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Muslim Magomayev

( Singer)

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Biography Muslim Magomayev
photo Muslim Magomayev
Magometovich Muslum Magomayev was born on July 17, 1942 in Baku in an artistic family. His father - Mohammed Magomayev - was a painter, son of the famous Azerbaijani composer Muslim Magomayev (his name is now musical Philharmonic in Baku), mother - Ayshet Ahmedovna - dramatic actress.

"His father's Muslim Magomayev almost can not remember - having gone to the front, he died heroically, throwing himself under fire to rescue a wounded comrade. It happened near Berlin for three days before the end of the war.

Muslim Magomayev recalls: "The postwar fate of the mother was such that she has found another family. I can not her anything to blame. She dramatic actress, always wandered the cities of Russia, never for a long time without working or in a theater. Origin Dzhamaletdin Magomayev father's brother and his wife, Maria Ivanovna became my real parents. These were smart people and a surprising number who have read.

Orders in our family respects the strict. My uncle was a staunch communist, honest and incorruptible. At a time when my teacher held senior government posts, unworthy nephew in the school from time to time asked not to wear a tie Pioneer. I was not upset: tie seemed like the thing above all uncomfortable, suffocating me, and always strove to climb ends in the inkwell.

Despite the fact that his uncle was a senior man, I'm not spoiled. I had toys, normal conditions for learning and making music, but - no frills. I remember when he started begging Aunt money, she refused: "Here you grow up, you'll earn yourself, then you will understand how the money went to".

As a boy, feeding great expectations, I was in music school at the Conservatory. Always knew that mathematics, physics, chemistry was not for me, and believed that it makes no sense to spend this energy. Worthwhile to see the problem from algebra or geometry, I felt that my brain does not work in these areas. I remember in math once I even left for the second year.

Unlike the exact sciences, playing the piano was given to Muslim Magomayev much more easily, and teachers in music schools of other Muslim great future. However, to reach the heights in this area, too, he could not - not enough perseverance. In 14 years Magomaev suddenly carried away by singing and only here felt really confident. He entered the vocal department, music school, but at the same time he took lessons from a wonderful teacher, Susanna Arkadyevna Mikaelian, a teacher at the Baku Conservatory. According to him, before the door of the cabinet, which he usually practiced, going to teachers and students and enthusiastically listened to his sonorous soprano, whom Muslim Magomayev deduced and cavatina Figaro, and the 'Nightingale' Alyabiev, and Carmen '.

November 23, 1974 Muslum Magomayev Magometovich married to singer Tamara Sinyavskaya.

'However, to formalize its relationship with Magomayev she was in no hurry. This continued up until their mutual friend could not resist, took their passports and took it to the registry office. November 23, 1974 they undersigned. On the same day in one of the capital's restaurants held a wedding for a hundred people. In addition, another three hundred, heard about the event, gathered near the restaurant and chanted in unison to Magomaev sang their favorite songs. On this day the singer was unable to deny the suffering and within half an hour singing an encore in the open window of restaurant. Then, three months gone with bronchitis.

After the noisy festivities in Moscow, Young went on their honeymoon at the groom's home - in Baku. SINYAVSKY took it as 'Gelin' - the daughter of Azerbaijan. The very first secretary of the CC CP Republic Heydar Aliyev gave the newlyweds on this occasion a reception at his dacha.

Meanwhile, the first few years of married life and Magomayev Sinyavskaya not been trouble-free. Two strong, to the same creative individuals could not share with each family pedestal. Because of this, among them more often quarrel arose, some of which led to a temporary separation - in such cases Muslum Magomayev took a plane ticket and flew to Baku. However, these departures quickly ended the reunion party, with the first step towards reconciliation did Magomayev. Very often, these reconciliation, given the broad nature eastern Magomayev, attaching them very solemnly and pompously.

Tamara Sinyavskaya recalls: 'There was a case where Muslim Magomayev, returning from a trip, turned to me on a tour to Kazan. I sang Lyubasha in 'The Tsar's Bride', and during intermission, when I went to the bow, I was presented with a huge bouquet from him - for me it was not visible. There were one hundred fifty-four carnations! The audience gasped. And, of course, when he appeared in the box, the audience was not up to the opera ... '

. -Union of Muslim Magomayev fame came after his speech in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses in the final concert of the festival of Azerbaijani art in 1962
. First solo concert Magomayev on 10 November 1963. in the concert hall named after Tchaikovsky. In 1963, Magomayev became a soloist of the Azerbaijan Theater of Opera and Ballet Theater. Akhundov, continues to serve on the concert stage. In 1964-1965, he trained at the Milan La Scala theater.

In 1969 at a festival in Sopot M. Magomaev I receive the prize, but in Cannes - "gold plate". In 1973, at age 31, he was awarded the title People's Artist of the USSR. From 1975 to 1989 Magomaev was artistic director where he established the Azerbaijan State Symphonic Orchestra, with whom he toured the Soviet Union.

His concert repertoire Magomayev was more than 600 works (Russian romances, classical, pop and Neapolitan songs), he starred in the films: "Nizami", "Muslim Magomaev singing" and "Moscow in the notes". Magomaev by more than 20 songs, music for films.

