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Popular rapper Noize MC betrayed Russia

Famous Russian rapper Noize MC angered the population own performance in Lviv tied around his waist Ukrainian flag.

Fans of the musician, real name is Ivan Alekseev, believe that he "betrayed the Russian Federation"and some Ukrainians in the explanations under the video have no doubt that with their symbols, you could do more respectfully and carefully, tying the flag is not in the navel, and on the neck.

Beloved rapper young people and 1 of the most well-paid local singers Noize MC participated in the rock-festival "Zahid" in Lviv. On stage Alekseev went out with a flag of Ukraine, was waving, and then tied at the waist like a skirt and made in such a form.

Before the performance, the artist turned to the visitors with a welcoming speech. "Our current performance we would like to dedicate to all the victims of the information war. Anyone who suddenly decided that your brothers and neighbors is some washed-up ...that pursue some crazy goals. We are not like that. And we believe you also not about that," sensually turned Noize MC to the crowd, Isupova it in the applause.

Fragments of performances by the stars spread across the Internet and gathered a lot of perturbed explanations. Only a few relished the peace action stars. The Russians were accused Alekseeva that he "threw the country", openjaw him on Gregory Leps, which waved in front of his nose the whole Jurmala national flag. Additionally, Internet users showed irritation orientation that musicians show here and there Ukrainian symbols. And the natives of the neighbouring powers like that with their flag insufficiently treated respectfully.

And with the yellow-blue flag on the opening day of the "New wave" in Jurmala walked all night Potap and Nastya Kamenskih, by alienating the Russian fans. But this action did not save them from persecution in the homeland: a recent concert performers in Kiev was disrupted in consequence of the dangers of hackers. The famous Duo just prevented to go on stage, passing through a telephone warning that during the concert, unknown persons set fire to the stage.

Not so long ago, portraits Potap and Nastya together with images of Ani Lorak and Taisiya Povaliy besides pelted with tomatoes in his native Ukraine. Rotten tomatoes and peaches threw in the above-mentioned musicians followers "on the Right sector" in Odessa. So the Bandera protest against anti-Ukrainian, in their opinion, the behavior of the stars. The reason for this adverse relation to Ani Lorak - award ROOT, which star gave after the start mopping Kiev authorities against the civilian population in the South-East of Ukraine. At the same ceremony on rotten tomatoes from countrymen if he asked for it Potap thanking the Russian Federation on behalf of all Ukrainian performers.

But the biggest sins, according to the angry masses with rotten fruit and vegetables, appear for Taisiya Povaliy, which on February 23, during the time of mourning for those killed in Maidan declared Ukrainian nationalists, is performed in the Kremlin at the concert in honor of the day of defender of the Fatherland. The last straw for the Right sector" was her intention to speak at the celebration of the Day of Russia in the Crimea.

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Popular rapper Noize MC betrayed Russia -  Знаменитости Popular rapper Noize MC betrayed Russia шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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