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Pugachev brought Kostyushkin to a nervous breakdown

The famous artist, ex-member of the Duo "Tea for two" Stas kostushkin to this day, there is a nasty fall at the festival "New wave". The fact that he caused damage to the health of the domestic Diva scene Alla Pugacheva, drove him almost to a nervous breakdown, and now the musician eye twitches.

Reporters found Stas Kostyushkin, his wife Julia and son Bogdan in Yalta, where the musician is struggling with depression. As noted photographers, artist behaved bravely and was even able to squeeze out a smile, but mental anxiety still escaped the treacherous TIC in his right eye. It's hard groaned and looked at the Crimean shop dispassionately. As it turns out, the musician to this day, there is a drop of Alla Pugacheva during the festival in Jurmala "New wave".

Then, immediately after his concert, kostushkin contacted former partner in the duet "Tea for two" Denis Claverham. "Go apologize. And then decide that you deliberately. Close to you ins-and-outs," he recommended that. Since then kostushkin waited for the Diva at the door of the hotel where she was staying with her own husband Maxim Galkin, called her on the phone with apologies, wrote applications in social networks. Moreover, on the Internet he read that Pugachev many years, suffering thrombophlebitis and varicose veins. She often consulted about the treatment of the world of light, and any mechanical action on the feet can lead to harsh results. Moreover, since 2006 Diva struggles with diabetes, and the disease deals a powerful blow to the vessels of the legs, which kostushkin landed during his own fall. In General, mental anguish because Pugacheva brought the artist to a nervous breakdown.

"When this happened, the whole night I did not sleep! As to the last did not know how serious she was injured. After that, analyzing, I realized: I was very lucky that the man before her was not a buffet, but just nailed the plank. And when I'm on this Board jumped with all the dope, she slowly went down. And because of this injury was small, as it's like that was possible. All eventually came down to a huge bruise on my leg from Alla and slightly smaller, the wife of Igor Krutoy Olga. If the ladies dropped a table, I would be here with you were not sitting, and "sunbathed" somewhere in the prison for the manslaughter of the most famous women of power," he said, Stas Kostyushkin "Express newspaper".

Remember, failure occurred at the International music competition of young singers "New wave" in Jurmala during a festive ceremony. Stas kostushkin came on the scene with the song "Woman, I don't dance!" and went direct pointing to the tables of the jury, where sat Alla.

Got to the target, Stas kostushkin climbed up on the table, which is under heavy load pumped up artist, instantly crumbled, and a famous actor fell right on his chest surprised Pugacheva. With all this Kostyushkin had to continue to open his mouth, as the soundtrack played as if nothing had happened. Then Stas, holding his face as the prima Donna helped to recover the composer Igor Krutoy and other stars began to rotate her hips in front of the stars, apparently to divert attention from his embarrassment. Not to mention that sitting next to Pugacheva her young husband showman Maxim Galkin laughed at the situation, and the "Golden voice of Russia" Nikolay Baskov just abhaktasya.

Source: Pugachev brought Kostyushkin to a nervous breakdown

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