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Broadcasting Council of the United States recognized the superiority of Russian media in the information war

USA impressed by the efficient work of Russian media coverage of the fall in Ukraine, this verdict follows from meetings of the governing Council on the problems of broadcasting in the USA (BBG, Broadcasting Board of Governor), the head of Barack Obama will be a private person to monitor the strengthening of the American campaign and imposing.
The meeting was joined by teleconference key foreign policy Advisor to U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, Ben Rhodes, located At the present time together With his boss on vacation in Massachusetts. Zam. the Secretary of state for public diplomacy Stengel asked him to comment on the public debate about Ukraine between Moscow and Washington, which He called " competition in the information market ". The diplomat admitted that shocked at How skillfully the Russian side defends its place, for example, in social networks, according to ITAR-TASS." Like you, I believed that in this area we must be out of the competition, But in reality it is not so, " said Stengel, who in the recent past was a journalist and head of the media. In response Rhodes, most importantly, has called the situation in Ukraine " ideal test " for propaganda USA and praised the state Department for " very aggressive use their communication tools for broadcasting in Ukraine and the region as a whole ". He immediately agreed with someone that North America has to operate in terms of " increased competition " and that Moscow is investing enormous resources in its coverage, most importantly, on the channel " Russia today ". Stengel previously said in this context about the " billions of dollars ". Advisor to the President of the United States drew attention to the fact that activities of one channel the efforts of the Russian media are not limited to." If you look at the information space of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, the Russian citizens use a variety of different platforms, He said pointing.- Information goes through (the Internet company) YouTube and Twitter via social media. It also includes their TV, although for us it yesterday ". However, Rhodes said the Russian data on events in Ukraine unreliable." with his own hand, we need to be very aggressive in correcting misinformation, Both in content and presence on different platforms ", - noted He. No real journalistic objectivity in the assessment of the situation in Ukraine at the meeting of the American propagandists speech was not and could not go. This situation was described and commented only in the anti-key. But even in this context, the editor of radio " Freedom " and " Free Europe " (RS/RSU), specifically responsible for the coverage of events on the ground, was forced to admit that the position surrounded by the Ukrainian law enforcers Donetsk and Lugansk is in the nature of " humanitarian of the fall ". In his own opening remarks, Rhodes assured the members of the BBG that Barack Obama himself pays great attention to the problems of the changing structure of the international broadcast of the USA and not so long ago held a separate meeting on the issue. However, According to the adviser of the President in the White house believe that in the management of this apparatus it is necessary to preserve direct state participation, as well as to avoid fragmentation and duplication of Supervisory and managerial functions. BBG is a bipartisan body of the Department of civil foreign propaganda in the United States. He is responsible for the " Voice of America "radio station RS and RSU (broadcasting in the Russian Federation, Eastern Europe and Central Asia), Free Asia, radio and TV Marti " (broadcasting to Cuba, radio Sawa and television " al-Hurra " (broadcasting to the middle East). Ex officio in the composition of the Board includes the Secretary of state, although He often iridoviral part in the work of his profile to the Deputy. In this case, John Kerry was meeting Richard Stengel. The participants BBG also decided to consider the establishment of a satellite-American propaganda channel for broadcasting in the Russian Federation. Moreover, they also discussed the idea of establishing such a channel for broadcasting to China. In July it was announced that NATO wants to actively oppose the Russian supply line information on what is happening in Ukraine.


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Broadcasting Council of the United States recognized the superiority of Russian media in the information war
 -  Знаменитости Broadcasting Council of the United States recognized the superiority of Russian media in the information war
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