Almost all of his family - professional musicians. In three years of Muslim pick up tunes on the piano. In five composed a song. About who to be in life, never thought - of course, musician. Perhaps it could become not only a singer but also a dramatic actor, composer, pianist. The very talented man, who 'talented in all'.

Successfully speaking and abroad, the Soviet Union 1960 - 1970-ies Magomayev has a completely abnormal Fame. Worship Magomayev - hysteria spreads like an epidemic. Throughout the Soviet Union. He was, as now, would say, a sex symbol. Moms current thirties fell in love Magomayev. At the concerts it was impossible to break. Everyone in the audience liked it: the singing, and looks like, and how to behave, and that sings. Ideal actor and a perfect gentleman. Yet for Magomayev expression 'sex symbol' is superficial and inaccurate.

Muslim Magomayev has successfully performed in opera. No one he sang Mozart's Figaro with such artistry as he. But he chose not classics, but the so-called light music, song genre, which has led the narrow-minded aesthetes purists lament: Oh, well, what with such a voice - and sing songs ... They are absolutely not worried about that song a mostly wonder how good and varied, and sings them Magomaev, sincerely enjoy and not sparing the vocal cords. In the end, what remains of Magomayev?

In addition to the legend - lots of excellent entries, which you can imagine that in general it is - 'song of the twentieth century'. Repertoire Magomayev combined incongruous: songs by Soviet composers (immortal hits from Arno Babajanian, Alexandra Pahmutowa Oscar Feltsman), opera arias, Neapolitan songs, even rock. He was the first on the big stage of the Soviet sang The Beatles. That was Yesterday, authored by Anna ceremonies Chekhov declared funny: 'Lennon-McCartney'. Do it soon - have already earned a monument. And this is - only a small episode in the history of his great. And here is his famous 'wedding' (used to joke that, perform Magomayev only her and only at weddings, has lived a good idea) singer disliked, as admitted a couple of years ago in a television interview.

. Until recently Magomaev lived in Moscow, from time to time leaving on tour to the city of the former Soviet Union and abroad.

. Muslim Magomayev has died in Moscow on October 25, 2008 at 67 th year of life after serious illness
. Legendary singer suffered from ischemic heart disease and atherosclerosis. In July, the third time in hospital. But in hospitals Magomayev preferred not to linger, was treated outpatients. For reasons of health reacted with optimism ...

. Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev expressed his deep and sincere condolences on the passing of Magomayev his wife, family and friends, and admirers of the artist.


. CD

. 1995 thank you
. 1996 Arias from operas, musicals (Neapolitan song)
. 2001 Stars of the Soviet music (Muslim Magomaev
. Best)
2001 Love - my song (Country of Dreams)
2002 Recollections of A. Babajanian and P. Christmas (Series 'stars, who do not die out')
2002 Muslim Magomayev (Favorites)
2002 Opera Arias
2002 Songs of Italy
2002 Concert in the Hall of Tchaikovsky, 1963. (Fund Rashid Behbudov, Azerbaijan)
2002 Great performers Russia XX century (Muslim Magomaev)
2003 With love to a woman
2003 Plays, Musicals, Movies
2004 Rhapsody of Love
2004 Muslum Magomayev. Improvisation
2005 Muslum Magomayev. Concerts, concerts, concerts.
2006 Muslum Magomayev. Arias P. I. Tchaikovsky and C. Rachmaninoff. Piano - Boris Abramovich.

Vinyl records

Was issued more than 45 records with songs Magomayev. Information on the exact number of copies of these publications no.


. 1963 Till we meet again, Muslim (film-concert)
. 1964 When a song does not end (film-concert)
. 1969 Lifted (film-concert)
. 1969 Moscow in notes (film-concert)
. 1971 Poet Muslim Magomayev (film-concert)
. 1973 Following Bremen musicians (film)
. 1982, Nizami (a film about the poet and philosopher Nizami)
. 1985 Legend of Silver Lake, music for the film
. 1987 outing, music for the film

. Awards
. 1971 Order of Red Banner of Labor
. 1980 Order of Friendship of Peoples
. 1997 Order 'Shokhrat' (Azerbaijan)
. 2002 Order 'Istiqlal' (Azerbaijan)
. 2002 Order of Merit
. 2004 Order of Lomonosov Moscow State University (Academy of Security, Defense and Law Enforcement Code)
. 2005 National Prize of the Peter the Great

. People's Artist of USSR
. Honored Artist of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
. Badge of Honor 'For services to Polish culture'
. Breastplate 'Miner's Glory' III degree
. Order 'Heart Danko', awarded for outstanding achievements in the development of Russia culture.

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  • Eugene for Muslim Magomayev
  • I would like to know, and if possible purchase CD with the songs, but on what they drive, I do not know. 1. Liverpool 2. Azerbaijan Yours Eugene [email protected]
  • Eugene for Muslim Magomayev
  • I would like to know, and if possible purchase CD with the songs, but on what they drive, I do not know. 1. Liverpool 2. Azerbaijan Yours Eugene [email protected]
  • Elvira for Muslim Magomayev
  • Muslim Magomayev --- this is a phenomenal talent. Is there a such-is a unique Orpheus.
  • Johnny Z for Muslim Magomayev
  • I remember his performance in Sopot, Poland in the late 60's. Exceptional artist.
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