya, as if in front of her old neighbor, negligent says: "Hullo! I Libya, and this Glory is he your biggest fan". Muslim kindly let us, then we almost fell into a swoon", - quotes alchevskogo "Express Gazeta". As it turns out, in housing was largely smoky - Magomayev was together with tobacco.

Acquaintance had a sequel. According to the artist, they Magomayev was often drunk, and Libya spent time with them. "The Muslim liked the presence of the young young women. I remember now: we drank a lot, I could not stand on his feet, but was ready to go home. Magomayev decides drunk driving own "Volga" - its non knew all the traffic police. Took me home, I take the hand Libya to work together to get out of the car. What Magomayev said firmly: "Go to bed, I'll take you where you". For the coming day overslept, I met with Libya, asked about everything. She confessed that spent the night with Muslim. To demand izjasni at Magomayev I did not, for me it was considered to be a Superman. If he did something, means it was necessary. However, with Libya we parted", - said the artist.

But Olkhovsky continued to communicate with Magomayev: "With the Muslim Magometovich I stopped to chat. Often they have to Tamara Sinyavskaya, the guests celebrated together anniversaries Maestro". Despite the fact that he Magomayev appreciated original baritone alchevskogo, he unpopular. The musician said: "I am unformat. Don't sing songs like Stas Mikhailov, I don't have a million dollars that asked me for producer Iosif Prigozhin for promotion. 2 years ago participated in the TV project "the Voice". In the jury - Pelageya, Bilan, Agutin, Gradsky. He sang them Aria, no one turned, it was so annoying. Goes, Magomaeva today in the country is not needed".

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Muslim Magomayev
Muslim Magomayev

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