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Kostyushkin Stas

( Singer)

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Biography Kostyushkin Stas
photo Kostyushkin Stas
Date and place of birth: 20 August 1971., Odessa
. Sign: Leo
. Graduated from: St. Petersburg Conservatory (vocal class)
. Getting Started: In the children's theater 'Looking Glass'
. Marital status: Married
. The division of responsibilities in the group: Writes poetry
. Hobbies: Acrobatics
. Attitude to life: Optimist
. Favorite composers: Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach
. Musical tastes: Jazz, classical music, ambient (ethnic music, 'Deep forest', Enya)
. Idols: Bobby McFerrin
. Favorite poets: Pushkin, Lermontov, Blok, Shakespeare

. At this stage duets - a rarity
. It looks more successful duet "Tea for Two" is not the first year of pleasing fans of decent, vocals and stylish performances.

- "Tea Time" began in St. Petersburg in 1994 - says one of the "Dummies" Stas Kostyushkin. - I was a student at St. Petersburg Conservatory, and the Dinka - student school Mussorgsky. We met, he showed me his material. Divided into two voices - like. We looked Oleynikov and Sergei Kurehin, the latter helped to write some songs in the studio "Europe plus". After that went ... Victor Resnick Competition - third place among the young composers, and later - "Yalta-Moscow-Transit", "Big Apple of New York" ... We ourselves have done themselves no "sugar daddies" we have not happened. Sami decided to work, I got money in the debt. We must continue to grow as well as Mikhail Mihalich Zhvanetskiy: "The purpose requires funds!"

- Where did this image - the healthy, full of positive lads?

- As a child, we were very young and weak. Then I grew more and more lost - from 94 to 92 kilograms. Later appeared in St. Petersburg "Planet-Fitness", where we actively train Diney. Even the instructors tell us that we are in the bill added. No, no anabolics! If we look professional - he will say that these bodies are no stimulants.

. - Devotees are not bugged?

. - No, we have an exceptionally nice and intelligent fans, they create a fan-clubs, we bake pies and cakes, doing everything to sweeten our lives
. That kind of attention to me terribly pleasant! And in general, if the youth is growing in our work, I do not think it is very shameful. Even if someone believes that "Tea for Two" - "pop golimaya", still it is not freaky music, energy we have a healthy. And his voice, he can not get away.

- "Tea for Two" - for you is that? Work or friendship?

- We are, rather, a family. After all, whatever one may say, and creativity - an intimate ...

- And how you have to "family" situation with the stellar disease?

- Glory to God, has chickenpox. "Star" sick very nice and pleasant, although the behavior is completely absurd. Curieuse? Listen. Initially there were only three songs. We were invited to the club "Snowstorm". Speaker "Carmen", Kai Metov, Scatman John, we - the fourth. The first song - one person applauded throughout the hall, the second song - began to diverge, even prostitutes, the third song - the attention to the scene in general no one pays ... We are outraged, we're leaving the scene and ask the organizers: "We do not understand, Scatman John, did he say? Even the audience can not warm up properly!" Lime we have an excellent variety school. All the pride out of us long ago shot down. To gain experience, understand how to work with the audience. Here is a beginning, a turn here, a shot here, a bow here - here's the secret of success.

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  • Kostyushkin Stas

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Kostyushkin StasKostyushkin StasKostyushkin StasKostyushkin Stas

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  • Lena for Kostyushkin Stas
  • I really like your poetry! When I hear them, . so it is easily, . just once rassloblyaeshsya and enjoy! Thank you for your songs! And I wanted to tell you, . that you come for a tour on my birthday! And so it was pleasant, . that the concert song "Birthday" I hear, this is the best gift in my life was!,
  • Anonymous for Kostyushkin Stas
  • Tatiana for Kostyushkin Stas
  • I join Lenochka! I love your songs! It is a pity that you rarely come in Rostov on Don. Come more often! We love you!
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    Kostyushkin Stas, photo, biography
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